Friday, 17 April 2015

Hiroshima Yeah! # 122 April 2015 (zine)

This is my favorite 8.5 by 11 inches, cut and paste, black and white, monthly five pager zine. The cover star of this issue is none other than Lou Reed himself (1942-1973). He was the lead guitarist of The Velvet Underground. And I do plead guilty your honor, I never heard their music, therefore I have absolutely no idea what they sound like. A couple of years ago, I used to own Lou Reed`s `Hudson River Wind Meditations `CD. Like I said, I used to own said album (you draw your own conclusion here). On the front page we have poetry `for the numb and the dumb `. My favorite poems this time around are:
I had no respect for them anyway
But seeing them dancing about
In a `silent disco `
With painted faces
And clad in fancy dress
While I`m trying to work
Truly makes me wonder
If I`m on the same planet
As these motherfuckers.
Probation officers and bosses
Who are unaware
Of typewriters,
Video recorders,
And a world before,
The instant empty hit of now;
They are the future,
We are the past.
Next in line, there`s some music, book and concert reviews (Morrissey + Buffy Sainte-Marie – The Hydro, Glasgow, 21-03-2015).
Then, there`s the usual slab of contributors, doing; `The Great Rock `N`Roll Tolchock` (Gary Simmons monthly adventures of life on the inside, he should write a book), `the cunt form deacon blue`s here` (Mark Ritchie + Gary Simmons insane texting gozungus nonsense), `doctor Thornaby, chapter 9` (A.Willshaw). We end this lil zine with `seven or eight `a short story from da man, Mark Ritchie himself (a weird / warped interrogation shorty or so it seems, and nothing really seems as it seems da end). Contact address:      
Mark Ritchie
94 Main Street
ML11 8AB


Thursday, 16 April 2015

Art is everywhere part 24

This rime around I found a homemade postcard and another amazing collage from Thompson.

Painful Defecation – fluorescent (MP3)

A short but rather sweet freebie (total running time is 24.53 minutes). And what does it sounds like you might ask? Good question. I`m thinking. I`m still thinking here. Hey, I got it. Let`s call this one INM (intelligent noise music). To give you a better idea of our noise menu, here`s what it looks like folks:
1 – arvidasse (4.21 minutes) = ambient noise with some electroacoustic elements thrown in  = relaxing / meditative.
2 – dograper (2.46 minutes) = ambient noise.
3 – lampe (3.00 minutes) = near metallic percussions + sonic experimentations = psychotronic moods for ambient intimacy.
4 – fluorescent (3.30 minutes) = various samples collides at the same time  = an oppressive, schizophrenic mood (me like this one wery wery much).
5- intermede (59 seconds) = a short piece of weird, space ambience.
6 – gerontophilia (6.49 minutes) = samples of Asian music (Chinese perhaps) + lo-fi minimal ambient noise bytes = meditative moments included.
7 – birthdeath experience (3.28 minutes) = feels like listening to sweet fuck all (more minimal than Richard Chartier if that`s a possibility).  You want some come get some here:

Hiroshima Yeah! # 121 March 2015 (zine)

I got my bimonthly package of HY! From da man himself Mark Ritchie! The cover star of this is issue is none other than Oliver Reed (RIP brother) world famous English actor. Who could forget such gems like: Gor (1987), Spasms (1983), Venom (1981), Condorman (1981), Severed Ties (1992) and The Brood (Cronenberg, circa 1979, WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO SAY?). let`s begin with poetry and `a helix of disorder and neglect`. Standout poems this time around are:
Unholy acrimony
Next to me, they argue,
In their annoying accents,
About where they will go
For dinner.
For an hour,
I`m glad I`m single.
A dream
One day you`re dead
And everything before that
Is a dream.
Certain people
The strutting arrogance
Of certain people
Never fails to astonish me.
They think the world is theirs,
That they are entitled
To everything,
With their fat bellies,
Piggy eyes
And cancerous souls.
And finally
Lost in nowhere
Silently I sit here,
A dead man not yet dead,
A no one lost in nowhere.

There`s some music and book reviews (that Denis Johnson Jesus son`s book seems a pretty darn good read). Next we have writings by the usual culprits / contributors: `1.5 years out on probation` (Gary Simmons monthly saga of life in jail i.e. weird, funny, sad, crazy, real life story), `Hiroshima Yeah! ` (more texting shenanigans from Gary Simmons & Mark Ritchie), and `doctor Thornaby, chapter 8 ` (A.Willshaw). `A great sadness ` written by Mark Ritchie is a short story about a couple in a pub / getting drunk / arguing / husbands splits / he does some gabling / comes back home / sits down and writes / wife comes back drunk / they argue some more / he splits again / goes back living with his dad (more reasons to stay single here). There`s an amazingly weird and psychedelic drawing on the back cover from Dr. Adolf Steg (great stuff!!!). Contact address: 
Mark Ritchie
94 Main Street
ML11 8AB

Drawing of the day...

Dedicated to the late and great H P Lovecraft. Enjoy!!!

Monday, 13 April 2015

Monroeville Music Center – musique concrete for beginners (MP3)

The instrument of choice on this mini album (9 songs = 16.43 minutes) is the Ominchord. It`s an electronic musical instrument which appeared circa 1981 (Suzuki Musical Instrument Corporation). It looks like a weird guitar shaped synthesizer. As with previous Monroeville Music center releases this is electronic music with old school, kitsch at times, undertones. The album is an amazing listen. I liked all of them pieces. My only complaint? It`s too damned short. I would definitely prefer longer tracks. I don`t know what about a sixty minutes long release? At least this is absolutely perfect short EP (keep up the good work, kudos to whoever you are out there). Here`s my favorites songs:
5 – trigger select (1.36) = instrumental electronic music going nearly into eight bit music territory (Robo Warrior / Teddy Boy Blues soundtrack anyone?).
7 – subterranean centipede slave (2.05 minutes) = deeply melancholic synth music.
8 – Herb Pilhofer`s whirlpool (1.42 minutes) = spacy minimal electronics (think a beat less, stripped down version of Plastikman).
9 – hairy fairy hotaruna (1.58 minutes) = spacy, relaxing minimalism (mmm… minimalism …DOH!). I pitty the fool who says free music sucks! Get it here:


Monroeville Music Center – les défauts de fabrication (mp3)

Another short but extremely sweet and magnificent EP (4 songs = 9.34 minutes) from the likes of MMC. Musically they / he / she seems to be using old school synthesizers (perhaps some type of VST, really not sure here). All the pieces are pretty damned good, let me explain:
1 – Lee Rendmond`s slow motion fend (2.21 minutes) = melodic instrumental electronics, relaxing and meditative at the same time (I WANT MORE!!!).
2 – another cigarette for Gul Moha (2.50 minutes) = take a walk on the warped / weird side of electronic music (the Forbidden Planet movie soundtrack mixed with Kraftwerk perhaps).
3 – Robert Wadlow`s blister (2.23 minutes) = warped / processed electric guitar meets childlike synth music (Plone mixed with.. Well your guess is as good as mine folks).
4 – last rites for Maria Capovilla (2.00 minutes) = spacy lo-fi electronic music, just what the doctor ordered. I like it! I like it! I like it! Did I say I liked it? Well don`t just stand there, get it here:


Homemade Alien Music Volume – 2: ancient astronauts: Phinney / McGee (comic-book + CD-R)

This postal collaboration was recorded between October 1997 and March 1998. There`s ten songs on this here album (total running time = 71.25 minutes). I heard a lot of Hal McGee`s material and he does a lot of improvising. As I`m listening to this for the first time I`m highly impressed. The music is incredible. Lots of instrumental music styles are at work: drifting ambient noise with electroacoustic elements thrown in (through the inter-dimensional portal), low-fi ambient minimalism (Nazca), low-fi minimal electronics (plutonium mining and silver disks over the jewelled city), experimental ambient noise (return of the star people), ambient noise with zone in / out noise bytes (Chichen Itza), droning ambience mixed with percussive elements (crop circles at Stonehenge), psychedelic ambient noise (vimanas), and spacey electronics (Tiahuanaco and the great pyramid). Musically you can smell / feel a couple of old scholl influences: Neu, Popol Vuh and perhaps Tangerine Dream. This baby comes with a 8.5 by 11, black and white, 16 pages comic-book, courtesy of BobX (from Memphis Tennessee).
More info here:


Weird stuff that I get by the mail department. Got a small envelope with a couple of strange amputee pictures (not my thing). Nice model though.

Painful Defecation – golden oldies (MP3)

This is a good little release. When I mean little, I actually mean pretty small. There`s eight tracks for a total running time of 19.38 minutes. Who am I to complain? It`s free and also it`s pretty damned good. There`s a lot of noisy music styles at work here: abstract ambient noise (cowboy), experimental noise with non-linear sequencing (sweet lubova), noise (Bilal croit en sa publicité), extremely lo-fi aural minimalism (pourri), INM i.e intelligent noise music (lampe 2013), percussive ambient noise (Cynthia in bed, golden showers live), and a potent mix of ambient noise / ambient darkwave (raped by Jesus). I like my noise challenging, evolving and interesting at the same time (good stuff). Recommended. Lots of freebies here:                                                                                                         

drawing of the day

I gotta keep doing more winter cleaning. Found this one yesterday. Enjoy!!!