Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Mon amour

Ah le contact humain
Quand on se prend par la main
Ton corps chaud contre le mien

Quand tu me jettes un regard langoureux
Quand tu te noies dans mes yeux bleus
Je suis à la fois comblé et heureux
Fier d`être ton homme, ton amoureux

Quand je te caresse le cou
Tu déposes délicatement ta main sur mes genoux
Toi et moi collé-collé
Sur l`édredon ou l`oreiller
Pour l`éternité

Nous sommes tous les deux des artistes
Ensemble notre vie n`est jamais triste 
Nous vivons au diapason 
De nos émotions et de notre passion
Un maelstrom, un tourbillon
De créativité
Sur un fond de tendresse
De caresse
De sourires
De fous rires

J`ai jamais rencontré aucune femme comme toi
En l`amour tu m`as redonnée foi
Impossible de se quereller 
On n`a jamais peur d`en discuter
On va finir par en rigoler 
Ça va se terminer avec un doux baiser
À toi mon amour 
De tous les jours

Pour toujours…

Friday, 25 November 2016

Various – chill out (CD)

I got this as a gift from an old friend of mine (thanks Alex). Appearances are often deceiving. With a name like chill out you`re expecting ambient groves, maybe some light techno perhaps. Not. You will hear music from the likes of Airlock, Pomassi, Aube, Panacea, Bannlust, FMSSJL, DJ Pure, Alois Huber, I-F, Epy, Fennesz, Ryoji Ikeda and Otraslab. You will hear a good dose on non-commercial music styles: minimal drones, ambient noise, slowly moving / mutating high pitch tones (with some beats near the end), gabber noise (an aggression of tightly sequenced noisy sounds), experimental alien noise, drone + lo-fi samples + rhythmic elements (meditative music) , lo-fi experimental noise manipulations, minimal ambience, minimal drum & bass, noisy electronics and slowly shifting minimal drones. An amazing compilation of great sounds. More info here:

Boy + Girl – facsimile face paint (CD)

Another trade item. By + Girl are a noisegrind band formed in 2005 (they disbanded mid-2011, and reformed mid-2012). This CD came in 2008, on `The Saint Petersburg Institute of noise `record label (s.p.i.n.). The album is short in length (8 tracks = 20.08 minutes). I`m impressed this band blends noise, electronics, industrial and abstract electronics perfectly. It sounds like an unlikely jam session between Nitzer Ebb, Bourbonese Qualk with some glimpses of Merzbow here and there. Interesting. I like this recording a lot. Standout tracks of the moment are
1 – Untitled (3.18) = a subtle collision of lo-fi grating / grinding frequencies (could noise be relaxing? It sure sounds like it).                                                                   
2 – Untitled (4.02) = industrial noise drones with beats (strangely meditative to say the least). An album of pure INM (intelligent noise music).

Mail art of the day

Mail art that was just lying around.

From parts unknown (in America)

More of the same insane mail art, Enjoy!!!

Hiroshima Yeah! # 140 – October 2016 (zine)

On the front cover there`s a picture of David Crosby (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, need I say more). Then we`re greeted with poetry and `the disappearing dreams of yesterday `. My favorite pieces of the moment are:
There are others
Like me.
I see them
In the pubs,
Sitting alone,
Shunning contact,
Serious expressions
On their faces,
By the laughter.
The smaller
The more people you know,
The smaller a place becomes.
Which is not always a good thing.

Man I love this stuff good old Bukowski would be proud. Next in line we`re treated with `13.billion years of hell `. Gary Simmons writes his own music reviews. Kudos to Sonic Youth – spinhead sessions` LP (good stuff). There`s also some book, music and DVD reviews. Mark Ritchie writes `steak and chips ` (a nicely warped short story). We conclude things with a nice selection of black & white sketchbook drawings. You want some come get some just about here:

Hiroshima Yeah! # 139 – September 2016 (zine)

I got sick during my yearly three- week vacation. I was out for five weeks and just came back home recently. I`m terribly late in my mail and email. I found in my mailbox a parcel from Mark Ritchie. Hiroshima Yeah! Is one of my favorites black & white, cut & paste, photocopied monthly five pager zines out there. Along with Node Pajomo that`s why I keep doing this. They both inspire me. Now we begin with the cover star Robert Morley (a British actor 1908-1992). Then we have poetry `a barman who always understands`. Standout poems this time around are:
Customer service
She throws me my ticket and change,
Doesn`t smile or look at me,
Continues talking to her workmate,
The whole time.
And I wonder, is this the
Excellent customer service skills`
You hear so much about
In the job ads?
Simpler, better
The libraries are so much quieter
When the computers don`t work,
Reminding me of a simpler,
Better world.
Simply amazing. There`s some music and book reviews. We have a couple of contributions from the likes of Gary Simmons (a monthly, schizophrenic, out there column) and Doctor Thornaby (a strange monthly epic serial). We end this zine with a short story `Numbers`, from Mark Ritchie. Contact:

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Brutal Pasture – acupuncture (CD)

I got this one as a trade. There`s no email, no contact address, no website, no information. Nada. I do a little research. Turns out this is one of the numerous projects from Dylan Hauser (Hell Garbage). The album consists of one long untitled track (34.27 minutes). It`s an evolving piece of lo-fi experimental noise with some nice grinding / grating going on (noise drones anyone?). This track is relaxing (for me) and has some meditative qualities. Good background noise music. I`m lucky to own this. Check it out;

Malok on display

P.O.BOX 41

Lustmord – the monstrous soul (CD)

This is Lustmord`s fifth album, it came out on side effect in 1992. I got this CD as a gift. Which is a good thing because this album`s sold-out. There`s five tracks in here (53.54 minutes). I recommend hearing this with headphones on and with the volume full blast. It is a scary, bumpy ride, but well worth the effort. Recommended for fans of the late and great H P Lovecraft (if you`re into movies such as The Exorcist and Rosemary`s baby you will dig this). Here`s a brief rundown.
1 – Ixaxaar (5.07) = a voice sample `it is the night of the demon` keeps repeating itself while something sonically dark lurks in the background, it approaches slowly, getting closer, even closer, when it`s about to materialize, the track ends.
2 – Primordial atom (25.23) = lo-fi drones + dark atmospherics = something ominous and sinister is feeling my heart and soul. An unholy but epic joyride and we`re not done yet.
3 – Protoplasmic reversion (5.55) = looped incantation / chants + processed gong sound bytes + minimal drones + found sounds + the demon is coming, ahhhhhhhhh = scary as hell.
4 – The daathian doorway (6.38) = rhythmic noise + dark drones + ambient noise / ambient darkwave = a nightmarish vision of the soul.
5 – The fourth and final key (11.05) = lo-fi rhythmic noise + highly processed Gregorian chants + industrial and ambient darkwave = defines the word creepy. An amazing album, recommended if you find it.

The Haddock of the day

The Haddock
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Homemade postcards of the day

Homemade postcards of the day

Homemade postcards of the day