Thursday, 24 March 2016

homemade postcard of the day

Voluntown Jam Session May 2012 (CD)

There`s five improvised, untitled jam session in there (49.35 minutes). The lineup on the first tree tracks features: T Z Glitter (guitar), Kristen (bass), Kevin on synthesizers and a drum machine. The following two songs where recorded by T Z Glitter (drums), Kristen (bass) and Aaron on guitar. The jam sessions are long, they mutate slowly, they go with the flow, the atmosphere of the moment. They never transform themselves into out there wanking i.e. mindless, boring noodling. Here`s what it sounds like:
1 – Untitled (7.08 minutes) = spacy / psychedelic instrumentations = krautrock anyone?
2 – Untitled (9.51 minutes) = instrumental heavy metal goodness, recalls Chrome & Deep Purple (circa Perfect Strangers).
3 – Untitled (11.15 minutes) = minimal, yet strangely meditative pychedelia.
4 – Untitled (11.12 minutes) = instrumental rock with jazzy / psychedelic undertones.
5 – Untitled (10.10 minutes) = this one sounds like the bastard offspring of Pascal`s cosmic / schizophrenic psychedelia + Old Pink Floyd (Saucerful of secrets / Piper at the gates of dawn) with a dash of Iron Butterfly on the side. More info here:  

Sap Of Lucifer – Sap Of Lucifer (CD)

SAL was an aborted four tracks project of TZ Glitter (home recording). This is a rather short EP (three songs = 4.55 minutes). The easiest way to describe it would be to do a brief description of each song, so here goes;
1 – The sap of Lucifer (1.30 minutes) = in your face noisy punk with lo-fi aesthetics.
2 – In the name of Satan (1.19 minutes) = lo-fi ambient noise / rumblings + a poem and / or prayer to Satan = a ride on the creepy side.
3 – Message of Doom (2.06 minutes) = more li-fi rumblings / grindings + spoken word or a poem of doom perhaps = let`s take a ride on the dark side shall we. More info here:

Kurz Schluss – error 404 (CD)

The obscure item of the day. I found this at Renaissance Montréal at the bottom of pile of second hand DVDs. The title of the album `error 404`is an http standard response code indicating the client was able to communicate with a given server, but the server could not find what was requested. It caught my curiosity. I have a feeling this could be electronic or perhaps industrial music and 2.00 $ per CD is a good deal (you`re not afraid to experiment and try new things). Kurz Schluss is a duo (Alexis Poillot and Matthieu Le Roux) of machine and guitar i.e. electro fusion. This CD (12 songs = 68.36 minutes) is a limited edition of 1000 copies. To be honest, regarding this album, I wasn`t expecting much. My curiosity got the better of me. Sometimes it`s good not to have any expectations. Upon the first listen, I`m surprised, this is amazing. The music oscillates between various styles: dub techno, electronic, hip hop, jungle, trance, atmospheric, ambient techno with jazz elements included. Standout tracks are:
2 – Exp. 403 (5.00 minutes) = hip hop + jazz going into electronic music territory.
3 – Ohren (6.47 minutes) = chill out dub techno.
4 – Down Babylone (6.14 minutes) = even more chill out dub techno.
7 – Picture Musik (8.00 minutes) = spacy, psychedelic, minimal dub techno. 

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The Haddock insanities of the day...

The Haddock
2760 Willamette street # 205

Thursday, 17 March 2016

homemade postcard of the day

Egg- don`t postpone joy (CD)

Egg- don`t postpone joy (CD)
Egg is an electronic music duo of Guillaume Coutu Dumont and Julien Roy. Aside from a couple of singles & EPs, `don`t postpone joy `is their sole full length recording. I bought this because it came out on Mutek_Rec. I own a lot of their releases. In fact, I have their first five compilation CDs (Mutek 1-2-3-4-5). I still listen to them quite often. They made me discover some great local acts as well: Akufen, Jetone, Mitchell Akiyama, Ghislain Poirier, Deadbeat, Montag, and Egg. I was excited to find this at renaissance Montréal, cheaper than a small beer i.e. 2.00$. The music on this album (13 tracks = 65.59 minutes) is an instrumental jambalaya of various styles: electronic, leftfield, experimental, IDM and tech house. Standout tracks this time around are:
4 – Harstfield Atlanta international airport (1.27 minutes) = quirky, yet strangely funky short & sweet leftfield / tech house.
10 – El techo (5.31 minutes) = beautiful chill-out relaxing IDM. More info here:

Kerosene Daydream – oscillate (CD)

This is a band from Hamilton, Ontario recently relocated to Montréal. Québec. I got this album as part of a trade. Along various rare music goodies. I never heard their music before. There`s not much information on the internet. They have a mywaste, I mean myspace webpage: There`s nine tracks on this CD. The music oscillates ok bad choice of words here. Let me rephrase that. The music is a potent mixture of ambient, indie, post rock and navelgaze, I mean shoegaze.  This is a good album, the pieces are amazing but this doesn`t work for me at all. I`m not much an indie / shoegaze kinda Guy. I`d still recommend it because
1 – This is good music.
2 – It`s local need I say more.
Kerosene Daydream would me the perfect addition for the Constellation records ( roster.

Throat Culture issue 15 – summer / fall 2014 (zine)

I recently got a nice parcel with a zine, some comix and two music cassettes (which I will review later on) from one Robert Wallace. I wrote him last year (I`m not sure when because I do send a lot of stuff by mail). He told me he was sorry for his late reply. We are all busy dealing with various issues in our own lives and it`s expensive sending stuff by mail these days. Throat Culture is a half-size, black & white, cut & paste 28 pages long zine. There`s a lot of music (tapes / 7``/ LP) and zine reviews. Robert likes punk and it shows. He doesn`t seem to be into commercial pop punk bands. Bands who try hard to be the next Buzzcocks but fail miserably (Alien Ants Crap, Green Dookie, Stoopid Plan, Me First & The Grab Me Grab Me, etc, etc), There`s also a couple of articles in there: tape troublez, wanna-be-bike-mechanic, bike update and tape troublez update. An interesting zine I would love reading some more. Send Robert two bucks, a trade maybe a polite letter perhaps. Contact:
Robert Wallace
2700 White Ave. # 3

The Bernard Lakes – are the dark horses (CD)

The Besnard Lakes are an indie rock band from Montréal formed in 2003 (they are a sextet comprised of Jace Lasek, Kevin Laing, Nicole Lizée, Olga Goreas, Richard White and Steve Raegele). This is their second album. It came out in 2007 on Jagjaguwar ( At first listen, the first thing which comes to mind, their music sounds like a mix of The Beatles, The Byrds and some of the best  ethereal / dreamy artists / bands of the 4AD roster (Cocteau Twins, Gene Loves Jezebel, This Mortal Coil and Dead Can Dance). After repeated listens, you realize how rich, thick and dense their music is. The arrangements are complex every song is beautifully crafted. If your sonic menu includes Arcade Fire you will definitely like The Besnard Lakes. Not my cup of coffee, to each his own. Information here:                    

Saturday, 12 March 2016

homemade postcards of the day

Jon Cohen Experimental – passion pilgrim (CD)

This is the third solo music album from Jon Cohen. Jon is a veteran of the Montréal music scene. He`s been a guitarist for: John Lennox, JF Robitaille, The Social Register and The Dears. I never heard his music before. I bought this out of sheer curiosity at Renaissance Montréal (for only two Canadian dollars, feed me more). This is a short & sweet EP (five songs = 23.44 minutes). After repeated listens I`m impressed. Every song`s amazingly crafted. He likes to explore various styles; song oriented lo-f indie with new wave elements (in order to survive), lo-fi psychedelic pop (rhapsody in pink), an out there / schizophrenic / psychedelic blues / rock lil number (weakness), minimal yet melancholic song oriented bedroom pop music (blood on the microphone), and a Joy Divisionesque indie / pop gem (is there love in your heart). Different influences at work here: The Beatles, The Byrds, Joy Division, David Bowie, Human League and The Cure. Get your info here:

Lowfish – eliminator (CD)

I got this album at Renaissance Montréal store for 2.00 $. Lowfish is the solo electronic music project of Gregory De Rocher. This album came out in 2000 on Suction records. A label founded in early 1997 by Lowfish and Solvent (Jason Amm). This is my first listening experience. I bought this because it`s electronic music. I`m always curious about bands / artists I never heard before especially if it`s electronically oriented. The music on this album (10 songs = 46.28 minutes) is a nice mix of instrumental electronic, synth-pop and electro. The whole thing is like a sonic voyage through the land of lush arrangements, smooth, subtle keyboard works. Cinema for the ears if you will. A journey through the land of peace, chill out and relaxation. My standout tracks of the present time are:
1 – Glued smile (4.42 minutes) = chill out instrumental electro.
3 – Walking with scissors (4.29 minutes) = amazing minimal synth-pop.
7 – Finishing the stereotypes (7.55 minutes) = instrumental electro / synth-pop, recalls Kraftwerk circa `The Man Machine ` (1978) album. More information here: 

Vitaminsforyou – the legend of bird`s hill (CD)

Straight from the Winnipeg`s experimental electronic music scene comes Vitaminsforyou the solo music project of Bryce Kushner. `The legend of bird`s hill `is his second album. He released a third album `he closed his eyes so he could dance with you `in 2009. That was his last recording he must have stopped doing music or something. I heard his music before on a couple of obscure music compilations. First time I hear a full album (19 songs = 72.56 minutes). Upon the first listen, I`m pleasantly surprised. The music is a subtle, introspective, peaceful, relaxing (chill-out perhaps) mix of electronic and IDM. Here`s a couple of songs which caught my attention:
5 – Welcome to Echo Valley Saskatchewan (1.05 minutes) = a short & sweet minimal interlude.
11 – Everything is always (1.28 minutes) = a beautiful, melancholic subtle music interlude.
12 – 1986 (6.54 minutes) = pop oriented warped psychedelic IDM.
14 – Wishing I lived near water (6.22 minutes) = an infectious mix of funk / disco / IDM.
17 – Cross-crab apple tree (5.59 minutes) = groovy and funky IDM. More info here: 

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Fruchttanz Und Artverwandte Orgien ‎– Fisch Zum Frühstück (CD)

I got this album as a package deal. In fact, I got a huge parcel full of obscure audio tapes and CD`s. This came out 2004, on Archegon. Archegon was a German label for experimental electronic music. I own a couple of their recordings. Every Archegon release is a difficult listen. This is the case here. Arbeitsgemeinschaft Fruchttanz Und Artverwandte Orgien is a German experimental music band consisting of: 
Claus Van Bebber, Gunter Schroth and Tobias Schmitt. There`s 8 long, evolving music pieces on this album (total running time = 53.51 minutes). I can`t find any bands / artist which sounds like these German Gentlemen. The `music` is highly experimental in nature. It is also complex. If feel like they took a bunch of different music styles (electronic, minimal, atonal, musique concrete, industrial and abstract) blended / processed / mixed and mangled them beyond recognition. If you think that Louis and Bebe Barrons` (American pioneers in the field of electronic music) soundtrack for the `Forbidden Planet` movie is weird, think again. `Fisch Zum ` is in a league of it`s own. Information here:

homemade postcards of the day

Friday, 4 March 2016

Gus Gus – polydistortion (CD)

Second album from this Reykjakik, Iceland band (formed in 1995). This is my second Gus Gus listening experience. I reviewed `Gus Gus vs T-World` (their fourth release) some time ago. It had elements of dub techno, trance, breaks, progressive house, techno, electro and downtempo. This album is slightly different it offers a nice variety of music styles: electronic, lounge, chill-out, techno, electro with lots of sonic experimentations going on. Some tracks are song oriented (or spoken word oriented in some cases) while other pieces are slightly instrumental numbers. I`ve been hearing this my whole weekend, this recording is amazing all the songs are good (in their own respective style). You want standout tracks? Well the whole album is standout material. At this time my favorite pieces are
# 3 – Believe = electro / electronic / weirdo techno = hit material indeed.
# 4 – Polyesterday = haunting / sensuous vocals + smooth, relaxing electro = need I say more.
# 5 – Barry = nu-jazz + electro + chill-out + trip hop influences = pure aural bliss. Highly recommended. To think it cost me only 2.00$ at my favorite Renaissance Montréal store. There is a God after all.

Electronic – raise the pressure (CD)

Electronic were a duo formed in 1988 by Bernard Summer (Joy division / New Order) and Johnny Marr (The Smiths, 7 Worlds Collide, England United, Neil Finn & Friends and The Healers). Raise The pressure is their second album. I bought this for 2.00$ only at Renaissance Montréal (lucky me). Their music is an infectious mix of guitars / synthesizers going into electronic dance / music.  There`s thirteen songs on this CD (61.58 minutes). I like the Joy Division and New Order as well but I was never into The Smiths. I tried to like this, album, I tried but it doesn`t work for me at all. There`s a couple of songs which recalls New Order`s album Technique (1989).  Raise the pressure came out in 1996. Even though I don`t like this I still recommend it. Why? It simple let me explain.
A – We all have different tastes for different things. We agree to disagree.
B – This is good. Fact: almost every track has top twenty potential. With Johnny Marr and Bernard Summer at the helm you can`t go wrong.
C – Buy this. You might like it, hate it, hey to each his / her own.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

art is everywhere part 49

The Malok of the day

P.O.BOX 41

Various Artists – before you were punk (CD)

I got this one a t local Renaissance Montréal store for 2.00 $ (cheaper than a pack of smokes or a beer). I`m a sucker for compilations especially when it`s electronic music. Which is not the case here. This is a punk rock tribute to 80s new wave. I look at the song titles and I`m hooked immediately. Anybody remembers the following hits and /or one hit wonders like?
I melt with you (Modern English)
Turning Japanese (The Vapors)
In between days (The Cure)
Happy loving couples (Joe Jackson)
Pretty in pink (The Psychedelic Furs)
Goody two shoes (Adam Ant)
Dancing with myself (Billy Idol)
Crash (The Primitives)
Peace, love and understanding (Elvis Costello)
Walking in LA (Missing Persons)
Young Turks (Rod Stewart)
867-5309, Jenny (Tommy Tutone)
An interesting choice of songs indeed. Every version is top notch my favorites ones are:
2 – No use for a name – turning Japanese = even better than the real thing.
3 - Face to face – in between days = a punkier version indeed.
8 - Blink 182 – dancing with myself = a less commercial more in your face version now where talking punk here. I would love to hear some bands / artists do their own versions of the following songs:
-Working nights (The Camberwell Now)
-Big man restless (Kissing The Pink
-Whole lotta Rosie (AC / DC)
-Spiritwalker (The Cult)
-Hard times (The Human League)
-Space age love song (A Flock Of seagulls)
-it`s not me talking (A Flock of Seagulls)

Champion – résistance (CD)

This is Champion`s fourth album which came out in 2009. Champion AKA DJ Champion AKA Le Max AKA Mad Max AKA Maxime Morin (his real name) is a Montréal native (like myself). His first effort `chill`em all` was simply amazing. I couldn`t wait to hear the next step in his audio evolution. Upon the first listen I really didn`t like this. The more I hear this album (11 songs = 50.02 minutes) and the more it grows on me. `Résistance` does not sound anything like `chill`em all`. The music is a mix of electronic, rock, house, alternative rock, electro with some funk and soul elements thrown in. In fact, with all them heavy electric guitar sounds (not heavy metal territory), this album is definitely more rock oriented than electronic. The fusion of all these various styles / influences is impressive the final product`s stellar if you ask me. I didn`t hear anything quite like this yet. I wonder what he`ll do next. Get your news, info and details here:

Alexandre Monochrome – antimatière (CD)

The obscure find of the day. I bought this CD at Renaissance Montréal for 2.00$. there`s no record label, no address, no email, just the name of the album and a song listing. I don`t know why but I had a feeling this was electronic music. I go back home, do a little googling. Turns out that Alexandre Monochrome is a Montréal based electronic music composer and painter. Surprisingly I didn`t find any tracks from his CD on his soundcloud page. Perhaps it`s a collection of early material or a demo for a future album, who knows for sure. Upon the first listen, I`m pleasantly surprised. This is a good album (12 pieces for a total running time of 50.44 minutes). Every song`s meticulously crafted. It looks sounds and feels that Alexandre Monochrome spent a lot of time and effort on this recording. He`s not afraid to experiment and mix things up a little: minimal / peaceful / relaxing IDM, minimal electronica soundtrack material, dub oriented minimalism, eight bit oriented IDM and subtle / introspective / intimate / cinematic / relaxing electronica. The first song `somni`, is a nice mix of spacy minimal electronics with soundtrack elements. It sounded like a part of the soundtrack of the `the thing` movie (The John Carpenter masterpiece, not the forgettable remake). It sent chills down my spine. More music and information here: