Monday, 31 March 2014

Found pictures of the day

We  have two found pics this time around. We kick things of with a groovy rocking chair:

And a kick ass cardboard synth !!!


Friday, 28 March 2014

Thursday, 27 March 2014

TFTTDH part 12

Falling apart

Soon after the hustling incident
At the Bulldog Pub
Or was it the Pitbull Pub?
I`m not sure
Terry moved in with  Pat
And Pat
He stopped going out with us
He was always hanging out
With Terry`s family and friends
Typical Pat
And Chris
Well he was more into drugs than alcohol
He started using some chemical shit
A little coke now and then
I don`t mind natural drugs
But I despise chemical drugs
I`ve seen so many good folks
Get psychologically \ physically
Destroyed by hard shit
I don`t want to be around when it happens
I simply can`t take it
I spoke to Chris and
We went our separate ways
Temporarily (more about this later on)
So I was all alone
My first weekend alone
It`s early Friday night
I`m home
I don`t know what to do
I don`t feel like going out
This is when I started my bachelor`s weekends
I go at the videoclub
Rent three movies
One horror

One science-fiction

One animation or maybe

A post-apocalyptic flick

I just love those
There`s some type of
Worldwide war \ catastrophe
Societies collapse
Chaos ensues
Go back to their primitive states
Which means
Forget about the politically correctness
Drop your fucking mask
And be yourself
Without the self-imposed
Limits of society
I definitely enjoy those
Let`s see
I have my three movies
Next step
The beer
During those years
There was no microbrewery beers in Montréal
So I had to purchase
Mass produced beers
I would usually buy
Two or three
1.3 litre big ass

Or Budweiser beers
I`d lie on me couch
Light up a smoke
Open me beer
And away we go
I would do this ritual
every Friday and Saturday nights
For about two years
If you do the math
That`s six movies per weekends
There`s fifty two weeks a year
Which means I watched
About 624 flicks
More or less
I`ve seen some really cool movies
Moontrap (1989)

Bruce Campbell & Walter Koenig
Mr Chekov himself

Highway to hell (1991)

Patrick Bergin & Christy Swanson
Highway to a boner perhaps
Event horizon (1997)

Laurence Fishburne & Sam Neill

A good suspenseful science-fiction ride indeed
The darks side of the moon (1990)

I`m not talking Pink Floyd here
Henry Portrait of a serial killer (1986)

Forget about the silence of the lambs
Henry`s the real deal
Featuring Michael Rooker himself

What else is there to say
Dr. Giggles (1992)

Larry Drake, what a massive psychopathic presence

With Holly Marie Combs
Just for you guys out there
Combat Shock (1984)

 A realistic, nihilistic masterpiece

Not recommended
If you have suicidal tendencies

Street trash (1987)

The name speaks for itself

Ghosthouse (1988)

Creepy, creepy, creepy
Did I mentioned it was creepy?
Tetsuo the iron man (1989)

Hardcore metal transformation
And hardcore industrial instrumentations
A  Japanese crazy & intense joyride
Godzilla my ass
I`m having a swig of beer
Suddenly the phone rings
I pick up the phone
Whatcha doing Tom?
Having a beer
Smoking some buds
True, true
How are you Chris?
I`m feeling fine man
I`ve stopped doing hard drugs
That`s good
How are you feeling?
Pretty fine man
when did you stop?
About two months ago
How are you holding up?
I`m managing bro
To tell you the truth, it`s hard at times
I can understand
Even if I never tried hard stuff
I`ve seen what it can do to a person
You know
Yeah I know Tom
What are you doing tomorrow night?
Not much
I rent movies and drink beer
That`s all
Simple pleasures man
Those are the best ones
You think like…
We could hang out together
Tell you what
Lets meet at the videoclub
Seven o`clock tomorrow  night
Which one Videotron?
Or the small one next to your place
The small one
They carry some rare movies
I`ve seen Combat Shock
And Henry Portrait of a serial killer
The same night
Guess I`ll see you tomorrow
Ciao dude
Goodnight Tom
Next day we meet
Chris has gained a little bit of weight
He`s looking better than before
He looks almost human
There`s  still hope
What`s that huge backpack for man?
I have 12 big ass
Beer bottles in there Tom
For you and me
Since you pay the booze
The movies are on me
I`ll let you choose our entertainment
For the evening
Well alright Tom
We pick up three movies
And head back to my place
Sit down & light up a joint
We start drinking right away
While watching the first flick
After about ten
Or maybe 15  minutes
I`m not sure
Put the movie on pause Tom
Gotta take a leak
Sure thing man
Now he`s back
And we`re watching some more
After about 10 or 15 minutes
Put the movie on pause man
I gotta take another leak
Ok no problem
He comes back
And looks a little bit tense \ nervous
Are you alright Chris?
You look kinda pale man
I`m fine let`s watch some more
Sure thing man
Then again
After another 10 minutes
I gotta take a piss bro
Alright then
This is weird
I`m drinking my second big ass beer
I still didn`t piss
And Chris
He barely drank
And it`s his third time around
This is strange indeed
Hey wait a minute
What the fuck is this I`m thinking
I better go check
I look inside my washroom
He`s snorting coke in there
Chris you piece of white trash
You`re still doing coke
You fucking moron!!!
I`m screaming
Hey Tom take it easy
Chill out dude
It`s just a little line
Now and then
You know what I think
About chemicals you moron
Here take your beers
Take your backpack
And get the fuck
Outta here
You can come back here
Once you stop
Doing chemicals man
Well fuck you
I don`t need you Tom
Well adios then
I close the door
Sit down & have a sip of beer
Everything is falling apart
But there will be
Another day
There always is