Saturday, 27 February 2016

Poems of the day

Efficient time managing

Friday night drinking beer
Friday night drinking beer
Friday night drinking more beer
Even more beer
Beer more even
Falling asleep in my chair
Drunk as a skunk
Drinking a twelve pack
Now that`s
Efficient time managing
Drinking a twelve pack
I`m a multitasking
Machine what can I say.

Chez Spike

Another Sa-turd-day night
Drinking beer with Spike
He works in a second hand record store
He complains they`re losing money
Because of the internet
You know Tom them artists / bands
Never get any royalties
Because of illegal downloading 
I`m sure Spike
When your store
Is selling 
A scratched, used vinyl
At high price
Pretending it`s rarity
That you`re sending the artist / band Royalties
He looks at me mouth wide open
It`s ok man
Take your medicine
Have another beer.


Hiroshima Yeah! # 132 February 2016 (zine)

The latest issue of one of the greatest 8.5 by 11 inches, cut & paste, black & white monthly zine (4 pages this time around). Cool HY! Logo from Gary `13.82 billion years of hell ` Simmons. On the front page we have poetry `isolated in the light`. My favorite pieces are:
When I eat bananas,
Girls smile at me.
Maybe I should eat more bananas.
We talk about Bowie
And, like him,
You are an enigma,
A mystery:
No matter how much
You give away,
There is always
So much more
Beneath the surface
That will never be
You are,
As you say about him,
Damned this is good. We have our usual monthly features, and some book, TV show and music reviews. We end all of this with another classic short story from Mark himself `transfer window`. Contact included just about here:
Mark Ritchie
94 Main Street
ML11 8AB

Hiroshima Yeah! # 131 January 2016 (zine)

I come home from work tired and thirsty. I can almost feel that ice cold Blanche de Chambly slowly going down my throat. Well well well what do we have here? A parcel from da man himself, Mark Ritchie. HY! Is my favorite 8.5 by 11, cut & paste, black & white, monthly 5 pager. Let`s begin with `pious yet shapely `poetry department. Standout poems this time around are:
Just a face
To most of them,
I`m just a face,
A bit-part actor
In the drama of their lives,
I won`t be mourned,
My absence will not even
Be noticed.
And that`s just fine
With me.
The barmaid said that,
Out of us both,
I was the least miserable looking,
Which is something, I suppose.
Waking up
Maybe you`ll wake up
Maybe you`ll wake up
Maybe you`ll wake up
Maybe you`ll wake up
To the sound of hammers,
Maybe you`ll wake up
With no hope,
Maybe you`ll wake up
Or maybe you won`t wake up
At all.
And finally
Eager slaves
I wrote this poem
On my new phone,
Which is infected
With filth already.
Conscience may make
Cowards of us all
But internet porn
Makes many of us
Eager slaves.
Beautiful isn`t it. We have our usual monthly serials, like `13.82 billion years of hell` (Gary Simmons nearly biographical ramblings / musings), `on Stan`s hole, shit jobs and Egyptian football` (Mark Ritchie & Gary Simmons texting nightmares / insanities), and `Doctor Thornaby` (your idea is as good as mine here). 
There`s a plethora of music and book reviews. We end all this with Mark Ritchie`s `weak winter sun`. A shorty yet sweetie which made me thirsty on a Wednesday night. Contact:
Mark Ritchie
94 Main Street
ML11 8AB

homemade postcards of the day

Cyclotimia – timebank (CD)

This album is a collection of unreleased material from the years 2003-2007. Seventh album from this Russian electronic music duo of Max Khachmanukyan (music sampling, keyboards, market rituals), and Leonid Makarov (sound engineering, drums programming, and electronic manipulation). A collection of exclusive songs from various recording sessions. For example:
-tracks # 1-8-9-11-13-14-15 where recorded during their `Styx` sessions.
-tracks # 5-6-10-12 recorded during `music for stockmarkets` sessions.
-track # 2 recorded for Toyota company advertisement.
-tracks number 3-4-7 recorded specially for this album. An extremely interesting recording. I like all the music pieces. Of particular notice is the last song:
16 – Economic meditation (9.34 minutes) a studio live improvisation initially recorded for the `E$chaton `album. It simply took my head off. This song would be the perfect soundtrack for a `Forbidden Planet `movie remake / sequel/ prequel. Dedicated to the unseen victims of economic crisis. Highly recommended. Contact for availability:

Ladytron – witching hour (CD)

This is the third album from this Liverpool, UK band. One of my friends kept telling me ad nauseam that Ladytron are a cheap The Human League copy / imitation. Even though imitation is the best form of flattery. They both come from England and their music is electronically oriented. That`s the only things they have in common. Their sound is a potent mixture of: pop, indie rock, electropop, electronic which goes sometimes in shoegazing territory. They use old synthesizers but also incorporate guitar, bass and real drums. I bought this at Renaissance Montréal for a measly 2.00$. A damned good deal if you ask me. This album is excellent. All the songs are amazing. There`s 13 magnificent tracks (total running time = 58.51 minutes). My standout song?
2 – Destroy everything you touch (4.36 minutes) = synthpop + new wave + indie rock with haunting vocals. That`s what I`m talking about. My desert island disc list keeps getting bigger and bigger these days.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Baseball Camp nurse – Baseball Camp Nurse (CD)

This is a collection of tracks recorded between 2005 and 2008. BCN is the solo music project of Todd Z Glitter. A nice and long album (27 pieces, total running time 67.49 minutes). I like this self-titled effort it’s eclectic i.e. has a lot of different styles. He used a four track on this recording. This is basic, stripped down music: guitar, drums (sometimes), singing and some vocal samples thrown in. mister Glitter likes to mix things up and explore different styles: instrumental grunge. Lo-fi, bedroom pop, homemade indie rock and some blues / folk on the side. A couple of songs caught my attention big time:
2 – Sugar Thompson (4.25 minutes) = relaxing, peaceful bedroom pop.
6 – Bad stuff (0.18 seconds) = short & sweet sober / drunken rant.
9 – Jabberwocky (3.28 minutes) = Vincent Price reads a short story while there`s lo-fi guitar in the background. The perfect soundtrack for a Halloween night.
12 – Jib cutter (2.07 minutes) = a raw, distorted grungy / sludgy / noisy / punk affair. Get your information here:

homemade postcard of the day

Bristol Barnstormers – welcome to Bristol (CD)

Bristol Barnstormers were a guitar (Todd Z Glitter) and harmonium (Jamie) duo. This is their only recording (or so I think). There`s seven songs on this short album (33.31 minutes). This is lo-fi, homemade instrumental music. They explore different styles: experimental with meditative undertones (welcome to Bristol), psychedelic jam session (clock museum jam), spacy noise / ambient noise (the witch`s dungeon, sasquatch in your backyard), melancholic & minimal orchestrations (page park pimps, mile long tunnel) and an epic peaceful, psychedelic jam session (we bid you farewell). An interesting recording, recalls an instrumental, stripped down version of old Pink Floyd circa Syd Barrett. Good stuff. . Contact for availability:

found picture of the day

homemade postcard of the day

Baseball Camp Nurse – reverse the hearse & besmirch the curse of (CD)

This is the solo music project of Todd Z. Glitter. There`s nine songs on this EP (22.30 minutes). This is basic, stripped-down music; singing + electric guitar, some occasional backing vocals (courtesy of Jay), percussion, sax and harmonica. This is my favorite Todd Z Glitter project. The music is homemade, indie rock, with some bluesy, country undertones. Imagine a jam session between Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Jimmy Reed. My standout tracks are:
3 – Chad was an anarchist (1.58 minutes) = a cool Thompson (don`t call him Eric) vocal sample mixed with a lo-fi, intimate Dylanesque ballad, cool.
9 – Rude boy (3.20 minutes) = a weird, out there Bob Marley cover = Sun Ra + Syd Barrett = in space no one can hear you jam. Contact for availability:

Thursday, 11 February 2016

homemade postcard of the day

Nancy Reagan Death Squad – we are (CD)

This seems to be the only NRDS album so far. I got this one as a trade from Todd Z Glitter (Angel Beach, Shame & Cupcakes). Another short album (23.58 minutes) crammed with 17 songs. Most of the tracks are under two minutes, a couple are shorter than a minute. This is your basic guitar / vocals, bass and drum trio. The music here is in your face hardcore with elements of punk and thrash. The first thing which came in my mind while hearing this was Dead Kennedys mini EP `in God we trust inc`, especially the `Nazi punks fuck off `song. An interesting album, there`s shades, influences, elements of (in no particular order): Black Flag, Minor Threat, Dead Kennedys and some Poison Idea (thrown in for good measure). My standout track is:
16 – Denial of the feces (4.30) = instrumental, slowed-down hardcore mixed with some type of racket / noise. This one slowly chews your head off like a rabid hyena. Contact for availability:

Shame + Cupcakes – the first four songs (CD)

Shame + Cupcakes was a guitar, vocals / drum rock duo. It was comprised of T.Z. Glitter (guitar, vocal duties), and Roxwell (she was the drummer). Now I know what you`re thinking girl on drums and a dude who sings and plays the guitar. These folks are definitely not The White Stripes. This mini album (four songs = 14.17 minutes) is their only recording. It`s kind of sad. This mini EP is interesting and original in it`s own way. This is a short album (four songs = 8.36 minutes). I like this CD, it`s an interesting and challenging listen. The music is a mixture of rock / indie / garage rock with a lo-fi attitude. Imagine a jam session with the likes of; Thee Headcoats, The Cure (early period), Joy Division, Sebadoh, Sonic youth (a toned down version perhaps), and maybe a little Eric`s Trip (on the side). Contact for availability:

art is everywhere part 48

Malokian knowledge of the day...

P.O.BOX 41

Friday, 5 February 2016

Angel Beach - Angel Beach (CD)

This short (four songs = 8.36 minutes) album is the solo music project of one Jay Mess aka Todd Z Glitter. I like this CD, it`s an interesting and challenging listen. The music is rather eclectic. The best way to describe this is to give you a complete rundown of all four songs.
1 – Now (3.00 minutes) = lo-fi indie pop (recalls vintage The Cure music).
2 – I don`t like you (1.04 minutes) = in your face little punk rawk number.
3 – Two truths (2.40 minutes) = a sludgy / noisy / grungy / distorted punk as fuck track.
4 – So seaside (1.51 minutes) = a slightly lo-fi, distorted indie rock / pop song. Get your information here:

art is everywhere part 47

More finesse from the Haddock himself. Enjoy!

The Haddock
2760 Willamette street # 205

homemade comix of the day

Cyclotimia – celestis (CD)

Fourth album from this Russian electronic music duo of Max Khachmanukyan (music sampling, keyboards, market rituals), and Leonid Makarov (sound engineering, drums programming, and electronic manipulation). This is my first Cyclotimia listening experience. I know you can`t judge a book by it`s cover. All I can say is DAMN (sorry Ron Simmons)! There`s a beautiful picture of space on the cover. I`ve been hearing this one none stop all week long, yes it`s that good. There`s no standout pieces. The whole album is standout material. Cyclotimia likes experimenting with various forms of electronics: spacy downtempo, cold / space ambience, weird spacy instrumental, dark black holish instrumentations, cold / spacy minimalism, and downtempo ambient noise. In space, no one can hear you scream. Space is the place. There`s a black hole in my soul. This is it`s soundtrack. Imagine a three-way jam session on the dark of the moon with Lull, Tangerine Dream and Lustmord. Well that`s about it. More info here:

The Hacker – the next step of new wave (CD)

I found this one at Renaissance Montréal (again, what can I say) for 2.00 $, cheaper than a cold beer. After Miss Kittin & The Hacker disbanded, I was wondering what senior Michel Amato (The Hacker himself) is doing these days. This album came out in 2000, it`s a little dated. I do a quick search on and he`s still active putting out singles and mixes. There`s 19 tracks on this electrowave mix CD. It offers a nice selection of international bands / artists: Dopplereffekt, Le Car, The Silver Locusts, Plasma Co, I-F, Oxia (two tracks), Perpects, Artist Unknown, Japanese Telecom, The Hacker (three pieces), Alden Tyrell, The Advent, Acrosome, Adult, Rude 66, and, Random Factor. The whole enchilada flows well together. An impressive mix of electro, electroclash, techno, electronic music, and synthpop. Now you`re wondering what it sounds like? Think of bands like: Miss Kittin & The Hacker, Ladytron, old Depeche Mode, Human League and Kraftwerk. You get the drill.