Thursday, 31 December 2015

homemade postcards of the day

Moby – play (CD)

I discovered Moby circa 1995-1996. During that period he was doing techno music. I remember when this album came out. It was worldwide success. Everybody recalls his numerous hits, `honey`, `find my baby`, `porcelain`, `why does my heart feel so bad?`, `south side (with Gwen Stefani)`, `bodyrock`, `natural blues` and `run on`. I bought this at Renaissance Montréal for like two dollars. I never heard this CD in it`s entirety. I wanted to know two things. Aside from the obvious hits, are there any songs worth my while?  Like brown rhum, did it age well? Does it sound dated like similar electronic music. `Play` came out in 1999 after all. To be honest even today it sounds great. Here are non-hit songs forgotten audio gems if you will that are definitely worth a listen or two:
6 – Rushing (3.00 minutes) = instrumental, deeply melancholic (in a non-gothic way) downtempo.
10 - ? (1.01 minutes) = short & sweet pop instrumental electronic / downtempo.
12 – Down slow (1.34) = synth + piano meets looped a breakbeat sample. Simple yet highly efficient.
15 – Inside (4.48 minutes) = minimal downtempo electronic music, now I`m chilling out here.

16 – Guitar Flute & string (2.09) = ambient / minimal, lo-fi at times electronic music. The track which doesn`t belong here. Definitely a classic album, highly recommended. Available everywhere, this is commercial music. Get your news here:

Julien Rochedreaux (various zines)

I recently got a small parcel (full of cool zines) courtesy of my French compatriot Julien Rochedreaux. A small notice for my readers, if you contact Julien you have to write him in French. He speaks minimal English therefore all his zines are written en français (French language). That being said, here`s a brief description of his zines:

Uchrobonux # 2: 8.5 by 11 cut & paste four pages long zine. Julien answers letters from his readers and talks about his music tastes.

Uchrobonux # 3: a black and white, cut & paste, 8.5 by 11 two pager. This time around it`s zine reviews galore.

Mine De Rien # 8: a 8.5 by 11 inch one pager, folded in four, handwritten poetry zine. There`s some nice art and collages (wicked shemale picture included).

Uchronique de zine # 2: this is a half-size, cut & paste, black & white eight pages zine. A collection of zine reviews, mostly in French with a couple ones in English. There`s a small review of the now defunct Baitline zine. I always wanted to see what it looked like. Anyways, Baitline folded along the late and great Node Pajomo. Contact address just about here:
Julien Rochedreaux
Baixada Del Moli 39

Breakdown – compilation (CD)

This compilation came out in 1999 on 4AD. I was fortunate enough to get a copy at Renaissance Montréal for a toonie (2.00 $ Canadian). I always enjoy hearing compilations. It`s a nice way to discover new bands / artists. A nice and long compilation (14 tracks = 64.19 minutes). There`s various music styles at work: beautifully crafted ethereal indie (Michael Brook), country / indie ballad (Brendan Perry, Kristin Hersh), dream pop (Cocteau Twins, The Hope Blister, Lakuna), indie rock (Cuba, Pixies, His Name Is Alive, The Breeders), downtempo loungy electronic music (Thievery Corporation), synthpop (Gus Gus), country / folk rock (Mojave 3), and minimal indie rock (Red House Painters). Recommended if you can find it. Another well invested toonie.

Hiroshima Yeah! # 130 – December 2015 (Zine)

This is a cut & paste, black & white, 8.5 by 11 inches, photocopied monthly zine. I`m biased here, Hiroshima Yeah! Is one of my favorite zines, along the late and great Node Pajomo. Gary Simons does an amazing cover (old school sci-fi kinda 2001 A space Odyssey, it looks like old sci-fi pulp magazines, nice job). On the second page we have poetry `passion, caution, timing `department. Standout poems of the moment are:
Nostalgia wank
Looking through old VHS tapes
Before tossing them in the bin,
Seeing if anything inspires
A nostalgia wank
But nothing does.
Alistair Ramone
You are young,
But one day you will
Be one of the people
On the periphery.
One of us,
There`s some music, concerts (Fidler, The Garage, Glasgow, 12-11-2015 and Legendary Shack Shakers, Broadcast, Glasgow, 12-11-2015), and DVD reviews. Last but not least there`s some short stories included: `13.82 billion years of hell` (Gary Simmons, do I need to say more), `robots to Pluto ` (more from da man, Gary Simons), `some days`(Mark Ritchie), and `doctor Thornaby `(nice and weird, just the way I like it). Contact here: 
Mark Ritchie
94 main street
M L 11 8AB


Hiroshima Yeah! # 129 – November 2015 (Zine)

In case you didn`t know HY! Is a 8.5 by 11 inches, black & white, cut & paste monthly zine. The cover is a cool foot drawing by Dr. Adolf Steg. We open things up with poetry for `when desire becomes despair`. Standout poems are;
For 30 years or more,
I have been staring
Out of windows
Watching scenery rush past,
hooked up to
Lifesaving songs
Via headphones, earphones,
Walkmans, mp3 players.
For some of us,
Music doesn`t merely add
A dash of colour
To an otherwise grey world;
For some of us
It is a saviour,
A sanctuary
And the very pulse
Of life itself.
Normal for a moment
I was normal for a moment
I remember it:
Chatting with workmates
Over lunch
About the weather,
About pension plans,
Able to cope
With the shit
That life throws at us all.
But is it really normality
I crave
Or a wild, wonderful
Reckless abandon
Or is it something
In between?
Today`s dark thought # 12
She`s pregnant,
And pushing a pram,
Fag hanging out of her mouth,
And I think,
Where`s Charles Manson
When you need him?
Then there`s our usual monthly instalments of:
A - `13.82 billion years of hell ` = Gary Simmons weird / rude / schizophrenic / psychotic ratings.
B - `Dylan Summer `= texting madness with Mark Ritchie + Gary Simmons and Pamela.
C - `Doctor Thornaby ` = you have to read it to believe it. There`s a plethora of music, concert (Doug Stanhope) and book reviews. Mark Ritchie writes a nice, slightly warped short story named ` Locked room`. Contact here:
Mark Ritchie
94 main street
M L 11 8AB

Friday, 18 December 2015

art is everywhere part 43

More lowbrow finesse from The Haddock!

The Haddock
2760 Willamette street # 205

GusGus VS T-World - GusGus VS T-World (CD)

GusGus is a band from Reykjavík, Iceland. Iceland, the country of Bjork, Sigur Rós and The Sugarcubes. T-World was the pre-GusGus project of Biggi Veira & Herb Legowitz. They disbanded in 1995 in order to form GusGus. There`s 7 tracks for a total running time of 54.46 minutes. I do a little research. They have three recordings available. A single (vinyl, 12", 33 RPM, Promo), an EP and this self-titled album. They called their music ambient house. After numerous listens, I have to disagree with them. The songs are all different in styles. They`re a mixture of electronic, dub techno, minimal house, electro, and downtempo. This album came out in 2000 and still sounds good today, a rare treat in modern music industry. Standout tracks this time around are:
4 – purple (9.20 minutes) = electro + progressive house = it`s on like Donkey Kong on the dance floor baybee!
5 – rosenberg (6.27 minutes) = dub techno + dark techno / electro = pure aural bliss.       

I like this and you should. I mean, if you`re into electronic music or if you`re a little bit curious / with an open mind / ear. Otherwise keep your FM radio station on. To think I bought this gem at Renaissance Montréal for a measly two dollars (cheaper than a pack of smokes). Get your info here:

Thursday, 17 December 2015

homemade postcards of the day

Printed Caves – Printed Caves (CD)

Printed Caves are Ali Lubbad (lead vocals, guitars, trap set and Arabic percussion), and Mike Kashou (oud, bass, Arabic percussion, trumpet, piano and background vocals). There`s also a lot of guess musicians on this album. Printed Caves come from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. The music blends western experimentations with Middle Easter traditions. I was hoping it would sound like Muslimgauze (electronic / techno music + noise + Arabic percussions / vocal samples = sonic bliss). Boy was I wrong here folks. There`s 10 tracks for a total running time of 34.00 minutes). Their music is a weird but potent mix of folk, blues, country, traditional rock with psychedelic grooves on the side, thus generating a highly hypnotic mood. You don`t need drugs here. This album is the ultimate legal drug. It sounds like a jam session between traditional Middle Easter musicians, Lead Belly, Blind Willie McTell, Simon & Garfunkel, Country Joe & The Fish and Neil Young. More information here: 

homemade postcards of the day

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Loosely based on a dream

François Marceau (15-12-2015)

Rodney was driving his car full speed ahead
Why are you going so fast man?
I`ve made a terrible mistake Jerry
Brenda yes
She`s gonna get married in Vegas with Tom
I thought you broke up six months ago
She broke up with me because I didn`t want to marry her 
I didn`t realize 
How much I love her until now
I`m such a moron
I have to tell her how I feel
Before it`s too late
I think she still loves me
All she asked was commitment
I`m such a moron
Don`t drive so fast you`ll kill us all
We have to get there at all cost
The gas tank is full
We`re passing through Death Valley
If I keep driving like this 
We should arrive in Vegas in about twenty minutes
Fifteen minutes if I drive faster
I don`t see any cops in sight
The road is ours to take
Let`s rock
I push the gas pedal 
We`re burning rubber
Too late 
Where are we?
We`re still in Death Valley
Your car`s a total wreck
It`s a miracle we`re still alive
We both jumped out of the car before falling off the cliff
My safety belt was on
Me too
It`s a miracle than
Thank God!
We still have to reach Vegas
They`re getting married at the Luxor 
The Egyptian theme casino?
What a classy place
Sure is
A classy woman deserves a classy wedding
I`m such a moron
We all make mistakes my friend
I know but still
How long have we been walking?
I don`t know an hour perhaps
Let me look at the time
Damned I lost my watch
What time is it Rodney?
Gimme a second
Holly crap my watch is missing too
Doesn`t matter
We have to get there
Let`s go
You know Jerry
This is weird
What`s weird we`re in Death Valley
The sun is blazing 
I`m not sweating
Me neither
Maybe it`s not so hot right now
Could be
The road seems to go on forever
There`s mountains around us
No wind
No sound 
Nothing at all
It`s so peaceful man
I know 
Feels like heaven here
Heaven in Death Valley?
I know sounds strange 
Where are we going Rodney?
We are going to…
Las Vegas that`s it
What for?
Brenda that`s it
Have to tell her how much I love her
I have to get there at all costs
If it`s the last thing I do
I understand
Let`s go
We`re walking
And walking and walking
We don`t seem to be going nowhere
How long have we been walking Jerry?
I don`t know man
Where are we going?
We are going to…
Brenda that`s it
What for?
I have…
I have to see her one last time before I go
You do understand that Jerry
I turn around 
Jerry`s gone
This is not funny man
Where are you?
Forget it
Gotta keep walking 
And reach
Brenda I…
You so…
Maybe there`s no heaven
Maybe there`s no hell
We`re all souvenirs
Destined to slowly fade away and disappear…

Friday, 11 December 2015

Various artists – transmissions from the planet dog (CD)

It was a cold Saturday afternoon. I was on St-Hubert Street shopping with my good friend Alexander Wheill. We enter Renaissance Montréal`s store. He`s looking at some second hand DVD`s while I`m checking out the used cassettes / CD section. While browsing I do a preliminary pile of stuff, it could be material which caught my attention (for a reason or another) or that I might buy right now (or never). This particular CD `transmissions from the planet dog` got my attention. I don`t remember at the time if it was the cool cover, a double CD compilation or the fact I never heard of any of the artists involved. I show the compilation to Alex and I remember that he said. This is an old school techno compilation it might be interesting. I figured for three dollars, it`s like a buck fifty per CD what`s the risk here. I come back home and put it on my huge pile of stuff to listen. The time has come, so let`s hear this shall we? It goes like this four artists on two CD`s. The first one consists of:
A – Eat Static; is an electronic music project from Frome, Sommerset, England formed in 1989 by Merv Pepler and Joie Hinton. They have five tracks of old school techno with elements of goa, dub, trance and world music. Standout track is # 3 `abduction` (7.55 minutes) = dub induced techno going into goa territory. 
B – Banco De Gaia is Toby Marks a producer from Leamington, Spa, Uk. There`s four songs of old school techno mixed with world music. I`m impressed by # 7 `mafich arabi ` Arabic sounds / elements colliding with old school techno, amazing music. On the second CD you`ll hear music from the likes off:
C – Timeshard are a Liverpool Uk-based band. They offer five tracks. They are a potent mix of minimal, ambient techno, goa, and dub. There`s no standout tracks. To be honest they all standout by themselves. I need to find more of Timeshard `s music. Yes it`s definitely that good.
D – Children Of The Bong (what a cool name) are a British electronic act. They have three songs of dance floor oriented dub techno. An extremely interesting double CD compilation. This one`s a keeper.

art is everywhere part 42

The return of Malok!

P.O.BOX 41

Crackout – last in line (CD)

I bought this CD maxi-single for 2.00 $ at Renaissance Montréal. Crackout was a UK band, active between 2001 until 2004. A trio consisting of Jack Dunkley, Nicholas Millard and Steven Eagles. There`s four songs for a total running time of 13.51 minutes. This was a rather short but sweet listening experience. Their sound is an energetic mix of punk rock, indie and rock. The music recalls The Ruts and especially early Buzzcocks. The third track `Joey lost his mind`, goes into grungy territory. Imagine Blur and Nirvana (with a less nihilist approach) blending altogether. The music`s good but doesn`t work for me. I heard a lot of similar bands / artists before. A limited edition a 500 copies. Comes in card envelope. Released in 2001 so this CD`s long gone. Sorry about your damned luck.    

art is everywhere part 41

Mail art from parts unknown.

Friday, 4 December 2015

homemade postcard of the day

homemade postcard of the day

(Siro080) – Sven Meyer – the quiet (mp3)

Sirona is an underground netlabel based in France. Active since march 2011, Sirona was established to promote and release wide ranges of electronically developed music from artist all around the world. They release various music styles: electronica, IDM, techno, hardcore, drum & bass, glitch, minimal, dub, acid, breakbeat, beakcore, drone, industrial, experimental, trip-hop, hip-hop, new-wave, soundscape, ambient, noise, ambient darkwave, ambient noise, nu jazz, etc, etc… This is their 80th release. The quiet EP is my second Sven Meyer listening experience. I have to say that I`m highly impressed here. This mini (four tracks = 19.00 minutes) album is good. The songs are a potent mix of electronica, minimal, techno, and ambient. If you`re into Thomas Brinkman and Plastikman you will like this EP. You can find more information on his Soundcloud page:       
Get it here:

Homemade postcards of the day

art is everywhere part 40

More stuff from the Haddock himself!

The Haddock
2760 Willamette street # 205

Homemade postcards of the day

Eonic – shadows (CD)

Eonic is a music duo by two brothers (from Saint Petersburg, Russia): Mikhail Kalmykov (producer) and Vladimir Kalmykov (keyboards). This is their third album. It came out in 2006 on Oskeri Music. The record label folded a while back. Maybe you can find this CD on sales on Ebay or discogs. You will hear ten tracks on this album (51.45 minutes long). There`s different music styles on this here recording: minimal ambience (intro, cyonide), ambient techno (seven flows, shadows), droning minimal ambience (rebma), dark ambient techno (corridor of mirrors), ambient darkwave (path of fire), ambience going almost into new age territory (temple of the astral light) and beautifully crafted downtempo (amber city, Tyr-na-Nogtkn). I like this album it is peaceful, relaxing, meditative music. Recommended if you can find it.  

Deep Forest – comparsa (CD)

This is the fifth Deep Forest album, released in 1997. I agree it`s kinda dated. It cost me a measly 2.00 $ at Renaissance Montréal. What can I say? I`m a sucker for bargains. On this album, they do a potent mix of world music with lots of experimentations, electronic, ambient and ethnic sounds. You will hear vocalists (singing in their native language) from Cuba, Belize, Mexico and Madagascar amongst other places. The vibe here focuses on Caribbean and Latin grooves. There`s a nice use of the accordion and some acoustic guitar as well. I liked the whole album. There`s some songs who caught my attention big time, they are:
1 – Noonday sun (5.00 minutes) = song oriented world music + accordion = a good start, that`s for sure.
3 – Madazulu (3.23 minutes) = electronic music + ethnic vocals + some vocoder + some accordion again = we`ve got a winner here folks.
4 – 1716 (1.03 minutes) = a short & sweet ambient interlude dedicated to Weather Report.

9 – Radio Belize (3.58 minutes) = ethnic vocals + vocoder + really nice acoustic guitar works = pure bliss. A good introduction to world music. Like Dimitri From Paris these fine gentlemen come from France. 

art is everywhere part 39

Malokian mail art of the day.

P.O.BOX 54980