Sunday, 25 September 2016

art is everywhere part 70

Fresh Haddock of the day

The Haddock
2760 Willamette street # 205

More from parts unknown (from America)

I got another small parcel with non-politicaly collagwes. Enjoy!!!

Various – Dub Infusions 1989-1999 (CD)

I found this in the cheapie bin at a second hand record store. It`s rare that you get the opportunity to purchase a dub compilation for a single dollar. I had no expectations except maybe sampling purposes. I`ve been hearing this all week long and I can`t get bored. There`s 12 tracks here (68.32 minutes). You will hear music from the likes of Shantel (German DJ and producer), Lundaland (solo project of German musician & singer Pia Lund), Stuart Matthewman (British multi-instrumentalist & producer), Kruder & Dorfmeister (German duo), Roupe (that`s Rupert Brewer), Renegade Soundwave (UK electronic music group), Norman Cook (UK DJ & producer & label owner), Wally Badarou (French solo artist & keyboardist), Fila Brazillia (UK music duo), Uptight People (electronic music duo), Manasseh (Nick Raphael a UK solo music artist) and Sly & Mo (Stefan Morth). The music is dub oriented it goes sometimes in disco, electronic dub, chill-out, and hip hop territory. No standout tracks this time around. The whole recording`s standout material. This one`s a keeper folks.

Various Artists – quadruped v-1 (CD)

This is four way split CD, hence the title. This came out on Planet Dog way back in 1994. 1994 and 1995 were good years for trance and psychedelic trance / GOA (before everything turned digital i.e. too good to be true, definitely less anal-logue). Now let`s begin with Optic Eye (Jake Stephenson & Brian Trower) doing three pieces of techno / ambient techno and trance. The first one `Aluf null` (7.29 minutes) is amazingly mellow for trance, nice chill-out undertones. The second featured artist Active Loop Zone (Donovan Lines & Rick Lomas) deliver two evolving trance songs. Then we have Zuvuya (Mike West, Paul Chousmer and Phil Pickering) delivers three trance / techno / GOA influenced pieces. We end it all with the Children Of The bong (Daniel Goganian & Rob Henry). They deliver two amazing songs of downtempo electronic / techno, break beats included with a lo-fi dash of psychedelia. Amazing. A nice ending for an incredible album (it still sounds good today).

Lab Findings # 8 (zine)

Lab Findings is a 8.5 by 11 inches, black & white, professionally printed, randomly published zine (six pages long this time around). This issue focuses on a veritable `who-sent-what `of correspondence, announcements and dispatches received in the mail during the first half of 2016. The good doctor Bill is a popular zine maker I counted 64 mail contacts in there. One of those postal contacts caught my attention. A fellow by the name of CAD send him some mini (zines or comix) and some movies as well. I used to own some mini-comics done by one Clark Allen Dissmeyer (Initials CAD), could it be the same person? I will have to investigate, that`s for sure. If you want to have a copy of Lab Findings, send Doctor Bill some well-hidden cash, something for him to review, a trade, something for God`s sake. Mailing stuff is expensive these days. That`s the normal, polite thing to do. Well don`t just stand there, he`s worthy, contact:
Kobb Laboratories
P.O BOX 30231
30231                                                                           USA

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Infected Mushroom – vicious delicious (CD)

Infected Mushroom are a psy-trance duo from Israel made of Erez Alzen and Amit Dudevani. In case you didn`t know, psy-trance is a subgenre of trance music characterized by complex arrangements of high tempo riffs, layered melodies and subtle synthetic rhythms. I discovered these Guys about 10 years ago. I`m not into trance and their genres / subgenres. I like a lot Infected Mushrooms music. They`re not afraid to experiment and mix things up a bit. It`s either hit or miss. Vicious delicious is their sixth studio album (11 tracks = 70.04 minutes). This is not your typical psy-trance full length. You will hear some acoustic / electric guitar, the music sometimes goes into rock, techno, rap, acid techno and electro territory. An interesting release to say the least. My standout track of the moment is
1 – Becoming insane (7.20 minutes) = amazing acoustic guitar + psy-trance with vocoder vocals included = catchy, addictive, now I feel like dancing here (and you don`t want to see this). 

From parts unknown (in America)

I keep getting those insane collages from the States. Enjoy!

Homemade postcards of the day

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Miss Kittin & The Hacker – first album (CD)

When this album came out (2001) an old friend gave me a CD-R full of free mp3`s.  Along the numerous cool electronic music tracks, there was this song named Frank Sinatra by Miss Kittin & the Hacker. It took my head off, those amazing grooves and that almost metallic / robotic voice (no vocoder here folks). I`m hooked here. I can`t believe I found this for just 2.00$. I`m sitting home enjoying a cold white Boréale beer, hearing this CD for the very first time around. To be honest, I`m impressed. The album still sounds fresh. You will hear the obvious hits: Frank Sinatra, 1982 and stock exchange. Then, I found this incredibly groovy / cold wave / new wave song `life on mtv`. All I can say here is WOW! The album blends electro, techno, synthpop and electronic music. Imagine a jam session featuring in no particular order: Human League (circa Dare and / or Fascination), Princess Superstar, Visage, old Gary Numan (the pleasure principle) and John Foxx (circa Metamatic). It`s cold, it`s funky, it`s groovy, it`s synthpop, it`s techno, it`s electronic, it`s Miss Kittin & The Hacker!

DJ Heather – tangerine (CD)

DJ Heather (real name: Heather Robinson) is part of the ever expanding Chicago house community (along the likes of Diz, Derrick Carter, Sneak and Mark Farina). I bought a pile of used CDs / DVDs at a garage sale. I think I paid something like 5.00$ for the whole shebang. I gave away most of the stuff I bought there. I kept this CD and the Shartopus DVD (out of sheer curiosity) I don`t know too many female DJs, except Miss Kittin and Misstress Barbara. Tangerine is her first DJ mix album. She mixes / remixes tracks from Freaks, J.T Donaldson & Chris Nazuka, Nick Holder, Natural Rhythm, Les Maçons De La Musique, Majestika, Johnny Fiasco featuring D`Luxe, Rhythm Plate, Nostalgia, Studio Nova, Toka Project (2 songs), Bert Dunk, Derrick Carter, DJD and The Rurals. Definitely music for the dance floor i.e. toe tapping, hips moving and butt shaking, you get the drill. If you`re into house / deep house electronic music then this baby`s for you.
Not my cup of tea                                                                     Interesting just not for me.     

homemade postcard of the day

Monday, 12 September 2016

Art of the day

Various Artists – 2000 hands (double CD)

I got this as a trade. I consider myself lucky. This compilation came out in 2000 and it`s sold-out. It is a shame though. The music is incredible here. There`s 10 bands / artists doing three songs each (30 amazing tracks). You will hear sounds from the likes of Orphx, Proyecto Mirage, Winterkalte, MS Gentur, Needle Sharing, KKVD, Typhoid, Ah Cama-Sotz, Xabec, and Schachtanlage Gagenort. I`m a fan of Orphx. I discovered them in the early nineties. At the time, they were running Xcreteria it was their tape label. They used the name Oriphix on their first cassette (back in 1993). Upon the first listen I was hooked they were mixing noise + industrial (the real stuff forget NIN please) + experimental with rhythmic noise like no one else was at the time. The music on this compilation is a potent blend of industrial, noise, techno, electronic, experimental, ambient, drum & noise, and rhythmic noise. The discovery of the day: Winterkalte`s doing noisy / harsh beats + old school industrial = I want more. Recommended.

Gusgus – this is normal (CD)

Third album from this Reykjavik, Iceland band founded in 1995. There`s 11 amazing songs (53.36 minutes) here. This one`s slightly different in styles though. This recording goes in three directions; dancefloor oriented material, minimal pop and electronically oriented material. There`s some elements of trip hop, lounge, funk, chill-out, downtempo, electronic, leftfield, pop and house. The predominant music style is house. If house music`s not your cup of tea, don`t buy this. The more I listen to this and the more I can`t help myself and think it`s a crossbreed between Stereo MC`s and Portishead. Interesting. Standout tracks are
1 – Ladyshave (3.58 minutes) = house + downtempo with funk / toe tapping undertones = let`s get it on like Donkey Kong on the dancefloor.
5 – Very important people (5.51 minutes) = house + electronic with lotsa hooks and grooves = is house the new disco or what. Check this out:

Ambassador 21 / Buben – split (CD)

I got this as a trade item a long time ago. It was lying in my ever expanding to listen pile of stuff. This CD came out in 2002 on Invasion Wreck Chord (a digital hardcore / industrial / noise label from Minsk / Belarus founded by Ambassador 21). Ambassador 21 are a Belarusian duo of Natasha A Twentyone and Alexey Protasov. They do seven tracks of hard electronics + heavy guitars + various sampled goodies + sandpaper vocals. They sound like the angry, pissed-off bastard offspring of Nitzer Ebb / Skinny Puppy / Die Form. Good aggressive music.                         Buben (real name Vladislav Buben) is a Belarusian musician, artist, promoter, a creator of various radio and art projects. I heard a couple of years ago some of his albums released on Clinical Archives netlabel (info here The music was intense experimental / harsh noise works  (definitely not an easy listen). I`m pleasantly surprised this time around. This is not noisy material. Buben does nine pieces of what sounds like a mix of electronic / EBM / industrial / experimental with some digital hardcore elements. Angry (not dance floor friendly material) electronic music. More information here:

homemade postcard of the day

Free online entertainment

I don`t always have time to watch a full movie. I`m a busy person. My spare time is limited and precious. I do download a good amount of short movies from the internet, so I can view them whenever I want though. I`ve seen some crappy ones, some average and some good ones too. Here are my three recommendations of the day:

1 – Paradox (thriller, 2006)
Two men stranded at the bottom of a well appear to be from different periods in time. A good buildup with a nice twisted ending (18.23 minutes).
Watch it here; 

2 – Vicki (horror, comedy, 2012)
This shorty is a comedic tribute to john Carpenter`s `Christine` (1983). I rented this movie in the mid-eighties. I liked it. Honestly I was more impressed when I saw `the car` (1977) at the theater. Watching that huge 1971 Lincoln Continental Mark III black coupe running over joggers scarred the hell out of me. Vicki is also a tribute to 80s horror movies. Good killing scenes and a kick-ass synth soundtrack by Umberto and Time Fighter (14.29 minutes). Watch it here;

3 - The living want me dead (action, comedy, horror, 2010)
After trying to make some fast Christmas cash at a military owned testing facility a slacker / loser (named Howard Phillips) turns everyone he encounters into violent, raged-fueled, angry, pissed-off zombies / maniacs. I wouldn`t watch this while eating. Everyone who encounters Howard Phillips will vomit violently (you see everything here, chunks and all folks) before transforming themselves into bloodthirsty maniacs. The action is fast in this cool 23.04 minutes long short movie. Feel free to check it out here: 

homemade postcards of the day

Carl Cox – phuture 2000 (CD)

Carl Andrew Cox is a UK techno DJ & producer (born 29-07-1962 in Barbados, now residing in Melbourne, Australia). This is his second album. I never heard his music before. I know it`s electronically oriented though. I was expecting techno, maybe Detroit or Chicago style. Man, am I wrong here. The perfect music for people who like dancing with some progressive house and / or tech house. Good clubbing music. Most of the songs follow a similar pattern / style i.e. sweet & subtle progressive house or a somewhat edgier tech house. I`m not much into dance music. Ok I`ll admit it I like New Order and Daft Punk (their cool electronic disco). But that`s about it. A couple of tracks grabbed my short attention span. They sounded a bit different, and they are
3 – The Latin theme (4.54 minutes) = nice trumpet sounds + progressive house. Hola mamma sita qué paso?
6 – Black shaolin (6.30 minutes) = hip hop / rap + progressive / tech house.
Yo baby
Lemme spill some gravy
Would you be my Lady?

9 – Dr. Funk (6.42 minutes) = a potent mix of more house with elements / traces of funk and disco. Now I feel like dancing. Interesting.

more from unknown parts in America

I got this envelope from the states (no return address) full of wicked goodies. Enjoy!

Juno Reactor – labyrinth (CD)

Juno Reactor are a British musical project (formed in 1990). Labyrinth, which came out in 2004 is their sixth studio album (nine tracks = 53.49 minutes). I bought this at local Renaissance Montréal store for two reasons:
1 – It looked like electronic music, or so I hoped.
2- Every CD is 2.00$ so what the heck.
To be honest this is not just your regular run of the mill electronic music album. It sounds like highly sophisticated orchestrations + electronic / techno with some global music undertones. Mighty impressive to say the least. It would make the perfect soundtrack for a film noir / suspense movie (it always keeps you on your toes). Standout tracks this time around are
2 – Conquistador 2 (5.05 minutes) = lush orchestrations meet tribal / trance electronic music. Just what the doctor ordered.
5 – Mona Lisa overdrive (4.445 minutes) = classic orchestrations + techno / goa / trance perhaps. Feel my primitive side rising here. The cool discovery of the day, that`s for sure folks.

art is everywhere part 69

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