Saturday, 31 January 2015

The Rites Of Wall - TROW6 (CD-R)

Henry C. Rial is a prolific and busy young man. He runs his own DIY record label (Pennslvainyan Hypnocenter) and records noise under the name `The Rites Of Wall`. The whole album consists of one long (55.21 minutes) piece of anti-music. This untitled track is one long evolving / mutating harsh noise morsel. Not recommended for the faint of ears. There`s hope though. At the end, roughly the last twenty seconds or so, you will hear some nice, peaceful, relaxing droning and/or fading out synth.This album was released in 2013 on Trashfuck Records ( HYPERLINK "" ) and has a highly limited edition of 48 copies. Feel free to contact them for availability or if you`re a hardcore noiser too. Good noise but I wasn`t much into it. I`ve listened to a lot of experimental music and noise in the past so I`m a little blasé. I could say the same thing regarding horror movies. Nonetheless I recommend this album: it has potential and i`d like to see / hear the noisy evolution of one Henry C. Rial. A good effort from a talented young man (under 18). Hey I started recording my own stuff at age 41. Who am I to judge someone else here? Yes, I`m that old my lack of hair proves it. Don`t believe me? Want a DNA sample as well? Don;`t just stand there contact him here:
His email:

Homemade postcard of the day

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Possum Pie – dictation (CD-R) or Dictation – possum pie (CD-R)

This CD-R was inside a parcel with various goodies included. There`s no contact address, no email, no information whatsoever, except what`s written  on said CD-R. Which reads `Dictation – possum pie` (or is it the other way around?), Chico, 2014, total; 4.35 (the length of this one track recording). The obscure item of the day. This song is a potent mix of acoustic guitar, low-fi rumblings with some percussive elements thrown in. this is experimental noise territory.  Definitely my cup of noisy tea i.e challenging and not ear bending. I would like to hear more material from this talented band / artist. I did some googling and no information, nada. I just hope we`ll see more Possum Pie / Dictation material someday   


Solitudes Volume nine – seascapes (CD)

I bought this at Renaissance Montréal for just three Canadian dollars. Yes it`s real it`s damned real people. An environmental sound experience composed of authentic natural sounds recorded by Dan Gibson. Dan Gibson (1922-2006) was a Canadian photographer, cinematographer and sound recordist (sounds like field recordings in my opinion). More than two hundred albums were released by Solitudes. That`s a lot of recordings folks. `Seascapes` (the title says it all here) is made of one long sixty minutes track. I heard in no particular order; the soothing sounds of the wind, seagulls & various shorebirds flying over the ocean, and the slow peaceful melody of the ongoing cascading waves, simply beautiful. I highly recommend this if you ever manage to find it. The perfect soundtrack for a rainy day. A soothing, and relaxing listening experience indeed. Feed me more.   

Friday, 23 January 2015

Bee Spit – The Rites Of Wall (split CD-R)

I recently got a small in size but big in content parcel. Inside a regular size envelope Henry C. Rial managed to insert 11 audio CD-R`s!!! I never heard of Bee Spit or The Rites Of Wall. TROW is one of senior Rial`s numerous solo project (he seems to be a really prolific young artist as well). Let`s open things up with:
1 – Bee Spit: aluminum breathing tube (30.00 minutes) = a grinding / rumbling wall of distortion. This is relentless it keeps on going, over and over and over and over again my friend. A painful aural probing listening experience, no doubt. Mental note to myself: `to use as background music` or to piss of my neighbour with is crap / rap music`.                              
2 – The Rite Of Wall: trow#83 (39.50 minutes)= another grating / grinding full out wall of noise sonic assault. DAMNED I CAN`T HEAR ANYTHING!!! My ears are bleeding it feels good to be alive I recommend this if you like it loud, hardcore and non-stop. The hell with preliminaries let`s get it on like Donkey Kong! Henry C. Rial has a small DIY label releasing tapes and CD`s. More information here:
His email:

Bill Laswell – imaginary Cuba (CD)

This was on top of my pile of music to listen / review.  That pile keeps getting bigger and bigger every day. There is so much music / noise to listen and less time to actually enjoy it. This is my second Bill Laswell music experience (earlier on I heard / reviewed   Hashisheen – the end of law CD, a magnificent album). `Imaginary Cuba`, was released on Wicklow Records in 1999. There`s 15 tracks for a total running time of 58.16 minutes. The music consists of various jam sessions from Cuba mixed with Bill`s unique bass playing (heavy, in a dubish way but always groovy and melodic).  I hear some piano, some singing and lots of percussions. The beat never stops, be it Afro-Cuban at times, or it mostly sounds like tribal drumming (me love tribal drumming very, very, very much). If I could find a proper definition for this album, I would say it falls under the spectrum of `world music`, if such a term actually means anything. This recording offers an amazing mix of: Cuban music, jazz, ethnic dub / ambience with lots of dubish bass grooves. It`s definitely a unique listening experience to say the least. If you manage to find this CD, buy it. After doing a little googling, I found out it`s available on:
I recommend hearing this album during winter it will give you good summer vibes. 

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Hiroshima Yeah! # 118 (December 2014) (zine)

One of my all time favorites 8.5 by 11 inches cut and paste, black and white, monthly six pager zine. The cover star of this issue is Seasick Steve an old, 73 years old, old school bluesman. I thought I knew a lot of old bluesmen but then Mark Ritchie puts me to shame. The more you learn and the more you realize you don`t know shit. Mark if you like old blues, you should definitely check out some: Blind Lemon Jefferson, Memphis Jug Band, Jimmy Reed, Leadbelly, Hound Dog Taylor, Lightnin`Hopkins and Memphis Minnie. Let`s start things off with some poetry `more cloudy than carefree. Favorite poems this time around are:
Beneath cool
Beneath your cool jacket
And your cool shoes
And your jeans which were
Deliberately ripped
On a production line
I would hazard a guess that
You are a fucking cunt.
But I cannot know that
For certain, of course.
Certain things subtly
You start to notice
Certain things subtly
And then
They are all you can see.
Pretty cool isn`t it? We`re treated with some music, concerts (The Wave Picture 28-10-2014 and Bob Mould 15-11-2014), book and DVD reviews. There`s our monthly episode of `the great rock`n`roll tolchock`. Gary Simmons talks about what it feels like to be in jail. Nobody wants to end up there, that`s a fact Jack. There is a lot of stuff in this issue: poems (by Jason Rodgers, Gary Simmons and François Marceau), some texting nonsense (Gary Simmons), another monthly seria l `Doctor Thornaby`(A Willshaw), and a weird ass drawing from François Marceau. Mark Ritchie ends this zine with `the next`a short story about inner turmoil, staring at your reflection in the mirror while contemplating loneliness. Thanks for publishing all my stuff mon ami! Contact: 
Mark Ritchie
94 Main Street
ML11 8AB

drawing of the day

I did this one before my shift while drinking a couple of cups of coffees. I love coffee. 

Node Pajomo # 17 (zine + CD-R)

I got this in the mail just before Christmas. Here`s a personal secret: I love getting stuff by the good old expensive mailing system. I come back from work exhausted, open my letterbox and lo and behold, I got a couple of small packages and letters. It gives me a boost of energy and all I want to do is look / read my mail all night long while drinking coffee. This is Node Pajomo`s winter 2014 edition. This is a half size, black & white, cut & paste, 28 pages long zine. The first part of NP is a list of contacts for: mail art contacts, time sensitive mail art projects, mail art exchange ongoing mail art projects, mail art exchange, postcard exchange, tape traders, zine seeking submissions, zine exchange, notice and collaborations. There`s tons of various contacts inside. It`s pretty damned amazing the numbers of underground and / or fringe artists. The second part of NP consists of various zines, chapbooks and music reviews. Note to senior PJM, I love Truman Bentley Jr`s weird homemade DVD`s. So if you ever consider getting rid of them, feel free to contact me, I`ll gladly reply. Last but not least, the piece de resistance folks. We end this with the `Audio Mail Art Project 3 – Indecipherable` compilation CD-R. You will hear music / noise from the likes of: Wheeling Ice, Animals Like Earthquakes, The Greschaks, T.J. Cuckoo, Danny Columbo, S/H/A/R/R/P/S. Edition Janus, Serse Luigetti, Breadwinter, Cold Boiled Dog, Dental Fricative, Minimal Frank, Henry C. Rial and Pedro Bericat. Contact: 
Node Pajomo
P.O. B 2632


Mark Sonnenfeld

I just received this nice chapbook. Enjoy!!!

Contact here:

Friday, 2 January 2015

TFTTDH Part 17

Chronics of perversions part 2

I arrived home early Saturday afternoon
My balls empty and my ass still sore
Man I never did anything like this before
I felt weird, drank a sip of beer and passed out on the couch
Later on 
I hear a buzzing sound 
I try to sleep but it doesn`t stop
I open my eyes and realize
It`s the stupid phone ringing

Stop screaming Chris my head is still spinning from last night
Did you get some ass?
Sure did bro 
Which one did you bang?
Well to be perfectly honest I banged them both
Yes, simultaneously 
WOW!!! Lucky guy
Think next time I could join in?
Aren`t you going out with Lucy
Yes but what they don`t know won`t hurt them
Ok ok Tom chill out
I was still thinking about Christine who broke my heart
She was having an affair with my best friend at the time
That was two years ago 
But it fucked me up so badly
Even today still does
I`m sorry if I snapped at you Chris
It`s cool Tom 
Lemme guess Christine right?
Unfortunately yes
You have to move on with your life man
I know 
Well move on fuck
You think she`s still thinking about you?
Definitely not
Do the same thing dude
Ok ok
Lucy and I are going out tonight wanna join us?
Where you guy`s going?
We didn`t decide yet any ideas?
What about St-laurent Bifteck?
Lemme call Liz first
Listen Chris I`m dead from last night
I`m gonna take a nice warm shower 
Then I`ll see what happens 
I`ll call you back ciao
I hang up and pass out on my couch again
The buzzing starts… Again

Motherfucking Chris I`m thinking
The douchebag won`t leave me alone
I pick up the phone
It`s Liz
Hey how are you girl?
Feeling fine and what about you?
I`m still sore from this morning session
What morning session?
Holly fucking Molly
I can`t tell her what I was doing in the shower with Vilma 
It`s not a session I mean
I slipped on the shower floor and fell on my back
My back is still sore at present time
Come here and we`ll both take care of you baby boy
Sounds like an invitation
I`m kinda tired you know
You can`t be tired you`re our bitch baby boy
Now I hear Vilma saying
Yes and you`re gonna like it too
Lemme take a shower and I`ll be at your place after
Forget about the shower 
Bring your ass here and we`ll all take a shower
Ok then
I`m in the cab and I`m thinking
Am I gonna do this every weekend?
How long will this last?
Well might as well enjoy it right now
Forget the past
Don`t think about the future
Live for the moment
Enjoy this while it lasts
I could be dead tomorrow
If there`s a rare form of justice
On this planet
We all die someday 
And we don`t know how
I light up a smoke pay the driver and exit the cab
I`m in front of their apartment
They open the door before I could ring the bell
Hello ladies
Howdy Tom, do come in
You want me to cum in?
Eventually we all cum in 
Then we start to laugh
Vilma is taking off my shirt while Liz is unzipping my pants

Relax ladies what`s the rush here?
Can a guy get a drink first?
I`m thirsty like hell
Ok ok
They`re faster than I am 
They`re both naked now
C`mon baby boy get in the shower
Yeah we`ll both wash you
I`m coming I`m coming
I`m in the shower and the water`s really hot
I close my eyes 
Let the hot water penetrate my pores
I`m relaxing
But not for long 
Liz firmly pinches my ass while licking my ears
And I`m thinking this is weird
I`m the one usually doing this 
Shows how much I know about women 
At the same time 
Vilma is kissing me while squeezing my balls 
I`m starting to get hard fast
Slow down girls if you keep going on like this
Soon I`ll be creaming all over 
Relax Tom we`re playing with you
We don`t want you to cum yet
Only when we say so
Say what?
We gotta surprise for you tonight baby boy
You like surprises?
Well it depends
We`re sure you`ll like it
Because we like it
And remember baby boy
You`re are our bitch
How I can I forget?
I look at both of them while smiling
Now that we`re all cleaned up
Let`s get dry first 
Then we do it in the living room
The living room?
Yup it will be just like watching TV

I don`t understand 
Don`t worry Tom we`ll make you understand
Yes we will
Yeah ok then
We`re getting dried up 
Having two girls wet and naked next to me 
Gives me an instant boner
I like to rise up to the occasion ladies
Now we know we have your attention here
We go in the living room 
Sit on this chair Tom
What do I do next?
Relax and enjoy the show
They lie on the couch start to kiss each other passionately
They`re fondling each other and getting really excited
They get up and do a 69
Vilma is on top on Liz
I look at them and I`m getting even harder
They`re so much enjoying this
They forgot I`m actually here  
Seeing them is this lusty condition 
Makes me even harder
I can`t take it
I lay on my back and fondle my testicles
I feel a drop of semen
Sliding down my oh so hard cock
It keeps sliding down
Slowly falls on my recently shaved testicles
I squeeze my balls with one hand 
While firmly grabbing my cock
I masturbate slowly 
Real slow 
I want to make this one last for a longer time
So I could enjoy this before reaching climax
I hear the girls moaning 
They`re coming now
I don`t hear them anymore
They`re lying together, silent with a smile on their faces
I`m still slowly jerking off
Starting to pant nervously
Liz looks at me and says
Bring your fat cock here and come on my tits
No come on my tits Tom 
I get up trying to reach them before actually cuming
They`re still arguing 
I`m about to come 
Liz grabs my cock with both hands and 
Vilma puts a finger in my ass
I come on Liz`s nose and eyes
I`m sorry Liz 
All that excitement was way too much for me
Forget it let`s hit the sack
We go to bed and doze off immediately
I wake up alone in bed
Man they`re already up 
I light up a smoke

I smell some food cooking
Liz is cooking ham, hash browns, eggs with grits
`Morning Tom
`Morning girls
I`m gonna take a shower before eating 
Ok Tom but don`t forget…
I know I won`t lock the washroom door just in case
Now that`s a good baby boy
Thanks mom
I`m in the shower 
Hot water`s running down my back
I`m totally relaxing
Feels good to be alive 
Someone or something is kissing me on the back of my neck
Mmmm please this time around leave my ass alone
Is that what you really want baby boy?
Are you sure?
Yes my ass is still sore from last weekend
But you had fun admit it
Of course I did 
I turn around to kiss her
You still have your clothes on girl?
I`m not supposed to be here Tom
You look disappointed
I thought we were gonna make out in here
Wrong idea Liz could hear us
Listen I have an idea
I got myself a plan
Let`s hear it 
Maybe we could meet up 
Meet up?
Yeah well just you and me you know
Liz and I are together every weekend 
What about the week
But I work daytime 
Same thing here
Which leave us evenings  
I close the hot water, turn around and kiss her 
Mmm Tom stop it 
I know
I know Liz could hear us
Get dressed up for breakfast baby boy
Ok ok
I eat breakfast, do the dishes and come back home
Tuesday evening the phone rings
Vilma how are you?
I`m horny Tom
Me too
Your place or mine
I`d like to try something different this time around
I`m listening Vilma
We meet in an hour at parc Lafontaine

Parc Lafontaine is a big place 
Let`s meet in front of the outdoor maze
Ok I`ll me sitting on a bench close by
I`m on my way Tom
Me too 
I arrive at the park find a bench 
Sit down and light up a smoke
Can I sit here?
I look up it`s a small skinny guy
No problem it`s a free country
I take a puff 
And notice he`s sitting real close to me 
He puts his hand on my leg and starts to fondle me
You know you`re kinda cute
Trying to get me some ass that`s what I`m doing
Well it`s all good but I don`t swing that way
Then why are you sitting next to the outdoor maze?
Why shouldn`t I?
Because what???
Don`t you know what happens here at night?
People get drunk and stone like any park
No not at all
it`s a gay meeting place
Gay meeting place!!!
We go here when it`s dark to get laid
Why you can`t have sex at home?
Yeah but we like the anonymous sex
We like the outdoors 
And also the risk of getting caught
Ok I get it
I`m supposed to meet a girl here tonight
You`re sure it`s not a tranny?
Transexual / transvestite 
No man she`s really a girl 
We had sex a couple of times already
Lucky girl
You could say that
I came here to get laid 
And you`re not interested I`m leaving 
Good luck to you then
Thanks and have a good balling session
He splits 
A couple of minutes later Vilma shows up
She looks a me with lusty eyes and says
Let`s go fuck in the maze
The maze?

Yes the maze
That`s where gays go to get laid
How come you know that?
You`re bisexual now?
Not at all 
Earlier on a dude hit on me
For real
Yes I told him I was straight
Then he told me about what happens here at night
Whatever let`s do it in the maze
Ok then
We enter the maze it`s damp and dark
And I hear a lot of moaning
Some people are having sex right now
There`s a lot of holes in this maze
Small ones
Big ones
It`s done on purpose
Vilma spots a big hole 
Tom go head first in the hole
And lie on your back half way through
Sure thing 
I lie on my back half way through
The concrete scratches my back
This is definitely not comfortable I`m thinking
My back hurts babe
Before I could say anything
My pants and my underwear are lying on the ground
She`s playing with my balls and proceeds to blow me
She`s going slowly
Real slow
Man this is great
Tom let me know when you`re about to cum ok?
Yeah no problem
She can talk while blowing me
Now she`s stroking me 
While licking the top of my cock
Damned I don`t know how long I can hold up
Not long though

Alright baby boy
She`s stroking me faster
Then squeezes my balls really hard
I can`t take it anymore
I shoot a huge cumshot
Almost Peter North territory here
Peter North circa mid eighties early nineties
His prime cum period
I`m lying on my back breathless and tired
Vilma`s cleaning me up 
Here`s your pants baby boy
Get dressed I`m thirsty
Wanna grab a beer 
You read my mind Tom
We exit the park hand in hand
She likes to have sex and she likes to drink 
We enter a local bar
Have a couple of brewskies then go back home
We do this ritual almost every week
Either on a Tuesday or Wednesday night
We had sex at lots of place you`d never think off
She gave me a hand job at le Club Sandwich 

I was eating a poutine 
She started feeling me while eating
I got hard fast
Hey I`m easy
I pulled it out discretely
Or so I though
She lit up a smoke and slowly jerked me off
I never noticed at the time that the waiter 
Was ogling me
I don`t know if it was the smell of cigarette 
Her perfume
The fries
The cheese curds
The barbecue sauce
The overall ambience
Or all of them things
But I came really fast
I spewed it on the floor discretely or so I thought

The waiter approached us 
Gave Vilma a pile of napkins
Please do clean up before leaving
You wouldn`t want anyone to slip on it would you?
Oh yeah sure
He looks me straight in the eyes smiles and says 
Nice cumshot dude
Thanks man
First and last time I went / came at le Club Sandwich
We had sex at Cinéma Langelier

True Lies was on  

That movie was pure commercial crap
The popcorn was soggy and cold
The sex was good though
Another twenty dollars well spent
We also did it in a private booth
At the peepshow on St-Catherine 
On the eastside

It was wild watching porn
With the volume blasting through the speakers  
While she was riding me 
Like an Amazon in heat
But after a couple of weeks 
Of having sex in weird places
It made me realize 
I`m more conservative than I though
I`m also shy and insecure
I`m more like you`re place or mine
Hotel`s good too
I couldn`t go on like this
I had to tell her
Honesty is the best policy
She calls me a Tuesday night
I tell her how I feel
And that I`d like to make love
At her place
Or mine
Or the hotel
Not in public places anymore 
I like doing it in public places she says
I like the thrill of getting caught
Sends chills down my spine 
Makes me wet all over
I don`t like the idea of getting caught
I don`t like strangers watching me
You liked it before, didn`t you?
I think so
I`m not sure anymore
What about tonight Tom?
I could go to your place
Can`t Liz is here
Let`s go to my place then
I don`t know
You don`t know??
I`m tired Tom I`ll call it a night
Ok Vilma I`ll call you next week
Sure I`ll wait for your call
The following week 
No call
The other week 
No call
The third week 
No call

I phone her 
She answers the phone and says
I can`t talk right now, I`m leaving to meet Brad
Never mind Tom
You had your chance and you blew it
Well, eh…
She hung up before I could say anything
That was the last time we spoke

We like to think we know everything 
That we have all the answers 
The more you learn 
The more you discover
You don`t know fuck all
You`re reading this right now 
Someone else will
Some will enjoy it
Others might relate to it
Others might hate reading this
But my life 

My memories 

Will follow me though eternity.

TFTTDH Part 16

Chronics of perversions part 1

It was a Friday night around 8 o`cock p.m.
I was hanging out at Foufounes Électriques

The place was slowly getting crowded
There`s a crusty punk band playing
Forgot their names though
So long ago
And I`m not getting any younger  
They were playing decent hardcore
They sounded almost as good as the Dead Kennedys
 I saw the DK`s live at the Foufounes during the same time period

An intense, aggressive, in your face performance
I`m sitting at the bar, chilling out, I turn around

Hey Tom!
Chris what the hell are you doing here?
You`re lost is that it? 
No you dumbass 
I came here with my new girlfriend
Oh yeah so where is she?
You`re all alone man
She`s playing pool with Vilma 
Vilma you mean Wilma 
Like in the Flintstones

No you fucking moron Vilma 
She`s Hungarian
Lemme get this straight
She`s hungry for some of Tom`s raw meat 
Even though I`m Canadian and not Hungarian 
Kinda well hung though
Ah, ah, ah
Tom you fucking asshole
No wonder you never get laid
You talk too much and barely listen
I didn`t understand a single word you said Chris
I`m kidding bro chill-out
I have to admit you`re right
For a junkie anyways
That was low Tom, real low
I`ve been sober for three months now
You`re  serious ?
Yes it`s really hard to keep clean
I believe you 
It is a daily war with dependency 
I`m proud of you my friend 
I have confidence in you 
You can do it
Thanks Tom 
Let`s go meet the girls
Sure thing would you like a smoke?
Of course
Here you go dude
Thanks Chris
Too many girls here, which table are they playing?
The last one
I see three girls a fat one with two smaller ones
My girlfriend is there Tom 
Why are they three then?
The one with dirty blond hair
That`s my girlfriend Lucy
The one with really short red hair is Vilma
What about the chunky one?
That`s Liz it`s Vilma`s part time lover?
Vilma`s bisexual she likes some dick every now and then
She looks weird
She`s kinda small with short red hair
She looks like a punkish elf though
Yeah and what do you look like Tom?
I`m Billy Idol

You`re more like Chunky Idol
You`re starting to have a beer belly dude
I grab my belly look at him and say
This, this is all mine for the taking baby
Tom, do not, I repeat, don`t ever 
Unless you want to spend another bachelor`s evening
Watching porn and jerking off
Okay man relax, chill out, don`t be a lemon
Come on let me introduce you
Hey girls this is my good buddy Tom
Hello ladies
Hi I`m Lucy 
I`m Liz
I`m Vilma
Pleased to meet you all
Looks like you`re playing pool
Looks like 
Can I join in?
You play pool Tom?
A little 
I`m an amateur
Don`t fuck with us Chris told us everything about you
You`re a hustler, a hustler 
What can I say?
Chris has a big mouth 
So are we gonna play or look at the scenery?
Wanna play teams?
Which teams?
The girls vs the guys

Big ass battle of the sexes  
Liz comes next to me pinches my ass and says
I like to mix things up you`re mine
I mean you`re my partner Tom
Sounds good to me 
No sounds good to me baby boy
I look at her and smile
When I don`t know how to react properly 
I shut up and smile
And I`m thinking 
It`s always the same 
I`m a chunky chick magnet
We play a couple of games 
Liz and I are undefeated 
She seems to enjoy it 
Too much I`m thinking
Once in awhile she pinches my ass
And gives me passionate French kisses
Whenever she does that 
Vilma`s face turns scarlet red 
She`s jealous and it shows 
Is she jealous of Liz, me or both of us? 
I don`t know
Doesn`t matter though  
We`re on to something I`m thinking 
After a couple of more beers 
My bladder is full
I gotta take a leak 
Hey you guys 
I gotta go downstairs to take a piss
I won`t be long 
I`m going with you says Liz
Wait for me I`m going with you guys
Sure thing ladies
I light up a smoke 
I`m going down the stairway
With Liz and Vilma to keep me company
We reach the basement where the washroom is located 
It`s damp and dark too 
There`s no bouncers no security whatsoever
I see folks sharing a joint
A girl is shooting up some shit
While I hear 
Skinny Puppy`s song `assimilate` playing in the background
We pass the women`s washroom 
Someone grabs my ass and pushes me inside
I enter, slip and fall on my back
Liz lifts me up 
And throws me in the washroom
I look at her
She has a weird kinda crazed look
Holly fuck she`s horny and she wants me
Man there`s no escape here
She opens the door 
But she can`t enter the washroom 
She`s too fat to go in
I look at her face and start to laugh immediately
She splits and I get up to close the door
But before I could do anything 
Vilma comes in and locks the door 
Yeah sure anytime girl
So like what you wanna do??
I sit down she leans on me 
She kisses me passionately while slowly unzipping my pants
Instant erection territory
You know I still have to piss
You talk too much
Go with the flow
She kisses me some more 
She`s grabbing my balls 
Now she`s squeezing them 
It`s slightly painful and pleasurable at the same time
This is weird but fun
Never tried anything like that before
I look at the door and it`s still locked 
I look up 
All I see is her head
She`s in the washroom on my left
Now I get it
She`s standing on top of the washroom 
Man this is so damned crazy
You like what you see liz?
I love it Vilma
You have a nice dick baby boy
Well thank you maam
I want his cock Vilma
No I want his cock 
Relax girls I still have to pee you know
Fuck off girls I gotta pee
I get up open the door and throw Vilma out
I lock up and start to pee
Damned it feels so good emptying one`s full bladder
I light up another cigarette pull my pants up
Open the washroom door 

And start to wash my hands
I`m the only one in the women`s washroom
This is definitely a good thing 
I exit the washroom
The girls are sharing a joint in the corridor
Spare a puff for a brother in need?
Vilma blinks at me 
Throws the joint outside
Why did you do that girl?
Look outside Tom
I look, and see a tall guy pick up the joint 
He splits right away with a smile on his face
That was for my body Tryon
Ok you like to share then?
We both like to share
Let`s get the fuck out of here
You wanna play some more pool?
No we`re taking you home
Sure thing ladies
First things first I gotta say goodnight to Chris and Lucy
Ok we`ll wait for you outside
Don`t take too long baby boy
Hey Chris I`m leaving with Liz & Vilma
How come?
It`s not even midnight
I know but they wanna take me home
Take you home?
What for?
Lucy looks at Chris and starts to laugh
What`s so funny babe?
You didn`t get it?
Get what?
Now I get it Tom
I`m kinda slow sometimes
You sure are Homer
Indeed Chris
Ok gotta go, later
Later dude
I get out Vilma and Liz are sharing another joint
Spare a puff for a brother in need?
Why not here you go baby boy
I inhale and start to cough immediately

That`s exactly it baby boy, shit
Potent shit too
I`m feeling kinda dizzy my head starts to spin
Let`s get the hell outta this scene says Vilma
Ok let`s hit St-Laurent metro station then
No no no Tom we`re taking a cab
And it`s your treat too
Why should I pay for the cab? 
Don`t worry baby boy we`ll make it up to you
Ok then

We find a cab and we all sit in the back
Vilma is on my left
Liz is on my right side
Wanna smoke girls? 
No we smoked enough already
More cigs for me then
I take a puff and start to think
If I`m lucky I get to bang Vilma
Knowing my complete lack of luck with women
I`ll end up having sex with Liz 
I keep thinking
What kind of sexual position 
Would be less painful for me if I end up with Liz?
Someone is feeling my right leg
While someone else is feeling my left leg
Both girl are feeling me right now
I`m getting hard fast 
Oh Tom is that a boner or you`re just happy to see us?
Well , ehh…
Hey you guys need any help in there?
I look
I see the cab drivers face in the rear view mirror
He`s smiling too
Before I could say anything Liz screams
Forget it bitch
Nothing I was just talking to myself
But no one is answering 
We all start to laugh
Good one my man
And you are?
I`m Dale
Pleased to meet you I`m Tom
I`m Liz 
And I`m Vilma
Pleased to meet you all  
Where are we going?
Bélanger Street, corner of Molson
North east corner to be more precise says Vilma
We arrive
How much do I owe you Dale?
That will be 12.50 $
Here`s twenty keep the change my good man
Thank you very much kind sir
No problemo amigo 
We exit the cab it`s so damn cold outside 
Where do you live?
The apartment just here
We enter and I light up a smoke
Mind if I smoke?
It`s alright Tom have a seat 
Make yourself at home 
I sit down on the couch
Would you like something to drink baby boy?
Sorry but all we have left is tequila

It`s alright
Alcohol is alcohol after all
Tom don`t be a slouch and make us some room will you?
I move a little 
And they sit down on both sides
Feels like I`m getting sandwiched here
Here`s your drink baby boy
Thanks Vilma
I take a sip 
This stuff tastes great 
It`s tequila with lemon lime soda
And a dash of grapefruit juice
WOW!! This is amazing!!! 
It`s way better than beer
Yeah take off your shirt
Like right now
Liz screams at me: RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!
Ok ok don`t go crazy 
Is that a beer belly here?
Just a little one you know
Before I could say anything Vilma start to kiss me
While Liz is unzipping my pant and feeling my dick
Mmm baby boy got some nice equipment here
I`m still kissing Vilma 
She takes off her shirt 
I`m removing her bra and licking her hard nipples 
Liz is slowly sucking me off
They both get up at the same time
 Lie on your back baby boy
You`re gonna do us both
Ok then
I lie on my back
Liz jumps on my cock
While Vilma shoves her wet pussy in my face
Liz works my cock man is she wet
My dick is flooded with her juices
And she didn`t even come yet
Vilma`s about to come 
She`s jerking out all over while moaning at the same time 
Liz is coming too 
She`s going faster up and down
Up and down 
Feels like she`s crushing my hips
We all come at the same time
They`re both laying on me now
We pass out, exhausted
Later on
The smell of bacon wakes me up

Something`s cooking
I get up, light up a cigarette 
I`m alone in the living room 
I get up still naked 
Trying to find my clothes  
Ah fuck it I`ll stay naked
I enter the kitchen 
Vilma`s cooking some bacon and eggs with fries
Liz is having a smoke while drinking juice
Hey ladies
Morning Tom
They look at me and start to laugh
What`s so funny?
Take a look at yourself in the mirror
There`s a big one in the living room
I go back in the living room, find the mirror and
My face and especially my forehead 
Is all red as if I have a sunburn
I enter the kitchen
Did you pull a practical joke on me?
It`s not practical
It`s not a joke
The joke`s on you though
What happened here???
You remember last night?
Yes I was eating your pussy
While you were riding my dick
Yes and…
And what?
Didn`t notice anything peculiar Tom?
Nothing I was too much into it to notice anything
They start to laugh some more
Tell him Liz
No you tell him 
Tell me what?
Vilma was on the rag when you were licking her pussy
This is disgusting
I gotta go clean myself 
Here`s your breakfast babe
Thanks babe
Vilma gives Liz a passionate kiss
Now I`m half erect
There`s a washroom at the end of the corridor
Get yourself cleaned up and come back for breakfast
Ok Vilma
Don`t lock the door in case we need to pee 
Sure thing 
I love taking a shower with really hot water
It`s relaxing
And also refreshing 
I put soap all over my body 
I feel a strange sensation 
There`s a middle finger entering my ass
I hope it`s a middle finger and not a guy behind me
As I slowly turn around to see who
Or what is behind me 
I sense a hand rapidly squeezing my balls
You want Liz to hear us?
What`s wrong with that?
She`s so fucking jealous and crazy
We have to keep this a secret 
Yeah but what about…
Before I could finish my sentence 
She kisses me and strokes my soapy cock
Here let me rinse off that soap baby boy 
I`m leaning on the shower wall 
There`s hot water splashing on me 
And I`m oh so hard
Vilma licks my nipples 
Now her tongue is licking my belly
Slowly going down some more
Real slow
I`m really hard
I`m almost ready to come 
She didn`t even suck my cock yet
She`s playing with my balls
Squeezing them
Rubbing them
Scratching them
Squeezing them some more
She`s licking the tip of my cock
Playing with it
Teasing it 
Slowly licking it
She opens her mouth and swallows it 
She`s going up and down 
Up and down 
Gobble gobble
Now she`s putting two fingers in my ass

It`s painful
Now she`s shoving another finger in my ass
Shut up you want Liz to hear us?
But it hurts
Shut up I`m trying to find your P point
P point?
Now she`s violently sucking me off
While putting more fingers in my ass
Hold on hold on I can`t take it anymore 
I`m coming while almost passing out at the same time
I look at her
And her face is covered with cum
Like a refried fried donut
WOW! It`s the first time I come like that
I know Tom I found your P point
P point?
Prostate point
Say what?
Pleasure and pain collides together
Which give you a new type of orgasm 
I don`t understand 
It`s like 
I`m blowing you while someone sodomize you 
Two persons are servicing you at the same time
You come both ways
It`s so primal and violent
That you`re ready to pass out
I never want to be sodomized by anybody
But you liked my fingers going inside didn`t you?
Let`s do it some more
End of part one.