Friday, 22 July 2016

Homemade postcards of the day

homemade postcards of the day

Francis Dhomont – Frankenstein symphony (CD)

Francis Dhomont (born in 1926, in Paris, France) is an electroacoustic music composer. This is his fourth album (4 tracks = 63.46 minutes). Here`s what it sounds like.
1 – Allegro = oscillating between ambient noise, lo-fi bursts, weird experimentations cutups and machine like sounds = the last breath of a dying apparatus perhaps.
2 – Andante = random rhythmic elements + found sounds + a dash of ambience / minimalism with subtle experimentations going on.
3 – Scherzo (Giocoso) = urban field recordings + trumpet samples + lo-fi goodness + various found sounds = a symphony / cacophony of musique concrete.
4 – Finale = ambient minimalism + strange rhythmic banging + weird found sounds / noises, experiments with peaceful ambient elements thrown in. Good stuff.

homemade postcard of the day

art is everywhere part 63

Our daily dose of haddock...

The Haddock
2760 Willamette street, apt # 205

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Air – 10,000 hz legend (CD)

The third album from this French electronic music duo of Jean-Benoît Dunckel and Nicolas Godin. This album doesn`t sound at all like `Moon Safari`, their first effort. It is still electronically oriented but less commercial / accessible. If you love their first CD you need to hear this baby a lot to understand and fully appreciate it.  This album (11 tracks = 60.42 minutes) is moody, dark at times, melancholic, introspective, less accessible i.e. more personal indeed. It is electronic, downtempo, with traces / elements of trip hop, future jazz, synth-pop, funk, blues, experimental, minimalism and bedroom pop. Imagine a jam session with the following unlikely participants: Boards Of Canada, Double, Joy Division, early The Cure, Vangelis (his electronic period), Portishead (circa dummy), Pink Floyd (when Syd was still around), Eric`s Trip and Alan Parsons Project (circa Eye in the sky and Amonia avenue). Standout tracks:
4 – The vagabond (5.37 minutes) = bluesy, moody, intimate bedroom pop.
5 – Radian (7.37 minutes) = instrumental dark trip hop.
10 – Don`t be light (6.19 minutes) = beautifully dark / melancholic downtempo / trip hop = if there`s a hit in there, that`s the one. If I had more Air I`d be happy right now.

Enigma – MCMXCa.d. (CD)

Enigma is a German electronic music group formed in 1990 by Michael Cretu, David Fairstein and Frank Peterson. This is their first album (7 songs = 40.31 minutes). I bought their first three albums for 2.00 $ each at Renaissance Montréal. `The cross of changes` ¸ their second CD was good. I gave it away because it just doesn`t work for me at all. To be honest this one is way better. This is ambient, abstract at times song oriented downtempo & electronic music. It offers a potent mix of lush synth lines, electric guitars, chill-out beats and Gregorian chants. `Principles of lust` (11.43 minutes) is a classic, epic, soul moving, incredible piece of downtempo music. They probably sold millions of copies when this album came out in 1990. Good recording. Highly recommended if you like this type of music. Contact:

art is everywhere part 61

Mark Sonnenfeld

Mark Sonnenfeld
45-08 Old Millstone Drive
East Windsor
New Jersey

Thievery Corporation – the richest man in Babylon (CD)

The third album from this Washington, DC, USA band consisting of Rob Garza & Eric Hilton. There`s a lot of eclectic and famous bands / artists originating from Washington, DC, for instance; Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Fugazi, Duke Ellington, Rites Of Spring, Jawbox, Deep Dish, Unrest, Pussy Galore, Girls Against Boys and The Nation Of Ulysses. What an impressive list! This is the first time I hear a Thievery Corporation full album. When you look at worldwide corporate globalization / domination their name sounds like a bad joke, sarcasm or a prediction of things to come (you decide). The music is electronically oriented. It blends / mixes / mashes various styles / influences: future jazz, Latin, Middle East, dub, downtempo, lounge, funk, jazz and trip hop. Every track`s amazingly sequenced / orchestrated i.e. perfection. The whole shebang feels like a Superman comic book so perfect, so bland and boring. I respect Superman and Thievery Corporation it just doesn`t work for me. I still recommend this album, but I`m not gonna keep it.  Don`t get me wrong, it`s good music. Not my cup of tea, that`s all. 

Les carnets de Rastapopoulos # 11 (zine)

I got LCDR as a trade. This is a black & white, cut & paste, half-size, perzine. There`s no reviews, only personal sketches, journal entries, accounts / stories that picked up his curiosity. The theme of the issue centers around airports / airplanes, descriptions, stories, personal thoughts, you name it. Did you know there are three types of airports inhabitants?
1 – Political refugees (they live past security check points).
2 – Stranded (live in drop off portion of terminals).
3 – Homeless (they also live in drop off portion of terminals).
Robert Gaurinov (LCDR`s head cheese) writes stories about those inhabitants. The most famous one being Mehran Karimi Nasseri who spent 17 years living in the Paris departure terminal, unable to legally enter any European country or go back home in Iran. An interesting zine I want to read some more. Contact:
Les carnets de Rastapopoulos
2-l Larch Street

K1R 6W4

Amon Vs Mortar (CD)

This is the first and only Amon & Mortar collaboration. Amon is Andrea Marutti, from Milan, Italy. Moreno Daldosso (also from Italy) does Mortar and Murder Corporation. This album (8 songs = 64.55 minutes) came out in 2008, on Afe Records. The most recent release dates from 2012, I think they`re not active anymore. They`re websites still running .
All tracks by Amon & Mortar except track # 3 (Mortar) and # 4 (Amon). This album is amazing, the music subtly moves into various sonic territories: electronic, ambient noise / darkwave and experimental. Here`s a brief summary:
-Part 1 (4.53 minutes) = lo-fi drones / rumbles + ambient noise minimalism.
-Part 2 (6.16 minutes) = lo-fi minimalism / isolationism + ambient darkwave / noise.
-Part 3 (3.26 minutes) = some drones, a little grinding here and there + minimal ambient noise.
-Part 4 (3.17 minutes) = ambient minimalism.
-Part 5 (10.46 minutes) = subtle moving / shifting / mutating / evolving / drifting experimental ambient darkness.
-Part 6 (8.05 minutes) = experimental ambience.
-Part 7 (24.58 minutes) = a long epic track with rhythmic electronic music and strange lo-fi ambience.
-Part 8 (3.14 minutes) = minimal rhythms + minimal ambient music = a perfect ending. I love the whole damn thing. I highly recommend it if you can ever find it (sadly, it`s sold out).

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Enigma – le roi est mort, vive le roi! (CD)

Enigma is a German electronic music group formed in 1990 by Michael Cretu, David Fairstein and Frank Peterson. ` le roi est mort, vive le roi! `, which came out in 1996 is their third album (12 songs = 40.39 minutes). The music is a potent mixture of downtempo, experimental and electronic music. To be honest, it`s my sixth listen and the more I hear this the more it annoys me. In reality, nothing is a 100% good or bad. Let`s see why it`s so good? Amazing music, top production work, the songs flow great together because they have a similar style. Why is it so bad? Most of the songs sound the same. It looks like a pre-established formula, your trio of the week at your local fast food joint. You have your French fries (mellow / dreamy / syrupy downtempo), your double decker burger (fluffy / chill/out beats), a big ass pop (Gregorian chants) and a small desert (vocals). So far, I heard their first three albums. I don`t feel the need for more. Don`t get me wrong it`s good music. It just doesn`t work for me. You want some come get some:

homemade postcard of the day

found picture of the day

Various – café Méliès volume 1 (CD)

Between 2002 and 2004, Jajou Productions released three Café Méliès compilations. I got lucky one sunny Sunday afternoon when I found volume one at a flea market for 3.00$. Upon the first look, all the artists / bands featured are local i.e. come from Québec. I only know a couple of them though. It`s a Friday night, I`m alone, sitting down, enjoying an ice cold beer, it’s warm outside and this CDs playing. The music is downtempo electronic going into various sonic territories: funk, jazz, ethereal, dub, chill-out, bossa nova, and minimal pop. You will hear music from the likes of; Adam Shaki, Sule, Miguel Garcia & Stéphane Cocke, Bet. E And Stef, Ramasutra, A Zoombone Sound, Mossman Vs Mr.Tsunami, Fred Everything, Miles Moore, Rest Area, Blissom & Ashen and Jean Leloup (12 tracks = 57.51 minutes). A good compilation, but too much chill-out, mellow, syrupy and downtempo for me. The perfect summer music though. The last track, `papillon ` (Jean Leloup) is worth the price of admission so minimal, yet so beautiful at the same time. Need I say more?  

Enigma – the cross of changes (CD)

Enigma is a German electronic music group formed in 1990 by Michael Cretu, David Fairstein and Frank Peterson. `The cross of changes `, which came out in 1993 is their second album (9 songs = 44.21 minutes). I know the name but I never heard their music before. I bought a bunch of their albums for 2.00 $ each at Renaissance Montréal. One of the issues I have with electronic music in general is when an album comes out it sounds so damned good, but it doesn`t pass the test of time. They probably sold millions of copies in 1993, I`m sure. Unfortunately this album didn`t age well at all. The music here is good, it`s well produced. They created an impressive mix of electronic, downtempo, ambient and new age. The music is dreamy at times it includes elements of world music, neo-romantism, esoterica, and some deep mythical / religious atmospheres thrown in. I`m not into new age what can I say. This is good it just doesn`t work for me folks. Contact:

Ondrej Smeykal – didgeridoo solo CD)

Ondrej Smeykal is a Czech didgeridoo respected player and visual artist. A self-released first effort (9 tracks = 56.04 minutes), which came out in 2004. His gear is minimal, yet highly effective; didgeridoo (a wind instrument developed by indigenous Australians), fujara (a large folk shepherd`s overtone fipple flute which comes from central Slovakia), and some clapsticks ( a type of drumstick intended for striking each other). The end results an epic blending of music styles, folk, world (I mean that in a good way), aboriginal, country, tribal, and avant folk. The only reason I bought this albums because of the didgeridoo. I love it`s soothing, peaceful, meditative droning sounds. A mix of subtle groves and psychedelic tribal music (Muslimgauze comes to mind here). I could hear this all day long and never get bored. My standout tracks of the moment are:
5 – Adpoved (5.26 minutes) = a strongly percussive track.
6 – Jeden den (5.05 minutes) = an out there, alien ambient piece (my saucer has landed and it feels good to be home). The Gentleman has his own website. Get all your goodies and info here:

homemade postcard of the day

Lab Findings # 7 (zine)

Last night, I come back home, tired and exhausted. I open my mailbox. It`s full of small parcels / letters from mail artists / zine makers and various oddballs I won`t mention here. The good doctor Bill sent me his latest Lab Findings, number 7 (time sure flies when you`re having fun and you`re getting older). LB is a 8.5 by 11, black & white, printed, irregularly published zine (6 pages). The zine`s divided in two sections. The first part, `the magic mailbag `consists of a huge list (68 contacts to be precise) of stuff the doctor received via the good old, highly expensive postal system. He mentions one Clark Alan Dismeyer on his list. I wonder if it`s the same gentleman who used to be into mini-comics, between the eighties and the nineties. There`s only one way to find out, contact him. The second section`s named `random viewings `. It`s a list of various movies (62) he`s watched. I saw 1990 Bronx Warriors (1982) and Bronx Warriors 2 (1983) a long time ago. I liked them both.  Contact:
Kobb Labs
P.O.BOX 30231

art is everywhere part 64

Various mail art lying around

art is everywhere part 64

Various mail art lying around