Wednesday, 22 January 2014

poetry of the day

Here's a couple of poems I wrote a little while back. I hope you enjoy them. Here goes:

The long ride home

Stairs going up
Stairs going down
Stairs going nowhere


Ian Curtis my ass

I will cry in your eyes
Caress your lips
Take you in my arms
Kiss you softly
Oh so gently
I will touch your heart
Feel your soul
While making love
Time will stop
Only for you and me

Saturday, 18 January 2014

DJ Hollow Life - The Church Of Unseen Dreams (mp3)

Here`s  another album from the extremely talented DJ Hollow Life (Clearwater, Florida, USA). This is a long album (91 minutes folks!!!). In fact it`s so long, so long that my , I mean it won`t fit on an audio CD (unfortunately). This recording consists of twelve tracks of textural, ambient, minimal electronic music. A free download that was released on two different netlabels: Tethered Records and Audio Sodomy Records. I love this album it`s so minimal, so relaxing. After listening to  all those crazy ass experimental, noise and what the hell this is department, I need a well deserved break. This album is like prozac for my ears. Now I can sit down, relax, chill-out and let the music take over. `The church of unseen dreams`is an incredible album, all the music pieces are simply great. But two tracks particularly caught my attention, which are:
8509: a long (22.22 minutes), epic piece of swirling synth lines, generating an almost nautical ambience. I can almost ear \ feel the fishes swimming.
Farthest in space with sputnik: weird, spacey ambience, wow far out dude. And the last three songs are so mellow, so peaceful, feels like listening to nothing at all. And last but not least. This album ends with `torn between two worlds` an  outer wordy, peaceful, weird (and I do mean that in a very good way indeed), space ambience. I didn`t listen to DJ Hollow Life`s complete discograohy yet. But so far I`m always impressed. And DJ if you ever read this, feel free to contact me. I would  enjoy interviewing you and giving you free  exposure in Mastock. Get it here:                      

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Hiroshima Yeah! # 106 (December 2013) (zine)

A 8.5 by 11 inches black and white, cut and paste, five pager, monthly zine. There`s a beautifully crafted and weird as hell Kapreles cover (Basil Wolverton anyone?). Now can you dig that sucker? Next in line there`s poetry `from rooms that daylight never sees`. I have a lot of admiration for Mark`s poetry, this time around I have two favorite ones:
Working with the general public
Will drain the compassion
From your very soul
Especially if you didn`t have much
In the first place.
 I`ve worked ten years in an information booth downtown. I can definitely relate to that brothers and sisters.
Lending someone a porno
Lending someone a porno
Doesn`t happen now
That we have the internet.
And another part of the past dies.
Well said, Fred. Next in line, we have our monthly installment of Gary Simmons `1.5 years behind bars` (I can just imagine the weird cats you meet in prison). Then, there is a lot of music, concerts (Franz Nicolay And The Cut Ups, and Jason Isbell) , a book review (Morrissey: autobiography) and some short, short zine reviews. We end this amazing zine with two short stories: `something I found in the loft before I was sent to prison` (Gary Simmons) and `101`(Mark Ritchie). Working as an office drone, dealing with a stupid supervisor and almost kicking his ass. Been there, lived that lotsa times. I`ve had many jobs where I encountered morons. There`s `the stool pigeon`(will report anything and anyone to the boss), `the cocksucker`(sucking up to his bosses, spitting or swallowing, that`s the question), `the Yes man`(yes, sir, you`re absolutely right, the real live Smither`s indeed), and the arrogant, self-loving dictator (I am in charge and the world is my oyster motherfuckers). There`s more but it feels pointless to give them more importance than needed. Contact address: Mark Ritchie, 94 Main Street, Forth, Lanark, ML11 8AB, UK.

Hiroshima Yeah! # 105 (November 2013) (zine)

This is a 8.5 by 11 inches black and white, cut and paste, five pager zine. Let`s open things up with `grumpy poetry. These are all short, witty and wry poems. This time around me two favorite ones are:
Morning cup
My morning cup of coffee
Brings great joy.
It`s all downhill from there
I cut my fingernails
Early one morning at work
And left the clippings
Lying at my feet.
It made me feel like
A dog marking it`s territory
Great poetry indeed. Let me get a coffee and we shall continue this. Then there`s our monthly installment of Gary Simmons `1.5 years behind bars` (or what happens doing hard times, I`m not talking about porn here, I mean being incarcerated). Great stuff, as usual. We have lots of music, concerts (Kris Kristofferson, Withered Hand, Grant Hall and Mark Eitzel) , and a book review. A book composed of Facebook updates. What`s next? An encyclopedia based on twitter status? The social and intellectual devolution of modern society always amazes me. Idicracy is at hand folks, indeed. We end things up with two short stories; `prison, drugs and maple syrup`(Node Pajomo) and `dog shit blues`(Mark Ritchie). I can relate to this one ` Ì have a clean dog with a dirty motherfucking owner` mentality. You know, the dog shits on your front porch but the owner`s too lazy to pick it up. Well buddy, if you like shit so much, might as well eat some. I read somewhere there`s a job opening for a dog shit vigilante  Contact address: 
Mark Ritchie
94 Main Street
ML11 8AB

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The Spirit of nothing

Ah the Christmas spirit people decorating their homes

 Christmas trees, candy`s and gifts

The upcoming new year
Kids wanting gifts
Demanding gifts
Sitting on Santa`s lap
Just thinking about this is weird
An underage child
Sitting on the lap
Of an chubby, bearded old man
Hey Tommy have you been a good boy this year?
Here have a piece of Santa`s candy
Take a big chunk
That`s it
That`s it
Now that`s a good boy
You like the taste?
Kinda chewy isn`t it?
You`re gonna get lotsa gifts
This year boy
Now that Santa
Is he a pervert
A molester perhaps
Or just good old St Nick

Good question
But then again
Santa has nothing to do with Christmas
Except buying gifts
Mass consumption
Feeding big ass corporations
Who basically rule
And own
The whole damn planet
Money grabbing
Power hungry
Breaking all the rules
In third world countries
Cheap labor
Child labor
Slave labor
Working for the man
The grinding machine

The corporate
Rulers of the world
Wait a minute here
It`s the day Jesus was born
Isn`t it?
Read your bible
He was never born that day
You`re not religious
Why do you care about Christmas?
Do you have a point here?
Except the gifts
Indulging yourself
With lotsa food & booze
I lost the holyday spirit
A long time ago
When I became an adult
And realized
All this is commercial bullshit
Religion was created
To exploit & control man
And woman of course
Keeping people ignorant
And feeding them crap
For money & power = control
You feed people enough bullshit
And they`ll actually believe it
I lost even more faith
When I started having
Horrible back pains
Then was diagnosed
With stiffening spondylitis

A genetic and degenerative disease

Being partially handicap
With the bright future
Of being full time handicap

Dying is not scary
It`s a passage
An essential passage
The end of life
What is really scary
Is seeing your body
Slowly deteriorate every day
While you`re helpless
And can`t do anything about it
Feeling really helpless
This time around
I can relate with my dad
He`s losing
More and more of his eyesight
Until he becomes completely blind
The lights are slowly shutting down
Darkness sets in 
There`s nothing you can do about it
It`s hopeless
But then again
I gotta deal with this everyday
I chose to accept it
And basically ignore it
I got better things to do
Than sit down whine and complain
In order to keep my sanity
I keep myself busy
Working full time

Recording music \ noise
Working on my blog
I use art as a catharsis
Salvation perhaps
And also to escape
And inner depression
Having to deal with lotsa shit
Made me stronger
And soulless
I don`t feel much anymore
I feel empty inside
Like an inner black hole
Feels like winter inside
Cold and dark
But anyways
It`s kinda boring for my audience
Out there
Reading about inner turmoil
Angst and depression
Soon someone will call me Kurt
The hell with all that!!!
For me the holidays
Means nothing more except
It`s definitely
The spirit of nothing.

Art is everywhere part 13

I really don`t like and or promote publicity. But when it comes to art, well, I`m a born sucker. The week before Halloween , I found, stuck inside my mailbox this flyer promoting Corona beer. Personally, I love beer, especially home brewed material. Unfortunately, I really don`t like Corona. It doesn`t work for me unless I mix it tons of lime slices, just to numb down the taste. Taste… Who can properly talk about tastes? You might like lasagna and I prefer burritos but we`re both wrong and we`re both right. To each his own, that`s all. This flyer is a work of art indeed. Simply amazing.
Here`s the front

Here`s the rear view