Saturday, 18 July 2015

Art is everywhere part 27

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, would you please welcome... THE HADDOCK!!!

Friday, 17 July 2015

homemade postcards of the day...

Orange Crush – autumn reflections (MP3)

I`m a really compulsive person. And I`m a sucker for free mp3`s especially when it`s electronic music. I have a strange tendency of downloading tons of free music which always seems pretty interesting. When I find time to hear it, that`s when I usually get three surprises:
A - it`s an interesting / amazing / challenging listening experience.
B – oh shit another shitty rip-off of another shitty trend, repeated ad nauseam.
C – heard this a thousand times before and don`t wanna get bored again.
Never heard of Orange Crush before. Thank God for This is the solo electronic music project from Karl Endreson. To be quite honest I wasn`t expecting much. Upon the first listen I`m pleasantly surprised. I`ve been listening to this album on my mp3 player for the past week. The perfect soundtrack for summer even though it`s named `autumn reflections `. The music is a potent mixture of ambient techno, chill-out, ambient electronica, and two amazing tracks of pure melancholic, peaceful, dreamy ambient music. You will definitely dig this if you`re fans of (in no particular order): LFO, Plaid, Two Lone Swordmen and The Orb. Get it here:

Art is everywhere part 26

A couple of give-out sheets from Mark Sonnenfeld...

Mark Sonnenfeld
45-08 Old Millstone Drive
East Windsor
New Jersey

Monsieur Populaire – inachevelures volume – 1 (1993 - 1998) (MP3)

This album is a compilation of various drafts / unfinished tracks. I like this 18 pieces = 70.09 minutes long album. It`s an interesting listen. Jimmy Beaulieu explores various music styles he likes to experiment, he likes to have fun and it shows. I`m sure he had a great time recording all this. The overall feeling / impression here is diversity. Diversity in styles, numerous tracks, numerous music styles: electronic, techno, minimal garage electronics (track # 5: numéro 782), experimental electronic music, minimal techno / electronic, a mix of electronic music + noise, lounge and a noise track. The noiser in me was particularly impressed (even though I liked everything) by the following:
4 – Presque – version 2 (4.46 minutes) = electronic music slowly going into noise territory, enjoy / feel the noise, it`s getting there.

12 – Gertrude (4.00 minutes) = a mix, a stew, a jambalaya of various low-fi noise bytes pummeling what`s left of my brains. Damned my ears are bleeding and screaming for help. Baby I`m coming home!!! Feed me more please!!! Have no fear, get it here:                                                                            

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Psionic Plastic Joy – a journal of love, friendship and nihilism issue # 18 (zine)

Got this in my mailbox yesterday, coming home from work all tired and sweaty. All I can say is this made my evening. I take a shower, fix myself coffee, sit down on me favorite chair and start reading. PPJ is a half-sized, cut and paste, black and white, photocopied zine (32 pages this time around). The quality of material puts me to shame. There`s a good quantity of artwork, comics, collages by the like of: Ryan Homsley, François Marceau, D M Marshall, Vittore Baroni, Tristan Gemmell, Michael Desnivic, Haddock, Tim Collapse, Thompson, Stuart Stratu, Yves Albrechts, Reed Altemus and Jason Rodgers himself.  There`s a slew of talented writers contributing various articles: Jim Hayes (nice work on his `120 excerpt about neo-neoism and mail art`piece), Apio Ludd, Erik Disorder, Neal Wilgus, Jason Rodgers, Bob McGlynn, John Zerzan and Dr. Oscar Sanchez ( `the wipas case: a true story of grisly murder `is a really disturbing but real case). Get a paper, a pen (nothing digital, keep it real), contact here: 
Jason Rodgers
P.O.BOX 10894

homemade postcard of the day

Monsieur Populaire – à la pêche (1998) (MP3)

A minimal Monsieur Populaire set, somewhat funny (and I mean, in a warped, out there way), funky at times and a little strange. There`s 11 tracks for a total running time 0f 61.21 minutes (would fit perfectly on a CD-R). Various music styles are at work here: garage electronics, low-fi, instrumental electronics, techno, minimal techno, and chill-out electronica. I enjoyed everything this is a nice well-crafted album. My standout track this time around is:
10 – l`automobile en bois (6.04) = chill-out, minimal techno music. Recalls David Kristian`s first album `Synaesthesia`(ambient techno with an underwater feel, love this stuff). If you`re into bands / artists like: Kraftwerk, I Am Robot And Proud, Plaid, Moby, and David Kristian you will definitely like this recording. A warning for all noisers, DON`T TOUCH THAT DOWNLOAD BUTTON!!! Otherwise, get your ear candy here:

Monsieur Populaire – contre la terre des justes (1999) (MP3)

This is a compilation of sparse, noisy and abrasive pieces (or so it reads on his website). I fail to agree. I`ve been listening to noise / harsh noise for over twenty years, and some, this long compilation (16 pieces = 84.23 minutes) has a lot more to offer than just your usual dosage of harsh abrasiveness. There is a lot of sounds at work: low-fi noise mixed with percussions, minimal electronics + minimal percussions, beat oriented electronic music, low-fi experimental noise, techno, minimal electronica, noise with techno and a crossbreed of industrial / techno. Favorite tracks this time around:
4 – Presque (3.55 minutes) = noise + percussions = Bourbonese Qualk going techno / commercial perhaps.
8 – le garçon qui venait du passé (11.03 minutes) = amazing minimal techno (Ritchie, please take notes you might  learn something).
13 – ça saigne (4.00 minutes) = noise mixed with techno, man I love this (DEVON GET DA TABLES!!!). Get it here:

Minimal Frank update

I just received a parcel today from Pedro Bericat (Mute Sound, P.O.Box 4033, 50080 Zaragoza, Spain). Inside there`s an audio CD, which is `1 minute autohypnosis 29th CD compilation `(1 minute autohypnosis – sex – war – noise – faith – white – truth – light – Europe – death – seed – red – net – Jung – dollar – neo – time - love-in – city – twenty – new – Cage – zen – self – LSD – dose – Tesla – sea - place). This is an ongoing CD compilation project. Anyone can participate. Any music style is accepted. There`s only on rule: every track submitted must be a minute or under a minute. It`s a great way to promote new artists / bands. If you don`t like the music, you suffer for a minute and under which is not that bad. If you like what you hear you have the possibility to contact the band / artist. I submitted a Minimal Frank track a couple of months ago. Feel free to write Mute Sound for more information. More information here:

Check out track # 5`it`s Minimal Frank`s `UCT-8`track.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Monsieur Populaire – et les quatre groupes alimentaires (1997) (MP3)

Jimmy Beaulieu feels that this is his tightest, more pop / dance oriented effort so far. I have to agree, this is another mighty impressive effort. Ten songs, with a total running time of 64.19 minutes will get you there. This is mostly instrumental electronic music mixed with elements of pop, minimal techno, electronica, and dance floor techno. I loved the whole album but a couple of tracks caught my attention (in a big way), they are:
4 – J+LHV5 (4.37 minutes) = amazing minimal techno, listen chill-out and relaxxx…
8 – rétro (1.44 minutes) = that short, quirky / slightly warped / strange little electronic tune that I love (are you calling me weird? Yes I am, compliments will definitely get you somewhere).
9 – stock (13.57 minutes) = a nice and long dance floor techno track, has some nice erotic voice samples (shall we text?), good stuff.
You want some, come get some, just here:

found picture of the day

Monsieur Populaire – du feu entre mes bottes (1996) (mp3)

Monsieur Populaire considers this his ham period (whatever that means) were he was trying to do rock`n`roll alone with his old analog gear. I have to say I love the end results. The music is an extremely infectious / awe inspiring mix / crossbreed / crossover of, in no particular order: techno, hip hop, metal, electronic, punk, and rawk `n`roll music. I can smell a couple of influences, I`m guessing: The Prodigy, Nitzer Ebb, Fatboy Slim perhaps. Anyways I like it and you should. Standout tracks this time around are:
3 – à moitié (3.16 minutes) = low-fi electronic / synthetic rock + nice percussions, miam, miam.
7 – King Kong (7.55 minutes) = tight rock + electronic music we`re getting somewhere.
9 - Les vrais questions version 3 (4.24 minutes) = rock + instrumental hip hop undertones + more electronics = sonic bliss. Have a beer, get it here:

Steve Roach – invisible (mp3)

I`m always curious when I discover that a known artist / band offers a full album as a free download. I usually find it pretty suspicious, what`s the catch? Is this recording so damned bad that you give it away because you know nobody will buy it? There`s always a catch or so I though. Boy am I wrong here. This album was offered as a gift on new year`s eve. It consists of one long (58 minutes) piece of `ambient` music. To say that this is pure ambience would be an insult. The more you listen to this and you realize there`s more than meets the eye. `Invisible` is a long evolving / devolving piece of minimal / ambient / ambient darkwave. You hear some gloomy / doomy synth lines, subtle lo-fi noise bursts here and there, drones, strange rhythms running in the background, field recordings of unknown origins, brooding / hypnotic, deeply dark, dark ambience bits. The best way to enjoy this? Lying on your couch, the   volume full blast and don`t forget those high quality headphones. I want to hear more of Steve Roach`s music. His website: 
Download Invisible here: