Saturday, 31 October 2015

(Siro028) – Sven Meyer – Arnold`s place (mp3)

Sirona is an underground netlabel based in France. Active since march 2011, Sirona was established to promote and release wide ranges of electronically developed music from artist all around the world. They release various music styles: electronica, IDM, techno, hardcore, drum & bass, glitch, minimal, dub, acid, breakbeat, beakcore, drone, industrial, experimental, trip-hop, hip-hop, new-wave, soundscape, ambient, noise, ambient darkwave, ambient noise, nu jazz, etc, etc… This is their 28th release. I never heard of Sven Meyer before. He is an experimental electronic musician from Nurnberg (Germany). You can find more information on his Soundcloud page:       
I like this is short & sweet mini album (4songs = 28.57 minutes). This is electronic music the songs offer a potent mix of minimal techno with some amazing ambient moments. Not to be redundant here but I definitely recommend it. Yes it`s that good. Get it here:

Négligé – Electronic Underwear – prenatal inferno (CD)

This one was lying on my pile of stuff to review (which is always getting bigger). Négligé - electronic Underwear are a German experimental synth project based in Munich. The lineup on this album features Gunther Schroth, Karl F Gerber and Wolfgang Foag. They used various synthesizers, percussion computer, breath controller, samplers, and sequencers. This is indeed a strange recording. The music goes into various directions: non-linear electronic music, light noise + minimal electronics, synth + percussive moments / elements, lo-fi noise experimentations, minimal, but still highly experimental electronic music. What I found particularly impressive the whole album was recorded live without overdubs. It doesn`t sound improvised at all. The music sounds like old Cluster mixed with The Forbidden Planet soundtrack.  A nice and long album (9 tracks = 64.15 minutes), released in 1991 on Archegon.More information here:

Kite Screams # 2, 2015 (zine)

KS is a half-size, black & white, cut & paste 12 pages long zine. The zine concentrates on material from Reality Impaired Distro (Stan Boman`s DIY record label). There`s a plethora of contact addresses for more zines, record labels bands and artists. The easily offended will hate this zine. Personally, I like it. This zine covers a lot of DIY / underground music styles like: experimental, dark ambient, death metal, trash metal, punk and noise. What you find offensive, I find attractive. My only gripe? No internet address whatsoever, this one`s for the truly underground. In order to contact them, you have to write a letter. I know, the pain, no email, no Paypal, no texting your stupid phone / smart phone doesn`t cover this type of territory. A letter? You mean paper & pen & envelope & some stamps? That`s exactly what I mean. Contact: 
Stan Boman
P.O.BOX 521582
Salt Lake City
He`s also part of this acoustic, lo-fi, parody / retardcore punk band `Vaginal Discharge`.

art is everywhere part - 36

More lowbrow madness from one of our favorite artists ' THE HADDOCK"

The Haddock
2760 Willamette street # 205

Julien Rochedreaux (various zines)

I found his address in the last Node Pajomo zine. I wanted to contact him for a long time but lacked time or was too lazy probably. I was also curious because he writes his zine in French (ma langue fatale / natale i.e. my native language). I wrote him a letter, a couple of Mastock newsletters and some of my crazy drawings inside (in case he wanted to publish them). I got this cool parcel full of homemade and handwritten zines, which are:

Mine De Rien #6 & # 9: mini zines (8 pages long) with some drawings, some collages and a good quantity of psychedelic / psychotronic / punk at times poetry.

 Uchronique de disques # 3: a mini, mini music zine (16 pages this time around), full of reviews. He mentions Suicidal Tendencies & The Cramps. THE CRAMPS BABY! Gimme a bottle of white wine, a beer and some pork chops. Damned straight!

Uchronz # (your guess is as good as mine here): a sixteen page long mini music zine with some drawings, collages and more reviews. I never heard of the Jesus Skins Nazareth, a catholic skinhead band. I though I heard it all, anyone remembers The Hot Buttered Elves? A band doing satanic Christmas music. The more you learn new things, the more you read, the more you realize you don`t know shit. Vous pouvez communiquer avec Julien ici:
Julien Rochedreaux
Baixada Del Moli 39

Friday, 9 October 2015

Arnoume – serpent hissing (mini CD)

Arnoume is the solo project of Albertus Vorkt, from Mexico. This mini CD was released on Reality Impaired, so I was expecting two things: retardcore (à la Sockeye, Cauliflower Ass & Bob, Vaginal Discharge), or weird sonic / noise experimentations. To be honest, I`m totally wrong here folks. I plead guilty your honor. The mini CD consists of one (8.44 minutes) short piece. This single track is a dark slab of menacing, dark, evil electronic music featuring: synth, drones, percussions and slightly altered voice samples. It would make the perfect soundtrack for the movie `La Casa 3`aka Ghosthouse (1988). Yes it`s that creepy i.e. good. Contact: 
Reality Impaired
P.O.BOX 521582
Salt Lake City

Post Prandials - flight (CD)

Post Prandials are an improvisational / experimental loose collective from Brooklyn, New York, USA.  The lineup on this album is made of: Bob Aaron (plastic flute, synthesizer), Michael Curran (synthesizer, accordion), Keith Nicolay (electric guitar, percussion table, apple), Wendy Leeds (vocals), Ted Goldberg (guitar, synthesizer, recorder, percussion table), John Burgos (synthesizer), and Ed Rollin (oboe, soap box, bird calls, mouth, Brazilian whistles, ocarina, synthesizer, real-time sonic treatments). This is a long album (8 tracks = 68 minutes). The whole album definitely sounds improvised i.e. randomly constructed / organized psychedelic / psychotronic sonic chaos with a singer going into opera / 4AD territory. Those are jam sessions of utter cacophony. On a positive note, it`s not harsh noise, that`s for sure. It definitely sounds like some lo-fi noodlings mixed with psychedelic sounds from the sixties (old Pink Floyd anyone?). To quote Paul Ellering `when my boys are good, they`re good, but when they`re bad, they`re really bad`. Fans of Hal McGee will like it. Hey, to each his own.

Phaerentz – Phaerentz (mini CD)

This is the solo electronic music project of one Petr Ferenc from Czech Republic.  The mini CD is made of one 20.05 minutes long untitled track. I never heard his music before, so I didn`t know what to expect. Upon my first listen, I`m quite impressed. I`ve been hearing this all day and this untitled piece is damned near perfect. It starts smoothly, slowly. The sounds keep repeating themselves, slowly, gently, subtly mutating / shifting gear / evolving, slowly repeating themselves even more. I know what you`re thinking here, the music must be boring. Well, not at all. The music is abstract, ambient, minimal electronics with electroacoustic elements thrown in. This is meditative, peaceful, relaxing music. The perfect antidote for all the recent noise released I`ve been hearing recently. Think of a less minimal, user friendly version of Richard Chartier`s albums. More information here:

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Kryptogen Rundfunk – live 2005 (CD)

Kryptogen Rundfunk is the solo music project of Artyom Ostapchuk, from Russia. This live recording features two tracks, which are:
1 – live at deep sound 18-11-2005 (19.52 minutes) = this one starts with some lo-fi droning ambient noise which slowly, subtly mutates into an experimental / electroacoustic / ambient noise affair. This piece doesn`t go in harsh noise territory (MSBR, Merzbow, you name it). Which goes to prove that you don`t need to bludgeon my ears to get my attention (good stuff).
2 – live at DOM 26-11-2005 (23.41 minutes) = it begins with some really loud ambient noise, than it slowly transform itself into a semi-conscious, hypnotizing slab of spacy ambient noise. There`s a nice use of Russian voice samples here and there. Limited edition of 150 copies (mine reads 094 / 150). This came out on Zhelezobeton (also from Russia). They release mostly experimental sounds and everything has a limited edition. I`m fortunate enough to own a couple of them, which I deeply adore. More information here;

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More of Malok' s amazing art.

P.O.BOX 41

Aux 88 – electro boogie (CD)

Aux 88 are a techno / electro group from Detroit, Michigan, USA. They formed in 1993 and are still active today. This album is a collection of various remixes (18 tracks = 55.01 minutes). There are no standout songs. There`s also no shitty tracks, the whole damn enchilada sounds great. Even though this album came out, like 16 years ago. In techno lingo six months is a long time, so sixteen years must sound like a couple of centuries as well. About the music itself, well, this is some mighty tasty Detroit techno with electro / electronic / sometimes acid undertones. I was fortunate enough to find a copy of `electro boogie `for two Canadian dollars at my local Renaissance Montréal store. How`s that for a cool deal?

Homemade postcards of the day

Parade – floating here (CD)

This album released in 1999 was the last Parade album recorded. I wanted to like this, I really wanted but I can`t. There`s 10 tracks for a total running time of 57.41 minutes. All the songs are beautifully crafted, unique in their own particular way. The tracks offer a nice mix of light gothic, electronic, ethereal dark, brooding, ambient and pop oriented. I recommend this album if you like this sort of music. It`s good, very, very damn good. The music sounds like a crossbreed between Cocteau Twins / This mortal Coil, Siouxie & The Banshees and The Cure. I truly enjoyed the instrumental moments, the vocals don`t work for me. Julie S. Faris has a magnificent fragile, yet strong voice. It just doesn`t seem to fit with this kinda music. Personally, I like my goth either dark i.e. Sisters Of Mercy or cowboy from hell i.e. Fields Of The Nephilim. I`m not much into 4AD style. Like I said, this is good. It just doesn`t mean I have to like it. Hey get a copy and hear it for yourself.