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As we grow older we realize time is a luxury we don' t have anymore. Things change. I don' t know when I'll have the time to post new things online. I don' t know if I'll post anything online anymore. I just don' t know, only time will tell, Farewell to all my readers out there if they are any it's been fun. 

Various – living music 2001 – musique vivante 2001 (Double CD)

I found this double CD at Renaissance Montréal. This compilation was still sealed and at 4.00 $ it`s a damned good deal. This came out in 2001 on the Canadian music centre. The CMC, since 1959 has been proudly supporting, preserving and promoting the work of Canadian composers. This double compilation features mostly Canadians and some composers from Germany (Eugene Martynec) and the United Kingdom (Michael Finnissy). There`s a lot of listening material on this double CD compilation 25 tracks by 25 composers = 139.25 minutes. They offer a nice variety of sounds / styles; new classical, experimental jazz, electroacoustic and sound art. A nice introduction for these types of music. On the first CD there`s an amazing piece by Michael Bushnell (from British Columbia) titled `on the night train` (9.05 minutes) = experimental percussive soundscapes = strangely compelling meditative music. More information here;  

Noises of Russia – experimental structure live at ESG-21, St.Petersburg, 06-10-2008 (CD)

Noises of Russia are a Russian experimental electronic music band with Igor Solnzev, Denis Rylov, Anna Jurko and Tanya Parfenova. This live CD (10 tracks = 46.01 minutes) is their fifth album. It came out on Zhelezobeton in 2008 with a limited print run of 250 copies (I own # 57). I`m pretty sure it`s sold-out. It`s a damned shame because this is mind blowing stuff. I would love to see them perform live. In this live setting, they use samples, field recordings, laptop, analogue electronic noise, guitar, metal percussion, and voice. The voice is a key participant here lo-fi screams, murmurs and mangled / processed beyond recognition. It adds depth and feelings to this listening experience. This is definitely not music. It`s not noise nor harsh noise. You could say it sounds like a combination of ambient noise, electroacoustic, ambience, minimalism (with some lo-fi noise elements thrown in) and shades / traces of ambient darkwave / dark ritual music. An amazing recording. More info here:
And here:

Gydja – helchemy (CD)

Gydja (an old Norse dame for priestess) is the solo project of a sound artist (Abby Helasdottir) living in New Zealand. Helchemy which came out in 2008 on Afe Records (an Italian label run Andrea Marutti) is his eight album. My first Gydja listening experience. There`s two long tracks for a total running time of 50.51 minutes. Here`s a brief rundown
1 – The spirit of the earth with venom intoxicate (25.07 minutes) = ambient darkwave / noise + minimal electronics + drone elements + found sounds + minimal piano = feels like sitting naked on a mountaintop in Siberia while the wind proceeds to slowly freeze your soul relentlessly.
2 – The black sea, the black lune, the black soll (25.34 minutes) = minimal ambience + rhythmic noise elements + some sonic experimentations + death ambience + more lo-fi rhythmic noise = a subtle trip through the land of inner schizophrenia, impressive. Check it out

Air – virgin suicides (CD)

I`m not much of a Air music fan but when I read a couple of years ago that they recorded a movie soundtrack. Well curiosity got the better of me. I never saw the virgin suicides movie before. This album (13 tracks = 40.31 minutes) came out in 1999 (it`s their second effort). I found this on a cold Sunday afternoon at Renaissance Montréal, for their usual 2.00 $ fee. I wasn`t expecting much. After the first listen, I`m hooked. What an amazing surprise, this is a mighty good soundtrack. Air mixes various elements of rock, downtempo, trip hop, lounge, jazz. Ambience, psychedelic rock, electronic, minimalism, and soft rock. The end results a beautiful, fresh, deeply emotional, introspective, atmospheric, sensuous soundtrack. A couple of tracks recalls Pink Floyd circa dark side of the moon, nonetheless it sounds even better than old Floyd. Standout tracks are
6 – The Word hurricane (2.33) = old psychedelic rock + electronics = nice.

13 – Suicide underground (5.56 minutes) = downtempo electronics meet old psychedelic / space rock. Recommended.                                           

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mail art of the day

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mail art of the day

mail art of the day

Ministry – in case you didn`t feel like showing up (live) (CD)

I got this as a gift from someone who owed me. I own two Ministry  albums, `the mind is a terrible to taste` and `psalm 69`. I`m not a Ministry fan. I love those two albums though. This is the band`s first live album, it came out in 1990, on Sire and Warner Bros. Records. A VHS video version of this concert (with a different cover & more songs) was available at the time. I`ve been hearing this non-stop all week long. It`s a short (5 tracks = 39.41 minutes) yet incredible live recording. You can feel da power, da intensity, da energy, da whole damned enchilada. They do a long (11.29 minutes) and amazing cover of `so what `with some nice double drums. Now I wanna find the video version of this concert. Ah the wonders of the internet. A little googling and away we go. Check it out here                                                  

DJ Le Monk – café del monko vol.2 – eclectic moods (CD)

I found this album stuck between two April Lavigne full lengths. Another DJ album. At Renaissance Montréal, they sell their CDs 2.00 $ each, so what the heck. DJ Le Monk is specialized in lounge & deep house music. I`m not sure if I wrote this before but I`m not really into house music. Once in a blue moon I find something I like / enjoy/ can relate to. It took me some listening effort to appreciate this, but I finally did. This album blends beautifully deep house, trip hop, funky house, house tech and electro-jazz. The electro-jazz elements really caught my attention. Feel free to check out

Isolée - we are monsters (CD)

A colleague gave me a bunch of CD`s he wanted to throw away. I`m always up for freebies. It might be interesting, or not. Isolée is the solo minimal house music project of Rajko Muller (born in Frankfurt, Germany). We are monsters, which came out in 2005 on Playhouse is his second album. This is my first listening experience and to be perfectly honest I`m impressed here. The music is electronically oriented with elements of micro house, old techno, retro electro, deep house, eight-bit music, acid, lounge, downtempo and pop / pop rock. I wanted to check out his gear because most of the tracks have that warm old school analog sound. Are those VST`s or the real thing. Fortunately it`s the real thing Isolée uses a Yamaha VSS-30 and a Roland JX-3P. I like this album it has a retro futuristic sound i.e. mixing the old and the new. Standout tracks of the moment are
8 – Jelly baby / fish (4.52 minutes) = song oriented retro electro / techno with a nice lounge feel.
9 – Today (4.33 minutes) = downtempo + micro house + pop / pop rock is that an electric guitar in the background or you`re just happy to see me?

Dieter Muh – black square (CD)

This CD came out in 1997, on Carnifex. A limited edition of 500 copies, it`s definitely sold-out. The music was composed by Stephan Cammack, David Uden and Tim Bayes. This album was produced by Colin Potter (an engineer working with the likes of Nurse With Wound, Current 93, Organum, Ora and many others). I`m not sure where I got this CD, it was on my `to listen / review` pile of stuff. My first listening experience (six tracks = 55.13 minutes). It is definitely experimental electronic music. There`s some drones, minimal ambience, found sounds of unknown origin, ambient noise, minimalism, rhythmic noise, death / darkwave ambience, with lo-fi noises included. I never heard anything like this before. It feels like a mix between Francisco Lopez`s minimal moments, with elements of dark ambient / ambient noise (Brighter Death Now and /or Yen Pox / Schloss Tegal perhaps) and some drones & outer worldly soundscapes, you get the drill. Good stuff.     

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Crawl.Unit VS Silence (CD)

Joe Colley is a visual artist and composer (born in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA). He used to run Povertech Industries (an experimental label 1993-2000). He records under the name Crawl.Unit. He experiments with audio mixing elements of electronics and field recordings. This is his first album (five tracks = 69.21 minutes). To be honest this is a rather difficult listening experience. There`s elements of noise, minimalism, ambient noise, and dark electronics. The `music` moves softly, slowly, with some nice subtle lo-fi moments included. It always surprises you with slow shifting dark passages. I like this album, it took me a lot of listens to appreciate this. An immersing, yet surprisingly relaxing recording. Recommended if you can find it. 

Various – 5 years of hyperdub (Double CD)

I like compilations. When I saw this double CD (for 4.00 $) at Renaissance Montréal, I was curious. I don`t know any artists / bands involved and I never heard the name Hyperdub before. Hyperdub is a UK record label founded in 2004 by Kode9 (a London-based DJ and electronic music artist). You will hear music from the likes of King Midas Sound, Kode9, Darkstar, Samiyam, Flying Lotus, Black Chow, Burial, Cooly G, Zomby, Martyn, LV, Mala, LD, Quarta 330, Joker & Ginz, Ikonika, The Bug and 200F. The music is mostly dub / dubstep mixed with experimental, chiptune, 8-bit, and electronic music elements. I discovered dubstep circa 2009 while listening to the electronic explorations podcasts
Get all your Hyperdub info / goodies here;

Bill Laswell & Terre Thaemlitz – web (CD)

The first and only collaboration between those two artists. This album came out in 1995 on Subharmonic. There`s three pieces (50.47 minutes) on this album. Here`s a brief rundown.
1 – Open url (16.15 minutes) = lo-fi rhythmic noise + ambient minimalism moving subtly back and forth = excellent.
2 – Insectoidal regression (17.07 minutes) = minimal ambient noise + lo-fi experimental noise burst + some drones on the side.

3 – Transfer complete (17.25 minutes) = subtle minimal rhythmic noise slowly going into noise / ambient noise territory. An interesting album of electronic abstract ambience. Recommended if you can find it.


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Homemade postcard of the day

LTJ Bukem – producer 01 (CD)

LTJ Bukem (real name Daniel Williamson) is a well-known drum & bass producer, DJ and head cheese of Good Looking records (a jungle / drum & bass label). Producer 01 is his fifth compilation album (after the famous Earth volume 1 to 4 series). This CD (9 pieces = 73.39 minutes) came out in 2000 (Good Looking Record). I`m chilling out, listening to this album, it`s early February, it`s about minus 20 outside, a really cold and humid weather. I feel so warm inside. The perfect soundtrack for this time of the year. The album mixes elements of electronic, drum & bass, jungle, downtempo, nu jazz, chill-out, future jazz, hip hop with some nice breakbeats included.

Stefan Christoff & Nick Schofield – rêves sonores à Montréal (CD)

I found this album in the cheapie bin section at a local second hand record store. I think I paid something like 1.00 $. A limited edition of 200 copies, it came out on howls art collective (a Montréal collective of cultural workers, artists, activists working via artistic expression for social justice). A sonic collaboration featuring Stefan Christoff on piano and Nick Schofield on electronics. I wonder what type of electronics we`re talking here. It sounds like a mix between minimal soundscapes, lo-fi electroacoustic or musique concrete perhaps. An interesting release. It`s introspective, highly minimal in nature, ambient at times, and deeply meditative sometimes (good background music for relaxing purposes). Tonal soundscapes meets minimal electronic ambience. My standout track is

4 – Generation II (2.05 minutes) = minimal piano + lo-fi NES / SMS sound bytes. Some info here

Atari Teenage Riot – burn, Berlin burn compilation (CD)

Life is strange sometimes. I discovered digital hardcore i.e a mix of which hardore punk + industrial + hardcore techno + drum & bass, and also breakcore. While surfing the web. I was checking out some electronic music netlabels. That evening I found so much legally free music it`s simply unreal. I remember this particular label named D-Trash Records ( they had a good quantity of free digital hardcore albums. That`s how I discovered Schizoid, Knar, Cpuwar, DJ Rabies and Exist. All this happened around 2001 or 2003 perhaps. That`s totally me. I find some new type of electronic music (at least for me). I never hear the original creators. Instead, I usually discover the more obscure version. It`s early 2017, I`m at Renaissance Montréal looking at piles and piles of second hand CDs. When lo and behold, what is this? A compilation of the famous Atari Teenage Riot (one of the founders of digital hardcore). I`m sitting down in my comfort chair, relaxing, having a nice cold beer while hearing this. I`m impressed. This compilation came out in 1997 (twenty years ago) and still sounds fresh. There`s fourteen tracks of intense, in your face, savage, blaring, digital hardcore. Man I need some Tylonol here. Some info:

Something for nothing # 73 (free zine + DVD-R)

I recently got in the mail the latest Something for nothing zine. SFN is a half-size, black & white, cut & paste, 40 pager (it`s also published irregularly, like most zines). This issue is full of punk related goodies, like a profile on Bad Brains, the records of HR (Bad Brains vocalist), the records of Scaterd-Few, the records of Ras Michael (real name; Michael George Henry), zine & beverages reviews, a small explanatory list of symbols (interesting) and we end all of this with birthday materialism (a story of going on a record shopping spree for your birthday, sounds good to me. Thanks for the nice Mastock newsletter review Idy. My parcel came with the `something for nothing radio show – collected episodes 2015 / 2016`a DVD-R with 31 mp3`s. there`s 16 episodes (almost 30 hours of listening). Every show has a nice mix of punk, reggae, hardcore, dub, alternative, indie, new wave, some progressive and novelty music. Send some stamps, money, a trade to:
516 Third ST NE

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Plastikman – sheet one (CD)

Plastikman is Richie Hawtin`s solo recording project. Along Vromb (Hugo Girard, Montréal, Québec) there`s Plastikman (Windsor, Ontario), two Canadian electronic music entities which are basically unknown in their own province. I got lucky and found `sheet one` (his first album). The music (11 tracks = 60.39 minutes) is electronically oriented and mixes elements of minimal techno (pre Consumed, that`s for sure), downtempo, acid, techno and acid techno. A good first effort. I enjoyed all the songs. I found some standout tracks, which are
2- Plasticity (11.02 minutes) = a nice and long piece of evolving minimal acid techno.
5 – Helikopter (6.32 minutes) = cool, repetitive, meditative minimal techno. Recommended if can find it.   


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Photek – form & function (CD)

This is the second album from Rupert Matthew Swain Parkes (Photek) a fixture on The UK jungle / drum & bass scene. I`ve been hearing this album all week long and yet I don`t know if I like this or hate this. One thing I can say after numerous listen it growed on me. The music is a nice mix of electronic drum & bass, a little jungle on the side and some nice sonic experimentations going on. I`m not much of a jungle / drum & bass fan. This album is good though. Recommended. Some info here: