Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Recent drawing...

One of my coworkers, Yanie will be resigning soon. She found something more suitable for her. I like Yanie, she`s such a sweet, funny, sensible down to earth person. While at the same time she has an open mind (I think she`s a dreamer at heart) about various subjects. Heck, she likes my drawings, my writing and even my music. She love`s Minimal Frank`s second album `imaginary soundtracks` as well (she has definitely good taste for the finer things in life). She asked me to do a drawing for her. I worked on this non-stop during my breaks at work (the only free time I have left these days). It took me a week and a half to complete this drawing. Yanie, I wish you all the best (for you and your family) in your future.  Here`s the drawing, for all our Mastock readers out there (you know who you are). Enjoy!!!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Found picture of the day

This one is a mystery folks have a look and enjoy !!!

Here's what's written in the back: 

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Node Pajomo # 15 (zine)

This is a half- size, cut & paste, black & white, 24 pages long zine. It consists mostly of contact addresses for lotsa  obscure (really non internet friendly)  luminaries. There`s contacts for: sensitive mail art projects, ongoing mail art projects, mail art exchange, tape traders, collaborations, zine seeking submissions, help, happenings, and zine exchange. You will also read a plethora of zine reviews (I roughly counted more than forty reviews in there). NP is truly for the old school underground (non facebook, non twitter, non myspace, non internet) folks out there who solely rely on the mighty expensive (not expansive) postal system, damn straight. And last but not least there`s calls for submissions for the `audio mail art project # 2 compilation`. But you have to submit your audio work before march 1st, 2014. They basically accept any music styles. I`m working on some new material right fucking now. Contact here: Node Pajomo, P.O. Box 2632, Bellingham, Washington, 98227-2632, USA 

Monday, 17 February 2014

Art is everywhere part 14

Jason Rodgers is a extremely literate zine publisher. But he's not internet friendly here's a scan from a flyer I recently received by him. Enjoy the show folks!!!

Jason Rodgers
P.O. BOX 62

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Minimal Frank update

2013, creatively speaking was a great year for me. After a long, too long in fact hiatus, I recorded two Minimal Frank mini albums:
1- Imaginary Soundtracks (out on Wreck Age Recordings)
                                                                                              and also

The Boxset Sessions there`s two versions of this EP
the first one available here: http://www.haltapes.com/moma007---minimal-frank.html   

The second version will be on Wreck Age Recording (date unknown).                                                                                             I have been busy the last three weeks experimenting with various sound manipulations / processing and sampling stuff like crazy. I want to do more Minimal Frank and Flesh For Frank material. Last Sunday afternoon (26-01-2014) I recorded `Minimal Frank – UCT6 (half breed pattak) a 2.35 minutes long track. I`ll be sending a copy by mail to Node Pajomo himself. He`s doing a `audio mail art project # 2`compilation CD and this is my submission. And now why the name UCT6? UCT stands for untitled compilation track` and this is part six. Which means I recorded five of them and they`re on various compilations around the globe. You got that right. What are you a psychic? Just kidding. I'm offering UCT6 as a free download, but not for free, ah, ah, ah. I love to trade. Contact me via email at: frank.zen@vif.com. And we could trade this via internet because it's free dammit!!!    
             I`m also working on some new LPR CLLCTV material. LPR CLLCTV??? A couple of years ago I was in a noise band with Maim Patterson (Bodybags zine). It was supposed to be a band while in fact I was the band. Maim would send me stuff he recorded and I would process them, arrange them, re-arrange them, sequence them, yatta yatta yatta. I called it quits after two albums (you can understand why). Lately I was doing some cleaning up on my laptop and I found a lot of unreleased Leper Collective (that was our noise band) material. I started listening to this and it`s not that bad. In fact I`d say that I have enough material for two, maybe three albums. I won`t be using the name `Leper Collective` anymore (it`s a matter of respect for my buddy in crime Maim Patterson). Instead this old/new project will be called `LPR CLLCTV`. Why resuscitate an old, long dead and forgotten noise band? The answer is simple to properly finish it and also to make some room in my laptop. I have about 6 GO of .wav files lying there. At this time I really don`t know when it will be released. I will give you more information soon, I hope. To conclude this properly, here`s a really good Minimal Frank track here:

poem of the day


I am laughing 
without laughing
I am smiling 
without smiling
I am crying 
without crying
I am here 
without actually being here
I'm somewhere
in the never where...

Hiroshima Yeah! # 107 (January 2014) (zine)

A  monthly 8.5 by 11 inches black and white, cut and paste, five pager, monthly zine. There`s a cool picture of Nick Drake on the cover (RIP) , along with poetry and `nuclear woes`by Mark himself. My favorite poem this time around is:
I am trying to
Move away from laziness
Towards artistry
Simply magnificent brothers and sisters. Then we get the usual stuff like Gary Simmons monthly installment of `1.5 years behind bars` (what happens when you`re incarcerated in the UK). There`s also a plethora of various music, DVD, reviews. No concert reviews this time around. I read that Mark lost his job recently so he has to cut on expenses, the reality of life indeed. There`s some poems by Colin Scholl and Fran├žois Marceau and two short stories from the likes of Kyle Nonneman (a weird,  opinionated ,  out there piece of curiosity) and Mark Ritchie (you have to read this to believe it).  Contact address: 
Mark Ritchie, 
94 Main Street
ML11 8AB

Monday, 10 February 2014

poetry of the day part 2

Here's some more recent poems this time around. Two brand new ones in fact. Here goes:

Modern realism...

I enjoy reading real letters
writting real letters
using real pens
on real paper
definitely not virtually
it's the real thing
like wiping my ass
with real toilet paper



Chasing ghosts of you
so far away
yet so close
you can alomst feel it
sensing it
touching it
through the computer screen
that's all there is
that's all there will be
makes you feel helpless
My heart's bleeding
my soul' s crying
girl I need a hug...