Thursday, 9 October 2014

Other Organs – Glimpse (EP)

Other Organs is the solo project of senior Derek Mann, from Tarpon Springs, Florida, USA. I don`t know what`s in the water, or is it the weather, or the nice beaches but man, there is a lot of amazing noisers / musicians originating from Florida. There`s four instrumental track on this EP. We start things up with relaxing / repetitive ambient / ambient noise = meditative moods for rainy days (upon gazing eyes), Then there`s some ambient synth / VST mixed with voice samples = aural minimalism (in his sun). We have some minimal electronic music generating a `new age` atmosphere (ages of new). This song gave me some really good vibes. We end this with a piece of dark minimal electronic music with percussive element (processes of Pluto). This EP (21.37 minutes) would easily fit on a mini CD-R. I love this and I totally recommend it. More info here:
And here:

Friday, 3 October 2014

A couple of Distroboto mini CD reviews

What is distroboto? Here is the exact answer from their website :distroboto machines are former cigarette machines which no longer sell cigarettes, but instead, sell art in the form of miniature books, crafts, comics, music, film, animation and more, all for only $2.00 each! 

Last time around I bought four mini CD¸s. So here`s four mini reviews as well. Let`s start with:
Tony Ezzy: these things I have seen (EP)
There`s three songs plus a fourth ghost track. I never heard anything like this before. How to give this a proper description? A wild, off the wall, spacey  near jazz orchestrations. Imagine this as the bastard child of (in no particular order): Hawkwind, Amon Duul II and Sun Ra. I know it`s weird, it`s damned weird. I( read that he`s really good live. More information here:

Jeff Barbara: soft to the touch (EP)
Off with the weird and on with the more conventional this time around. Jeff Barbara delivers six short but well crafted songs. His music is a potent mix of: glam, soft rock, pop, light soul with some nice grooves included (not disco oriented). Lots of influences are at work here (or so it seems): Roxy Music (the `Avalon ` album), KC & The Sunshine Band, Steve Winwood (`Arc Of A Diver `album) and David Bowie (the seventies perhaps). Good stuff. Contact:

Aerosol Constellations / Bridges to Dreams – Split                        A - Aerosol Constellations: the moon as landed = a slow, drony, evolving ambient soundscape exploring the vast uncharted coldness of space. This one sounds like cold, and spacey ambient noise.
b – Bridges To Dreams: the waiting room = low-fi synth + droning / repetitive / slightly distorted guitar + a minimally immersive drum beat = pure slowcore shoegaze bliss. Mighty impressive material.

Darcin: des mitaines chaudes (EP)
This is Nicolas Dion`s solo electronic music project. He delivers two tracks of extremely minimal, low-fi ambient music (toned-down electroaccoustics perhaps?).  A pretty peaceful experience it feels like listening to almost nothing at all. If you`re into Richard Chartier`s  reductionist microsound electronic music, then this baby`s for you. More Darcin  goodies here: