Saturday, 21 March 2015

Mark Sonnenfeld's latest chapbook

Crustacés # 6 la révolution est en pleurs - Oscar Martin & Anton Mobin (cassette)

Here`s the latest release from Crustacés tapes. And what an amazing release this is!!! I like noise but I definitely prefer anything remotely or highly experimental. I mean normality is so damned boring these days folks. Our sonic menu consists of:
1 – ekstra 1 – nappa delta deneb (6.36 minutes) = really lo-fi experimental, almost electroacoustic music going into ambient noise territory, great stuff.
2 – ekstra 2 – albireo eta zeta mu (17.05 minutes) = weird lo-fi /  noise samples colliding altogether, thus creating a psychotronic / psychedelic journey in the land of electroacoustic / experimental music. I just love this piece, it`s slowly transforming, mutating, evolving into something totally out there. I`ve been listening to this cassette over and over. I`ve heard something similar a long time ago. Really obscure music reference here folks!!! This sounds a lot like `Deconstruct: encryptec esoterica `tape, which was released by Xcreteria, circa 1994. This tape is not for sale so send these nice folks something, a gift, some freebies, anything. It`s worth it. This I command!!! Contact here :
Crustacés Tapes
4555 rue Pontiac
H2J 2T2


Hiroshima Yeah! # 129 (February 2015) (zine)

The latest issue of my favorite 8.5 by 11 inches cut and paste, black and white, monthly zine (six pages long this time around). On the front page we open things up with poetry `hungry as winter `. I enjoy reading Mark Rithchie`s poems, subtle, slightly dark / melancholic / foreboding perhaps, always short and sweet. Here`s a couple of examples:
Not a Haiku
Snow falling outside
Cosy pub.
We stay inside.
Text message sent just after phoning in sick
The sun has come out
And I feel light as a feather.
Man, now I`m getting thirsty here. There`s the usual monthly contributors like Gary Simmons (the great rock `n `roll tolchock & aggravation all over = texting madness), and A Willshaw (Doctor Thornaby chapter 7). Next we`re treated with some DVD, book and music reviews. There`s a nice, sad, violent, lovely short story by senior Mark Ritchie `the lantern `.  It would make a nice short drama / film noir movie. One last thing I have to mention, There`s this weird, psychedelic, single panel comic-strip done by Dr Adolf Steg which nearly me nightmares. It`s a mix of old underground comix and DIY punk art, slightly disturbing. I LIKE IT! I LIKE I(T! I LIKE! More information here:
Mark Ritchie
94 Main Street
ML11 8AB


Sunday, 15 March 2015

Drawing of the day

I found this in a binder among various unfinished poems. Primitive art for a winter day...

She Destroys Hope & Henry C.Rial & Dr. Noisem & Gooze: tripping unto sounds ov color part 4 (CD-R)

A four way noise split courtesy of Pennsylvanian Hypnocenter records. We start with She Destroys Hope (a noise project from Germany) who delivers two harsh wall of noise tracks (been there heard that). Henry C. Rial does three tracks of… I have no idea. They can`t play on my CD player (and also on my computer). Your guess is good as mine (it`s probably noise). And now the standout tracks, the piece de resistance, the material which took my head off, which blew me away ad infinitum, are:
Dr.Noisem: skalierungsfaktor (10.12 minutes) = minimal low-fi rumblings mixed with extremely low-fi noise bytes. Simply amazing, this one`s going straight in my mp3 player. I wanna listen to this while going to work.
Gooze: in one ear out of the other (7.41 minutes) = minimal noise mixed with static, acoustic guitar, ambient noise, and synth (or toy piano, or accordion, I`m not sure here). The end result is a subtle joyride through the land of ambient noise, a surreal tapestry of low-fi noisy minimalism. Nice.

Malevolent Alien Being & Sleep Column: two ways of pain part 22 (CD-R)

This split CD-R was released on Shit Noise Records on July 31st, 2013. It reads on the catalogue `SNR#582 `, which means they have released more than five hundred CD`s of noise oriented material. They`ve released a lot of stuff and are still active nowadays. Maybe I could send them a Flesh For Frank demo, just in case. We start this album with:
1 – Malevolent Human Being: diabolical experiments on humans (13.12 minutes) = a grinding, relentless wall of static.
2- Malevolent Human Being: anal probe (17.36 minutes) = a grating / grinding / scratching harsh like hell total wall of noise. Someone / something`s probing me and I don`t like it.
3 – Sleep Column: lanes of iron dreams (30,04 minutes)  = a long track of repetitive low-fi distortion.  At times it almost sounds like ambient noise. The most, dare I say meditative piece on this album. Well I just did.

Hiroshima Yeah! # 119 (January 2015) (zine)

Came home last night so damned tired. Lo and behold there`s a parcel from good ole Mark Ritchie in me mailbox. Well go ahead make my day (copyright Dirty Harry, baby). HY! is a 8.5 by 11 inches cut and paste, black and white, monthly six pager zine. The cover star of this issue is Jenny Lewis (Rilo Kiley, The Postal Service, The Watson Twins, Jenny and Johnny). We begin with poems from `the metropolis of discontent`. My favorite poems this time around are:
Rarely Happy
I am rarely happy,
But your presence
Fills me with light,
Fake caveman chant
Make day go fast,
Night go slow.
I can relate to those two shorties for sure.  There`s also a couple of poems from the likes of Mitch Hell and Colin Scholl. We have some music, concerts (Sun Kil Moon & Disdain For The Ordinary) and book reviews. There`s our usual monthly episodes of `1.5 years on probation,` (Gary Simmons talks about life on the inside), `the birthday cards are mixed with condolence cards and the milk was delivered in black bottles`(weird texting from Gary Simmons), and `Doctor Thornaby chapter 6`(A Willshaw). Simon Morris writes `My guide to love, sex and relationships`, in four points: crushes (been there done that), lust (still there), thwarted desire (perhaps), love (she broke my heart some time ago   there`s a black hole in my soul which serves as a reminder). Last but not least there`s `Kate`, written by Hirohima Yeah!`s head honcho Mark Rithchie. A strange short story about routine, alienation  (in a relationship), murder / suicide, with possible ties with paranoid schizophrenia. Hey, you have to read this to believe it. Contact: 
Mark Ritchie
94 Main Street
Forth, Lanark
ML11 8AB


Friday, 6 March 2015

Torturing Nurse & Order Disonic X Nihilist Void: tripping unto sounds ov color part 1 (CD-R)

A split noise CD-R featuring Torturing Nurse (noise band from Shanghai, China) and  Order Disonic X Nihilist void which seems to be some soth of collaboration between Sonic Disorder and Henry C. Rial (kiddo noiser full of talent). Let`s start with:
1 – Torturing Nurse: plastic recycled (28.46 minutes) = a lot of screaming mixed with some high pitched distortion. A relentless sonic attack i.e. aural torture territory, no doubt.
2-  Order Disonic X Nihilist delivers two tracks of God knows what. Both `songs ` won`t play on any media at work and / or at home. But I`m pretty sure this is noise and not pop music, ah, ah, ah.

comix of the day

I found this one while doing more winter cleaning. Enjoy da minimal art folks!!!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

The O`Brien Project & Nhilistic Void & The Primal Law: : tripping unto sounds ov color part 3 (CD-R)

A threesome noise split. The O`brien Project delivers four amazing tracks which would be something like this:
Song#1 = low-fi noise + percussion = dub noise anyone?
Song#2 = nearly melodic experimental noise.
Song#3 = relaxing low-fi minimal noise.
Song #4 = a long track (16.07 minutes) of shape shifting, always moving / evolving wall of noise.
5 – Nihilistic Void: 19-9-14 part 1 (25.19 minutes) = another long piece of grating / grinding (like a sharp electric razor blade which slowly cuts your head off) wall of noise. Relentless.
6- The Primal Law: deir ez-zor (22.14 minutes) = this is the standout track. A nice, subtle, mix of: blurred-out / processed voice samples (recalls Schloss Tegal`s : dark eyes track) , light synth, some percussions now and then, and minimal noise. Good stuff.

Art is everywhere part 23

This time around I have false cash (which looks damned real), a flyer, some nice homemade stamps and something for adults. 

Homemade postcards of the day

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Painful Defecation - The Christmas Album (Formerly Girls On Girls Volume 38) (MP3)

I`ve been busy downloading a lot of what seems like cool / interesting free mp3`s from and I discovered a lot of recent Painful Defecation albums. They were just waiting to be downloaded. And you know me I`m a little excessive / compulsive person (I`m polite here ah, ah, ah). There`s nine songs on this short album (total running time = 25.24 minutes). I`ve listened to a lot of Kurt Beaulieu (Montréal`s own) material these last couple of years. He`s always recording something highly and / or remotely interesting (especially is older material). I have to say that at the precise time I`m writing this review that this is the best Painful Defecation album I heard so far. He offers a good variety of music / noisy styles: ambient noise & some audio fuckeries (septic), ambient noise with percussive element included (girls on girls), funky beats & a plethora of found sounds / samples (girls on girls part 2), abstract ambient noise (stylophonic, girls on girls part 6), ambient with percussions (girls on girls part 3, girls on girls part 5, les dommages testiculaires furent réduits au minimum), and glitch with beats (girls on girls part 4). If you dig musically engineered noise (which definitely doesn`t sound like your regular MSBR / Merzbow recording) than this baby`s for you. Lots of freebies here:

Koobaatoo Asparagus / сжигание вертушки ‎– Untitled (split CD-R)

A split noise album. Koobaatoo Asparagus does a long track (37.00 minutes) of grating high pitched fields of distortion mixed with some low-fi static which goes into ambient noise territory.  While сжигание вертушки offers two pieces which are:
Eurodancefuckhead 1 & 2 (total running time = 42.23 minutes) = two tracks of grinding / grating / scratching wall of noise gozungus. Recommended if you`re into bands / artists like:  MSBR, NON, The Haters, Merzbow and Knurl (who could forget Knurl? My eardrums are still bleeding, ah, ah, ah).

Homemade postcards of the day