Saturday, 19 April 2014

Art is everywhere part 16

This time around I have some flyers, mail art and a weird collage from Truman Bentley Jr. Enjoy the show!!!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Redrot – the red death (cassette)

This is a short tape (40 minutes)  from Ryan Oppermann`s  death industrial solo project: Redrot. There`s four tracks on this here album. And what does it sounds like you might ask? Here`s a brief description, just to give you a small idea (of what to expect ):
1- self denied (9.12 minutes): harsh low-fi frequencies + processed screams = definitely going into headache territory.
2- knife in my head (9.18 minutes): processed voice \ rhythm + repetitive, meditative distortion.
3- glorious (8.28 minutes); extremely processed voice + power electronics = bleak atmospheres for suicidal tendencies (not talking about the band here).

4- the red death (9.59 minutes): nasty industrial synth lines + more processed voice = conjures feelings of isolation, loneliness and intellectual \ moral decay. If you`re into power electronics, death industrial and experimental music this is definitely your cup of tea. In my case I`d say my pitcher of beer, ah, ah, ah. More information here:

Friday, 4 April 2014

HHR VS 2XH Volume 1 – where is my robotic boot (CD`s)

I recently got this as a trade item. This is a  long, double CD compilation  of underground artists \ bands . I enjoyed  listening to this because it gave me a  chance to discover some amazing bands with a lot of different music styles (2 CD`s and 17 songs will get you there for sure). Let`s see there`s Kid606 (noise + digitalism + lotsa beats = total mayhem), Final (dark unsettling synth), Shifts (ambient noise minimalism),  Stephan  O` Malley (ritualistic minimalism),  Craig Dongoski (weird, out there experimentations), Tribes Of Neurot (this sounds like crazy ass, dark carnival music), Merzbow (meditative noise bursts),  Monotonos (peaceful, ambience), Kid606 (meditative peaceful electronics), Jan Michael Vincent Car Crash (heavy metal), Orthrelm (intense, instrumental & experimental metal), The Austerity Program (old school punk), Khanate (dark metal experimentations), The Abandoned Hearts Club (hardcore punk), Gezoleen (hard, hard metalcore), Phantomsmasher (instrumental & experimental metal) and  Jan Michael Vincent Car Crash (instrumental heavy metal). Good stuff indeed. I highly recommend it if you can still find it (undated). More information here: