Thursday, 27 November 2014

Mark Sonnenfeld

Here's a Mark Sonnenfeld add / pass sheet. This time around it's a three way split.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Hashisheen - the end of law (CD)

 I got this as a trade item (this CD was released in 1999, on Sub Rosa). This album offers a strong mix of spoken word with various music styles: ambient, darkwave ambient, minimalism, experimental, and minimal dub with percussive elements. This is a peaceful, extremely relaxing full length. Standout tracks are: `the divine self`(amazing ambient piece with minimal undertones), and `sologans`(a short track  of  evocative and cinematic ambience). There`s only one way to listen to this album: lying on your bed, headphones on with the volume full blast i.e. to make sure you hear / feel the numerous sonic subtleties at work here. I don`t know a lot about Bill Laswell (the man behind this project) except that he is a magnificent bass player and a prolific artist. I love `the end of law` CD it`s an incredible album. I recently got a hold of `Imaginary Cuba` CD and I can`t wait to find the proper time to hear it, enjoy it  and just relaxxx… The problem is when you`re getting older like me, time is a luxury you don`t have any more (ah, the joys of this modern world and the age of so-called global communications). I don`t want to sound like an old redundant geezer but if you can get a hold of this album, well. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!!         


Thursday, 13 November 2014

Sounds For The Post-Peak – episodes 1 & 2 (cassette)

`Sounds from the post peak ` is a bi-mensual radio show done by the fine folks at `Crustacés Tapes.` to receive the tape, all you have to do is send them by good old postal system a gift, it could be anything here. In my case I sent them copies of the `Mastock` newsletter. Next time I think I will send them some of my noise / music, we`ll see. Upon the first listen, I`m hooked, hooked for two good reasons.
A – This is really great stuff.
B – There`s no publicity, no DJ talking, just a pure sonic adventure full of unconventional, fringe discoveries.
Episode 1 (28.50 minutes) offers a potent mix of: electroacoustics, light noise bursts, ambient noise with random percussive elements, something which sounds like instrumental classical Asian music, found sounds and experimental ditties of unknown origins. 
Episode 2 (28.42 minutes) consists of a nice blend of: low-fi minimalism with light percussive elements, menacing low-fi rumblings (death ambience perhaps), light subtle grating noisebursts with some percussions thrown in we end this with some low-fi orchestrations which goes into aural minimalism. Contact: Crustacés Tapes
4555 rue Pontiac
H2J 2T2 
and also :

Dan Gibson`s Solitudes Volume Four – Niagara Falls (CD)

Every once in a while I like to go record / CD/ DVD hunting. I always check the second hand record stores or cool places like: Village Des Valeurs, The Salvation Army and Renaissance Montréal. There is a lot of Renaissance shops in Montréal. They do have some good prices as well: 3.00 $ per CD and 4.00 $ per DVD. I like to visit them on Sundays because it`s not as crazy as Saturdays. I never heard of Dan Gibson before but the title of this CD `Niagara falls the gorge and glen among the ponds and streams of the Niagara` attracted my curiosity. I thought it`s either some sort of field recordings or new age (I hope it`s not the case here) music. I come back home, open up a cold beer, sit down and push the play button.  I clear my mind of thoughts and start listening. I have to push the volume button high in order to hear something. WOW!!! There`s two long (30 minutes) Niagara fall field recordings. I hear the water slowly falling, various birds (Gulls, Cardinals, Robins, Ducks, Canadian Geese, sparrows, etc) and a plethora of unknown sounds. Field recordings are regarded as non-music (it`s not noise) because there`s no melody, no rhythm i.e. no musicality. Personally this is music to my ears. It is a peaceful, relaxing, and soothing listening experience. Upon doing a little research I discover that Dan Gibson (1922-2006) was a Canadian photographer, cinematographer and sound recordist. Also, about 223 studio albums were released by solitudes (this one came out in 1982). I highly recommended it if you can find his albums. More reasons to scope out second hand record stores.                                          

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Art is everywhere part 21

This time around I have four incredible mail art pieces for you to enjoy. Let the show begin!!!
The first one is kinda hardcore but if you look at the address and you know that mail artist, then you should expect to be shocked!

This is more like it.

Same thing here.

The last one is always the best one!!!