Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Drawing of the day...

I don' t know where I get my inspiration. So don' t ask. Enjoy!!!

Monday, 15 December 2014

poem of the day

The journey
(François Marceau 12-12-2014)

We write poems, stories
Which no one reads
We create, record music
Which no one bothers to buy or listen
We draw illustrations, paintings
Which no one cares during our present existence 
We are artists
But we need a day job to pay the bills
We are creators
We are alone
We are confident
We are strong
We believe in ourselves
Because no one else will...

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Art is everywhere part 22

I got recently a parcel from USA. There was no return address included. Inside the small package there was three weird, wicked mail art pieces. Here they are, enjoy the show!!!

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Magic Moods – tropical rain forest (CD)

I bought this at Renaissance Montréal for 3.00$ on a cold Sunday afternoon. I think I purchased something like three DVD`s and five or six CD`s that day. It looked like field recordings so, of course, I bought it.  I`m a sucker for field recordings. I was just hoping it didn`t sound like some of the usual relaxing new age music crap out there.  Upon the first listen, I`m pleasantly surprised it really sounds like field recordings. I hear water running, rain falling, birds chirping,  minimal unidentified nature sounds, insects doing… Well you know what they do ok?  Insect things,  Which are sonically too weird to explain / interpret here. First letdown this album consists of one track and at 22.07 minutes it`s too short for my taste buds (they could have released this on a mini CD-R).  Second letdown, after repeated listenings it gets annoying like hell. The various birds have some highly piercing / squawks, it sounds like short distorted violin samples. If you are able to forget the birds, well this is a pretty damned good but short tropical rain forest recording. I saw this for 4.51$ (and without the shipping it`s 2.00$) on, good deal. 

Hirorishima Yeah! # 117 (November 20 14) (zine)

I just reveived in the mail today my monthly installment of this lovely 8.5 by 11 inches cut and paste, black and white, five pager zine. The cover star of this issue is lord cut-up himself Willaim S Burroughs. About thirty years ago I started reading `the naked lunch`, and never finished it. I was more into Howard Phillip Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, Baudelaire (les fleurs du mal), Gaston Leroux and Agatha Christie. Burroughs was way too weird for me at the time. We have on the front page poetry with `a hunger for pain that`s endless`. My favorite poems are:
Wait for the light
Wit sit and wait
For the light
That may never come.
After the referendum
After the referendum,
There are still a lot of people
With YES posters in their windows.
Perhaps they are all
Rick Wakeman fans.
Good one maybe they`re all Daniel Bryan fans as well. Gary Simmons writes `1.5 years on probation`. It gives you an idea of the life in jail in the Uk, with  lots of obscure, antisocial, funny as hell music references included. There`s some music, concerts (`Wooden Wand`, live in Glasgow and `The Hold Steady`also in Glasgow), DVD and book reviews. We have more texting insanities from DA MAN himself Gary Simmons (`fuck the cheque`what a cool title).  Mark Ritchie if you read my reviews and I`m sure you do, I have a friendly advice for you. You should definitely publish a book with your short stories and / or poetry. I really enjoyed reading `window seat`, simply amazing (if you want to know what it`s all about contact Mark, THIS I COMMAND!!!).  We close this zine with the monthly serial `Doctor Thornaby chapter 3` (by: A Willshaw). Contact: 
Mark Ritchie
94 Main Street
ML11 8AB

Hiroshima Yeah! # 116 (October 2014) (zine)

This is a 8.5 by 11 inches cut and paste, black and white, monthly five pager zine. There`s a picture of Steve  McQueen `the coolest goddam motherfucker ohn the silver screen.` Here`s some of my favorites  cool tough guys from the silver screen (in no particular order): Charles Bronson, Lee Marvin, Yul Brynner, Clint Eastwood, Lance Henriksen and Michael Ironside. We start things up with poetry and `random acts of hopelessness`. This time around I read two amazing poems which are:
Disdain dripping
Your fake smile 
That no one`s buying,
Disdain dripping from every pore
As you pull us pints,
We are but pigs
At your sacred trough.
Your very presence
Is an instant buzzkill.
Why don`t you go and
Work in a fucking morgue,
The quiet majority
The slogans,
The posters,
The badges,
The proud painted faces:
They are alienating,
Those of us who hold
A different view
Huddle in corners,
Speak in hushed tones,
Made to feel like traitors
Because we do not believe
The lies,
The spin.
But we are the quiet majority.
The knot in our collective stomachs
Now gone.
Man, I love this stuff short and sweet that`s the way to do it. We follow this with `the great rock`n`roll tolchock` Gary Simmons insane, crazy, funny like hell monthly installment of life in the inside i.e. in jail. There`s some music, book and DVD  (World War Z, I still didn`t find the time to watch this) reviews. Mark Ritchie writes `revolving door`. A short story  happening at the pub where he has to deal with various types of morons while trying to drink in peace and quiet. I can definitely relate to that. More reading material from Gary Simmons, who wrote `I saw my mommy.` It`s a collection of various text messages between Mark Ritchie, Pamela, Paolo and Gary himself. We fnish things up `Doctor Thornaby` chapter three, written by A Willshaw.  This is definitely weird, kinda out there material. Now don`t just stand there. 
Mark Ritchie
94 Main Street
ML11 8AB

Saturday, 6 December 2014

`I`m in law school,`said Alex Schwartz (mini CD-R)

A friend of mine who owns a small independent record label recently gave me six plastic bags full of CD`s / cassettes / DVD`s. He was moving in a smaller apartment and he needed more room, hence the cool donations. The first thing that caught my attention  was this small CD-R.  I do a search on google but can`t find much information. Upon closer examination I notice two things: it`s self-released and it has a limited edition of… God knows what, I own copy number fifteen. I don`t know if this is done on purpose but all three tracks keep skipping most of the times. This is definitely an annoying listening experience. Track number one has vocals with psychedelic guitar. If Syd Barrett was still alive and jamming, well you get the drift. The second song has more vocals and new wave chiptune music. Devo meets Super Mario Bros perhaps (great stuff, definitely standout material here). The last track has some fuzzed out electric guitar mixed with even more vocals. It sounds like a lowbrow, low-fi version of `Jesus And Mary Chain`s`first album `Psychocandy`. The only contact information is an old email address:
I don`t know if it`s still valid but it`s certainly worth a try. This mini CD-R was self-released in 2003 and seems to be a one shot only. Too bad it`s skipping most of the times GGGODDDDAMMITTT!!!