Saturday, 28 June 2014

Node Pajomo # 16 (zine)

This is a bi-annual,, half- size, cut & paste, black & white, twenty- hour pager zine.  Node Pajomo is dvided in three parts. The first part is contact addresses: sensitive mail art projects, ongoing mail art projects, mail art exchange, postcards exchange, tape traders, zine seeking submissions, zine exchange and collaborations (damned what a list!!!).  The second part is `audio mailart project#2: distance`audio CD. An impressive compilation featuring: Mark Greenfield, Howl In The Typewriter, S/H/A/R/R/P/S, Cold Boiled Dog, Animals Like Earthquakes, Byron, Minimal Frank, John C. Hopkins, Dictation, Mark Sonnenfeld & Erik Disorder, Bruno Gheerbrant, Derelict Mosquito Spontaneity and Thompson. A good collection of various noises/music (to each his own, mind you, I like this). The final part consists of zines and music reviews (there`s a lot of them folks). I adore this cut and paste layout i.e. a nice homemade feel = definitely not commercial stuff. That`s why I started Mastock in the first place. Trying to help the small guy, the fringe artist (and musician) and the independent publisher. Don’t just stand there write Node Pajomo! THIS I COMMAND!!!.  Contact here: Node Pajomo, P.O. Box 2632, Bellingham, Washington, 98227-2632, USA (email:

Friday, 27 June 2014

Mark Sonnenfeld & Erik Disorder – sonic 26 (cassette)

A sixty minutes long cassette. There`s  audio material exclusively on the first side (24.45 minutes), which is slightly disappointing. I like my tapes, CD`s and DVD`s massive, with tons of material. But then again Erik Disorder is usually harsh , or junk or experimental noise (anyone remember the good old days of FDR tapes?). Whilst Mark Sonnenfeld is experimental poetry mixed with field recordings and found sounds. So I know this is not an easy listening experience (more like a bumpy, hell of a ride) . I think this collaboration was done by mail. There`s a lot of material layered in there: low-fi frequencies, piano, church bells, metal banging, field recordings of unknown origins, various voice samples, found sounds, noisy stuff and experimental poetry readings courtesy of Mark Sonnenfeld (I do recognize is voice). After reading this description it feels like this recordings is a rather joyous, kinda noisy  cacophony. Well, to be perfectly honest, not at all. After repeated listening,  I`d say  this collaboration has strangely meditative qualities. I use this as background music while doing spring cleaning. Good stuff. 
Mark Sonnenfeld
45-08 Old Millstone Drive
East Windsor


Tuesday, 24 June 2014

TFTTDH part 14

Solo action and thereof part 2

I enter the Montréal Poolroom
It`s really crowded
Man it`s always crowded
Just like The Kinks song
`All day and all of the night`
there`s a line up as usual
but I don`t wait long
The employees are fast here
My turn
Hey Ramesh
Yo Tom
What`s up dude?
Not much
Work like a dog and get paid like a dog
I know
You`ve been drinking Tom?
Let me guess
You`re still hustling for beers?
And now I`m starving bro
What shall it be?
Gimme four hotdogs
Relish, mustard and lotsa coleslaw
Two French fries and a big beer
We don`t sell alcohol dickwad
I know a big ass root beer my man
Coming right up Tom
Here you go dude
Bon appetite
Thanks you senior Ramesh
Keep the change
Merci beaucoup
Hey no problema
I sit down
Next to two vagrants
They seems more intoxicated than I am
Good thing they`ll leave me alone I hope
Man those dogs are delicious
A gourmet meal for the working class hero indeed
I love to put lotsa ketchup on me fries
So they look all gooey and shit
Miam miam and all mine
I`m eating and suddenly
Something attracts my attention
I`m smelling something
Something strong
Something musky
Smells like piss but stronger
More like ammonia
Spare a dog for a brother?
I turn around and
There`s this huge black guy standing in front of me
He must be at least six foot eight
He`s a monster 
He`s fucking reeking
And he`s hungry
I just hope he`s not gay and horny
He comes near me
The mere stench
I can`t take this anymore
I`m about to puke
I look at him and say
Hey bro I`m not hungry anymore
Here, have my meal
Thanks man I like you
Good to hear that I`m thinking
I take out a smoke
Give him one and say
For later on my man
You`re a real brother, brother
I know
Gotta go enjoy the meal
I will thanks again
It`s alright, goodnight
Nighty night
I get out
AHHHHHHHHHHHHH the clean air
To breathe safely again
Feels damn good
I light up a smoke & take a puff
Time to take a cab
How much do I have left?
Oh shit only 10.00$ in my pockets
Can`t take a motherfucking cab
Which means
I have to take the night bus
It`s gonna take forever to go back home
I cross the street
I`m in front of the peepshows
Open 24 hours a day
Hey guy wanna blowjob?
Say what?
Wanna blowjob honey?
I look around and in front of me I see
This this fat ugly whore
Wearing a black mini skirt with lotsa tattoos
She`s sporting this huge black t-shirt
Which seems to be glowing in the dark
Thinking of it
This is strange indeed
Glowing t-shirt?
I look closely and discover   
It`s not glowing
It`s full of  old cum
Like a glazed dark donut
This is disgusting
I`m shocked
She goes out of the peepshow
Grabs violently cock through my pants
And starts to feel it fast
I`m getting a boner
Even if I feel like puking
This is so awkward, I`m thinking
Let`s go inside
I`ll blow you for twenty dollars
Twenty dollars?
Twenty dollars with a condom
Forty without a condom
Not right now babe
I`ll go get something and come back later ok?
Yes later
You sure?
Of course I am
You`re not gonna disappoint Zelda?
Of course not look at my boner?
Ok then I`ll be waiting inside
Guess I`ll see you then
Ciao babe

I`m walking north
Just to make sure
I`m not in Zelda`s eyesight anymore
I`m willing to pay her not to give me a blowjob
STD material indeed
I decide to go further north
Before getting the St- Laurent bus
I stop at the corner of Maisonneuve
I`m waiting in line
What time is it?
About three thirty a.m.
And I`m waiting in line for a bus
At this time of night
After about ten minutes the bus finally arrives
I enter, pay my fare
Sit down at the right end of said bus
I`m feeling less drunk
So I start to look around
There`s a huge Latino guy on my right
Six foot nine and about 300 pounds maybe
I see a gay couple in front of me
There`s some drunkards in the front
Minding their own business
There`s a couple of folks
Who exit the bus at Sherbrooke station
I see a small guy sporting a huge blonde Mohawk
Walking towards the back
He proceeds to sit next to me
I`m thinking
This guy seems like trouble
Or is looking for trouble
After a minute or so
He gets up and starts screaming insanities
And I`m thinking
I also get out at Jean-Talon
I`m gonna be stuck with this asshole
While waiting for the other bus
I gotta do something
I gotta get rid of him fast
Now he`s bugging the latino guy
I gotta do something or
The Latino will kill him for sure
Thanks man
It`s all good bro
He finally exits the bus
The Latino guy   
Looks at me and starts laughing
This is Beaubien street amigo
I know
Lemme guess you`re exiting a Jean-Talon?
Exactly amigo
I`m Tom
Sanchez pleased to meet you
Likewise I`m sure
You know
You better not meet him at Jean-Talon
He`ll try to kick your ass
I know
It`s ok amigo
We both get off at the same station
I`m going east
Me too
If he comes near us we` ll both kick his ass
I don`t think we`ll need
To do such a thing
Why is that Tom ?
You know what they say
A dog which barks
Never bites
He`s probably
All talk no action
You might be right amigo
I surely think so
Jean-Talon station
Let`s go!!!
Four o`clock a.m.
And we`re still waiting
This is fucking long Sanchez
I know amigo
I got something for both of us Tom
And what is that?
He pulls out
An half smoked joint
Leftovers from last night
Let`s smoke up dude
This stuff tastes like shit I say
It is shit Tom
Mexican shit that is
Well it`s potent too
I`m starting to chill out
Exactly amigo
Yes sir
Our bus arrives
We both enter
Ten minutes later
My stop Sanchez
I`m off
Take care Tom
You too Sanchez
Ciao bro
I exit the bus
The sun is slowly rising
I`m thinking
I`m still drunk
With a full belly
Still slightly stoned
The day is starting
It`s so sunny
It feel good to be alive
Good morning everybody. 

TFTTDH part 13

Solo action and thereof

After a couple of months
Of renting movies every weekend
Drinking by myself
Lack of human contact was setting in
Feeling lonely
I was horny like a dog in heat
I needed some action
Some type of gratification
I had to go out
It was a Saturday night
And I didn`t have a lot of money
To spend in fancy places
With a motherfucking cover charge
Might as well go in a dive
A hellhole full of subhumans
Where the beer is dirt cheap
And there`s always something going on
Let`s start the evening with a local lowbrow icon
The P*** Pub
Rumour has it they`re recycling specialists
Recycling leftover beers and food
Maybe that`s why it`s so damn cheap
But then again
It`s a myth
An urban legend
Even though
There`s always a small portion of truth somewhere
In every myth, legend
There`s three things I hate about this place
1- too crowded and too loud
2- waiting in line to drink and piss
3-  anonymous cover charge
no cover charge but
the bouncer at the entrance likes tips
you give him a good one
and there`s no more waiting in line
fucking prick
I give him a five spot
Surprise, surprise
I`m comfortably sitting at the bar
I order a pitcher & light up a smoke
Spare a smoke dude?
I turn around and…
Sitting next to me there`s this white trash looking guy
Wearing a Nordiques t-shirt & cap
With long dirty blonde hair
Here`s your cigarette my man
Let me guess you`re from Longueuil ?
Yes how did you find out dude?
I`m a psychic
For real
Can you tell the future?
Yes our future will include
Lots of beer drinking and maybe some action
Suddenly a fight erupts
Action I say
You`re incredible dude
I know
Anything else you know?
Your mom should have taken a facial
Instead of a creampie
I mean I`m sure you
Have a lot of brothers and sisters
One brother and two sisters
You`re a really good psychic
I know
Well buddy I just finished my beer
And I gotta go
It was nice meeting you though
Likewise I`m sure
We shake hands, I get up, light up a smoke
Then leave
I`m walking on St-Catherine street , going east
It`s nice and warm outside
I`ve been walking for about ten minutes
And nothing in sight
Here`s Musique Plus
And on the other side of the street
There`s Pub bistro Le Courtier
Definitely not dive material
I like the music & the atmosphere though
I get in
WOW!!! The place is almost empty
There`s two guys at the bar that`s all
I look at the time, 21h30 p.m.
Surprising for a Saturday night
I`m thinking
I came in
Might as well have at least one drink
Show respect to the place
Yo Gerry
Yo Tom
Gimme a small Budweiser
Coming right up
Here you go
Thanks man and keep the change
Well thank you kind sir
You`re welcome
I grab my beer
So damn thirsty
I chug it in one shot
Jesus Christ Tom!!!
Fucking pig you chug it in one shot
Well I`m thirsty
So what?
You want another one?
No I`m leaving
Not your fault bro
But the place is almost empty
I`m bored
It`s alright
Later Gerry
Later Tom
Still walking east on St-Catherine
I arrive on St-Laurent street
Let`s see where should I go?
Tavern Alouette?
Been there, done that 
Café Cléopatre
Man,  the strippers are so gross
I should be the one stripping
Bar Salon Midway
Naw too many weirdos
Chez Peters
The only dive with a pool table
Now that`s what I`m talking about
I go in and look around
The place is almost full
I see a decent variety of subhumans here
And lots of vagrants too
Hey Jay
Hey Tom
Gimme the usual
And that would be
I know but which one?
What`s on special?
Glass of beer for a buck
Here`s ten dollars
Gimme eight glasses
And keep the change
I sit down near the pool table
For later on I`m thinking
Jay brings me four glasses
Hey what da fuck is this?
I ordered eight glasses not four
Relax Tom
I give you four glasses now
As for the other ones
I left them in the fridge so they stay cold
He says with a smile
Man you`re a regular genius
I know Tom, he says with a grin
I have a shot & light up a smoke
Spare a cigarette darling?
I turn around and
What an ugly disgusting old hooker
Floppy breasts
Greasy blonde hair
With the stench
Of cheap perfume & old cum
I feel like vomiting so I give her a smoke
To get rid off her fast
Now she`s sitting next to me
Need a date loverboy?
No it`s alright babe maybe next time
You don`t like girls?
Are you some kind of queer or something?
I`m straight
I don`t need a date now
I`m fucking thirsty
I came here to drink first and fuck later maybe
Ok then
Can I hang out with you?
Sure thing sexy
You think I`m cute?
She said, pleasantly surprised
Check my beer and I`m coming right back
There`s a guy alone at the pool table
Hey yo wanna can I play a game of pool with you?
No problem
Cool I`m Tom and you are?
You`re Mexican hombre?
No I`m Salvadorian
Dos cervesas por favor
Hablo espanol?
Poquito amigo
I know all the bad words dude
Mucho malcriado amigo
He breaks
And I clean the table
You`re good amigo
I just got lucky
Play another game Ramon?
Wanna play for a pitcher of beer?
I break then sink a couple of balls
Then miss a shot, on purpose
Fucking shit, I say
He plays
Sinks some balls and misses
I do my remaining balls
I won Ramon
I know let me get your pitcher
Here you go amigo
And Jay, at the same time
Brings my four beer glasses
Two for the price of one
Here you go babe
I give her my pitcher
Thanks Tom
It`s alright
Could you keep checking my beers?
I play some more
Win some more
Every time
I give my pitcher to the hooker
If she could only pass out
I would be able to drink alone
And have some kinda peace
I wouldn`t want to fuck that
If she was the last remaining woman on earth
Well well welll
Will you look at that
She passed out on her chair
About fucking time
I finish my pool game
Collect my pitcher
Light up a smoke & sit down
Hey Jay
Yes Tom
Eight more beer glasses please
Coming right up
Here you go Tom
Four now and four later
Here, keep the change bro
It`s alright
I`m sitting down listening to music
Drinking cold beer
Chilling – out
Once in awhile she wakes up
Dazed and confused
Hey babe have some beer
I fill up her glass
She takes a swig and passes out again
I keep drinking
Once in a while she wakes up
And I help her pass out
Soon it`s getting late
And I`m feeling pretty intoxicated
I gotta get out
And have something to eat
Beer always makes me hungry
I get up light up a smoke
As I`m ready to leave she wakes up
Looks at me and says
Tom wanna party?
Sure thing babe let me get more beer
Don`t take too long lover boy

Have a swig sexy I gotta take a leak
And I`ll be right back
I piss, wash my hands, exit the washroom
Look around and she`s passed out again
Lucky fucking me I`m thinking
Good night Jay
Night Tom
You`re not taking your date home
He says with a smile on his face
I wouldn`t want to catch some std
Sexually transmitted diseases
Oh I get it
Good one dude
Ciao Tom
I get out look, at the time
Two thirty a.m,.
The Montréal Poolroom is just next door
Might as well go in
And have a couple of hotdogs.

To be continued…

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Evon Suzan Teft

Evon Suzan Teft is a writer, illustrator and poetess. She' s really not internet friendly. Feel free to contact by mail, definitely not email. Here's some of her various arts. Enjoy!!!  

Ms Evon Suzan Tefft
15 Meridian Street Apt. 111

Saturday, 7 June 2014

from parts unknown

I was doing some spring cleaning and I found this nice unsigned drawing...