Saturday, 25 March 2017

Noises of Russia – experimental structure live at ESG-21, St.Petersburg, 06-10-2008 (CD)

Noises of Russia are a Russian experimental electronic music band with Igor Solnzev, Denis Rylov, Anna Jurko and Tanya Parfenova. This live CD (10 tracks = 46.01 minutes) is their fifth album. It came out on Zhelezobeton in 2008 with a limited print run of 250 copies (I own # 57). I`m pretty sure it`s sold-out. It`s a damned shame because this is mind blowing stuff. I would love to see them perform live. In this live setting, they use samples, field recordings, laptop, analogue electronic noise, guitar, metal percussion, and voice. The voice is a key participant here lo-fi screams, murmurs and mangled / processed beyond recognition. It adds depth and feelings to this listening experience. This is definitely not music. It`s not noise nor harsh noise. You could say it sounds like a combination of ambient noise, electroacoustic, ambience, minimalism (with some lo-fi noise elements thrown in) and shades / traces of ambient darkwave / dark ritual music. An amazing recording. More info here:
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