Saturday, 31 December 2016

Hiroshima Yeah! # 142 – December 2016 (zine)

The latest issue from this magnificent 8.5 by 11, black & white, cut & paste, monthly, photocopied five pager. We open things up with poetry `sperm and regret `department (what a quote). Standout poems this time around are
Unsteady Eddie
Not for the first time,
I see you,
Unsteady in the doorway,
Talking to yourself,
Having been in the pub
For at least six hours now
Someone told me
They were worried that
I`d end up just like you.
And I still might,
I still might.
Pointless things
All the pointless things
They teach you.
You will forget them all
Over time.
If you ever really
Remembered them
In the first place.
And finally
Thing you do to yourself
The things you do
To yourself
Can often be
Than anything
That others
Do to you.
Man I love this stuff. There`s our monthly insanity from the likes of Gary Simmons `13.82 billion years of hell `.  Gary reviews Maurizio Bianchi`s – aeternum aevum CD. I also enjoy MB type of industrial / noisy experimentations with some ambience on the side. There`s also some music, chapbook and concerts reviews (Ryley Walker, Lou Barlow / Eugene Kelley and Dinosaur JR). We end this zine with Mark Ritchie`s shorty `clean and sober `. I`m getting thirsty after reading this. I open my fridge and I`m out of beer. There is no God. Contact;

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