Sunday, 10 July 2016

Air – 10,000 hz legend (CD)

The third album from this French electronic music duo of Jean-Benoît Dunckel and Nicolas Godin. This album doesn`t sound at all like `Moon Safari`, their first effort. It is still electronically oriented but less commercial / accessible. If you love their first CD you need to hear this baby a lot to understand and fully appreciate it.  This album (11 tracks = 60.42 minutes) is moody, dark at times, melancholic, introspective, less accessible i.e. more personal indeed. It is electronic, downtempo, with traces / elements of trip hop, future jazz, synth-pop, funk, blues, experimental, minimalism and bedroom pop. Imagine a jam session with the following unlikely participants: Boards Of Canada, Double, Joy Division, early The Cure, Vangelis (his electronic period), Portishead (circa dummy), Pink Floyd (when Syd was still around), Eric`s Trip and Alan Parsons Project (circa Eye in the sky and Amonia avenue). Standout tracks:
4 – The vagabond (5.37 minutes) = bluesy, moody, intimate bedroom pop.
5 – Radian (7.37 minutes) = instrumental dark trip hop.
10 – Don`t be light (6.19 minutes) = beautifully dark / melancholic downtempo / trip hop = if there`s a hit in there, that`s the one. If I had more Air I`d be happy right now.

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