Saturday, 31 December 2016

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art is everywhere part 73


P.O.BOX 41

Audiodélica – 1993 – 1997 (CD)

I found this CD while doing some house cleaning. It was in a pile of zines and comix in my library. Audiodélica was an Argentinian project. This is a compilation of songs recorded between 1993-1997 (nine pieces = 50.43 minutes) it came out in 1998 on Planeta X. The obscure item of the day (not much information on the internet). The music is experimental, yet slightly relaxing, be it: slowly shifting / moving synth / found sounds with lo-fi percussions in the background (i.s.), dark swirling processed sounds with elements of droning ambient noise (x), shifting  ambient noise / darkwave (aural), minimal space ambience (Trotsky), dark ambience with hypnotic undertones (Nadja), ambient noise minimalism (interzone),  minimal classic instrumentations with ambient elements thrown in (Salvador & inferno) and death ambience colliding with a plethora of drones (dronephobia). This CD is a highly meditative, hypnotic at times listening experience. Dark chill-out ambience perhaps (I didn`t mean chill-out electronic music here). Good stuff.

Suitcases of sound – it`s science! (CD)

I got this as a trade from my good friend Thompson. Suitcases of sound is the solo music project of one Elizabeth A. Baker, from St-Petersburg, Florida. USA. There`s some strange musical stuff happening in Florida, a yearly noise festival and a good selection of local underground acts / artists; Hell Garbage, Dollmeat, Trotsky`s Watercooler, Suitcases of sound, just to name a few. This is a nice and long (11 tracks, almost 80 minute of music here). I`m just turned fifty this year. I heard a good quantity of strange, weird, bizarre, scare, beautiful, out there music (this one takes the cake, at least for the moment folks). Using synth, guitar, Elizabeth mixes elegantly electronic, contralto cross, experimental electropop, psychedelia and lounge. The songs fall under different styles quirky sound collage, minimal melancholic electropop, minimal instrumental piano and spacy / lounge electropop. Imagine a jam session with The Moody Blues, Pink Floyd (circa Syd Barrett), Wendy Carlos (on the side), The Byrds and early Tangerine Dream. Some info here;

Hiroshima Yeah! # 142 – December 2016 (zine)

The latest issue from this magnificent 8.5 by 11, black & white, cut & paste, monthly, photocopied five pager. We open things up with poetry `sperm and regret `department (what a quote). Standout poems this time around are
Unsteady Eddie
Not for the first time,
I see you,
Unsteady in the doorway,
Talking to yourself,
Having been in the pub
For at least six hours now
Someone told me
They were worried that
I`d end up just like you.
And I still might,
I still might.
Pointless things
All the pointless things
They teach you.
You will forget them all
Over time.
If you ever really
Remembered them
In the first place.
And finally
Thing you do to yourself
The things you do
To yourself
Can often be
Than anything
That others
Do to you.
Man I love this stuff. There`s our monthly insanity from the likes of Gary Simmons `13.82 billion years of hell `.  Gary reviews Maurizio Bianchi`s – aeternum aevum CD. I also enjoy MB type of industrial / noisy experimentations with some ambience on the side. There`s also some music, chapbook and concerts reviews (Ryley Walker, Lou Barlow / Eugene Kelley and Dinosaur JR). We end this zine with Mark Ritchie`s shorty `clean and sober `. I`m getting thirsty after reading this. I open my fridge and I`m out of beer. There is no God. Contact;

DJ Morpheus – if u can`t beat` em, break` em 21 (CD)

I bought this album out of sheer curiosity at Renaisssance Montréal. Ok I admit it all their CD`s are 2.00 $ and for such a small price I`m willing to try music I never heard of (especially if it`s electronically oriented). DJ Morpheus is one of the numerous projects (Lord Solomon Pearbrook, Earth, Minimal Compact, The Gruesome Twosome and The Morphtwins) of Samy Birnbach. This DJ mix album came out in 1998 on SSR records. You will hear the following bands / artist; Small fish with spine, UMO, Renegade soundwave, Le Rosbifs, Bassbin twins, Dan mass, FreestylersKurtis mantronik, Zum, Groove armada, Cut and paste and Makesome breaksome (12 tracks = 66.06 minutes). On this recording DJ Morpheus passionately mixes (and with success I might add) electro, hip hop, big beat, techno, breakbeat and rap. The music sounds a little bit dated but I like it. When it`s good it`s good and when it`s bad it`s really really bad. A good choice of old school techno / electro cuts.     

Hiroshima Yeah! # 141 – November 2016 (zine)

My favorite 8.5 by 11, black & white, cut & paste photocopied monthly six pager. On the front page, we begin with poetry and `such opulence, such misery `department. My favorite pieces this time around are
Over oceans
Adrenalin can carry you
Over oceans,
But sometimes it runs out
When you`re only halfway across.
Certain people
They are certain people
Whom I keep close
To my heart.
And the rest of them
Can fuck right off.
And also
Donovan does it,
Lulu does it,
John Martyn did it;
Talking with a Scottish accent
And an English accent
At other times.
It strikes me as fake,
Especially because
My uncle Hugh,
Who is 84 now
And has lived and worked
Abroad for most of his life,
Has never lost his Scottish accent.
I hate fakery and I hate fakers
But can`t shake the terrible feeling
That the fakers will end up
Inheriting the earth.
I can relate to that. I work with a lot of them and yes, they`re in charge. They`re like cockroaches they can survive / adapt anywhere and everywhere. Gary Simmons has two columns this time around (13.82 billion years of hell & Soviet LK moon lander VS relationshits). There`s some music, book and concert review (Bob Mould, at the Garage, Glasgow 10th October and Richmond Fontaine at The Caves, Edinburgh 18th October). We end this beautifully with a shorty from Mark Ritchie (something truly wonderful) and some nice black and white drawings form parts unknown. Contact:

Air – talkie walkie (CD)

The sixth album from this French electronic rock duo of Jean-Benoit Dunckel and Nicolas Godin. I keep hearing this over and over and it just don`t work for me. All the songs are impressive in their own right. It`s a nice mix of electronic, downtempo, trip hop, and synth-pop. The perfect soundtrack for a rainy day; moody, melancholic, minimal at times. I find most of the songs too syrupy for my taste buds. On a more positive note I found some standout pieces
3 – Run (4.12 minutes) = minimal trip hop mixed with downtempo = I feel like chilling out her.

5 – Mike Mills (4.26 minutes) = beautiful, mellow, relaxing, chill-out instrumental downtempo electronic music. Recommended if you`re into this type of music.                 

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Homemade postcards of the day

Desecrated found picture of the day

Found picture of the day

Solarus – empty nature (CD)

I got this album as a gift from my good friend Alex. Solarus consisted of Bill Yurkewicz (Exit-13, Namanax, Pica and Purge), James Plotkin (Atomsmasher, O.L.D., Regurgitation, Namanax, Lotus Eaters, etc) and Kipp Johnson (Candiru, Elixir, Purge and Namanax). This is their first recording it came out in 1997 on Release Entertainment. They released another album the following year (Crystallized). Then they seem to have folded or something. Upon the first listen I really didn`t like this. A wise man told me once give this a chance let it sink in man. That`s what I did. It took me some listening effort to fully appreciate this album (seven tracks = 56.29 minutes). This is electronic music mixed with elements of drum & bass, IDM, dub, illbient, which goes sometimes into minimal territory. My favorite pieces of the moment are
5 – Malignant soul punisher 2 (8.13 minutes) = dark electronic + dark dub + samples of a woman screaming = this is not a test.

7 – Sunyata (10.19 minutes) = minimal dub + dark electronics = beautiful, dreamy music. I`m relaxing, chilling-out as we speak. Recommended if you can find it.   

Friday, 16 December 2016

Ø ‎– Oleva (CD)

Ø is one of the various solo projects of Mika Vainio (Kentolevi, Philus and Tekonivel).  Mika was part of the techno / minimal / noisy electronic duo of Panasonic with Ilpo Vaisanen. Oleva which came out in 2008 is Mika`s seventh album. The music (13 tracks = 69.58 minutes) feels like a jam session with the likes of Cluster / Kluster, Plastikman and Louis & Bebe Barron (during their Forbidden planet soundtrack period). The end results is a sonic voyage in the land of minimalism
Minimal electronic
Minimal techno
Minimal noise / ambient noise
Lo-fi minimalism
Subtle shifting tones slowly colliding, minimal beats in the background, is that some type of lo-fi noise I`m hearing? An excellent album, an exercise in subtle minimalism. I`m proud to have this.

Swayzak – dirty dancing (CD)

Swayzak are a tech house duo (James S. Taylor and David Brown) from London, England. Dirty dancing which is their third album, came out in 2002 on !K7. I found this CD in the cheapy bin section of a second hand record store, it cost me 2.00 $. The music is a potent a mix of synth-pop, house, electronic, and minimal. Most of the tracks are song oriented and aimed for the dance floor. I`m not much of a dancer though. To be honest the whole shebang sounds great, a nice blend of subtle arrangements, definitely not your top twenty commercial garbage. This album doesn`t work for me at all. I still recommend it because it`s that damned good. A couple of tracks caught my attention big time:
2 – Buffalo seven (5.12 minutes) = cold, minimal synth-pop.
6 – The punk era (3.55 minutes) = beautiful instrumental minimal house.
10 – Ping pong (7.20 minutes) = instrumental minimal electronic / house. You can feel some influences at work here: Suicide, John Foxx, Japan, old OMD, Human League / Ladytron and a dash of Thomas Brinkman. Some info here:

The Haters postcard

Homemade postcard of the day

Homemade postcard of the day

This one's for my girlfriend!

Unknown picture of the day

homemade postcards of the day

Homemade postcards of the day

Friday, 9 December 2016

Lustmord – the place where the black stars hang (CD)

This is Lustmords sixth album (it came out in 1994 on Side Effect). I`ve been hearing this one all week long. We`re in 2016 and this recording came out more than 22 years ago. It still sounds great. So far, it passed the test of time. There`s five tracks which feels like listening to one long (75.59 minutes) piece divided in nearly five part. Brian Williams (Lustmord) combines lo-fi hums, processed static, drones, uses processed field recordings, low tones, ambient noise, dark synth washes and a good dose of dark ambience. The end results an inner voyage through a deep & vast area of space with dark overtones / atmospherics, outer worldly soundscapes, dense / thick / foggy / murky synth sounds, dark minimalism, a strangely rhythmic yet highly hypnotizing introspective listening experience. You`re alone, drifting in space, you feel your heartbeat getting slower, you hear lo-fi hums from the surrounding darkness. You feel someone / something slowly pulling you in. there`s not much air left in the tank. You`re sweating. It`s getting harder just breathing. You`re slowly pulled even deeper. Half way through. A black hole is slowly tearing you apart. Your body and your soul`s getting shred piece by piece. It feels so good. Lost in the void. Lost in nothingness. Time to wake up (the album`s finished) and go back to work. Dark ritual music for sleeping and meditation (nightmares included). Brilliant.

Node Pajomo # 21 (zine)

When mister PJM told everyone, he was going to stop writing Node Pajomo and call it quits. It broke my heart. He made me discover some amazing people via his zine; Malok, The Haddock, Hiroshima Yeah! & Les carnets de Rastapopoulos (with the expensive and nearly obsolete postal service). Lo and behold, I get a small package with a rebooted Node Pajomo. This issue is a half size, black & white, cut & paste 20 pager. There`s a good deal of zines (44) and some music reviews (10). We have a give-aways contest for US residents only (too bad if you ask me). We end this with mail art listings, tape traders, zine seeking submissions and postcard exchange. In case you`d like to have a copy of Node Pajomo send this fine gentleman well-hidden cash, some stamps, a trade, something for God sakes. Well don`t just stand there, go for it;
Node Pajomo
PO BOX 2632

Jerry Snell – cash (CD)

A couple of years ago I bought in a second hand record store Jerry Snell`s first album ` life in the suicide riots`. The CD freaked me out combining free improvisation with elements of jazz, avant-garde, electronic with some spoken word, intense / insane ramblings. I never heard anything like this before. Then six months later, I discover Steven Jesse Bernstein. Back to our story. It`s a warm Sunday afternoon. I`m in a second hand record store browsing through the cheapy bin section. The bin was full of CD`s for a dollar or 2. Most of the times it`s crammed with crap, except at the bottom of the bin I find this Jerry Snell album titled `cash`. I didn`t know he released more than one CD (3 albums in fact). I buy it, go back home fix myself a coffee, sit down and away we go. WOW! This is a different listening experience. The music is a mix of pop rock, folk, rock and psychedelic bluesy numbers. Feels like a three-way jam session with Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Tom Waits. There`s a couple of songs that sounds totally out there schizophrenic / insane / claustrophobic anthems. If anyone remembers `shake dog shake` (The cure – The top album) and `21st century schizoid man ` (from King Crimson – in the court of the crimson king album) then you know what I mean here.

Friday, 2 December 2016

art is everywhere part 72

The Haddock of the day

The Haddock
2760 Willamette street, apt # 205

Yen Pox – blood music (CD)

Second album from this American ambient darkwave duo of Michael J. V. Hensley (Blood Box, Hollow Earth) and Steven Hall (Gorehallreider, Veil Of Secrecy, Used). Blood music came out in 1995 on Malignant records with a limited print run (it`s sold-out unfortunately). This is a nice and long (6 tracks = 70.01 minutes) recording. I was doing music cleaning and I rediscovered this CD laying around in a box full of trading items. Last time I heard this was more than seven years or so I think. I`m sitting here listening to this. I keep thinking to myself how creepy this feels. Now I remember what ambient darkwave is all about. The `music `is a sonic stew / mix of ominous lo-fi, dark soundscapes, short noise bursts, blurry voice samples (or highly processed), drones, bleak atmospheres, ambient noise, and watery minimal ambience. All the songs are slowly and subtly moving, evolving, mutating. A slow, relentless attack of the senses. The whole listening experience is creepier, scarier with headphones. You`re alone at night, stuck inside an abandoned warehouse, you`re feeling like someone / something is watching you. You hear some type of movement in the darkness. It`s getting near. It`s too dark to see anything. You can feel it slowly approaching. Coming near you. You can smell it`s foul breath behind you. The mere stench. You slowly turn around and… AAHHHHHHHHHH!  A soundtrack of decay, desolation i.e. the end of the world. Simply great. There`s a blood music 2CD re-issue available here:

Hank Williams – 20 of hank Williams greatest hits (CD)

I got this as a gift from my favorite Floridian country boy Eric T. When it comes to country / western my knowledge / interest is limited. I like the classics like Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash. I also like more `heavy `oriented country i.e. cowpunk like The Blasters, Violent Femmes and Jason & The Scorchers. Hank Williams (1923 – 1953) was an American singer-songwriter and musician. You will hear 20 amazing songs, like; your cheatin`heart, move it on over, I`m so lonesome I could cry, rambling `man, my heart would know, kaw-liga, cold cold heart, lovesick blues, honky Tonk blues, honky Tonkin`, there`ll be no teardrops tonight, jambalaya (on the Bayou), hey good lookin, window shoppingI can`t help it (if i`m still in love with you), half as much, why don`t you love me, you win again, baby we`re really in love and take these chains from my heart. Hank`s music mixes elements of country, western, folk, blues, honky-tonk, gospel and rockabilly. The second track `move it on over ` mixes blues with rockabilly it sounds like another band who was a precursor of rock `n`roll Bill Haley and his comets. It`s a shame he died so young. After hearing a lot of noise and bizarre alien ambient music this album is a welcome (and peaceful break) for my poor ears.

Various – night passage demixed (CD)

This CD came out in 1996 on Dorobo. Dorobo was a post-industrial record label formerly run by Darrin Verhagen between 1992 up until 2004. Darrin has a solo music project named Shinjuku Thief. Four artists demix and edit with respect Alan Lamb`s `night passage` album. Here`s a brief rundown.
1 – Ryoji Ikeda – # 13 (8.02) = a lo-fi exorcist / exercise of droning ambient noise minimalism.
2 – Thomas Koner – kyros (9.54) = a stripped-down, more minimal (if possible) version. Feels like walking naked on a snowstorm while the wind slowly freezes your heart and soul.
3 - Lustmord – fragmented (19.13) = high impact drones + hazy, creepy dark atmospheres / ambience = sounds like and out-take from `the monstrous soul `album.

4 – Bernhard Gunther – untitled 1 / 96 (20.19) = starts-off with subtle lo-fi grinding ambient noise drones and moves slowly into nothingness i.e. barely audible frequencies (you need some high quality sub-woofers here folks). An impressive collection of demixes. My personal award goes to Lustmord. Never though the sound of the wind could be so damned scary at times. Highly recommended.