Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Oubliette – foiled (CD-R)

This is Seth`s Oubliette solo harsh noise project. 
After doing a little digging  I discovered that he`s a really busy hardcore  noiser. Between 2004 up until today, there`s 21 Oubliette albums out there (and I`m not even talking about singles / compilations appearances here).  There`s eleven tracks on this album (total running time = 54.22 minutes). Most of the tracks consist of really harsh noise gozungus material. There`s a couple of interesting and challenging ditties, like;
1 – channel of the branch = warped vox + low-fi noise i.e. nice stuff.
2 – bokrug = a jambalaya of noisy frequencies mixed with some metal banging.
9 – forest of bursee = ambient noise slowly going into wall of noise territory.
10 – noise unit = vibrating / girating / brutally moving experimental noise bytes.    
Limited edition of fifty copies, I have 50 / 50 so this baby`s long gone. 


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Saturday, 21 February 2015

✰☻★☺✰ - Stirner – Headcleaner - Problem Anderer Leute : untitled (split CD-R)

A four way noise split featuring the likes of;
1 -   : shitwall = a unified field of raw, harsh static distortion ( is a static wall noise project of RedSK).
2 – Stirner: into hatred = a blast of droning, evolving, distortion going sometimes in ambient noise territory. My standout track, that`s fer sure.
3 – Stirner: degenerate and proud = grinding distortion with some ambient / ambient noise elements thrown in. Imagine an electric razor chopping up a rock while accidently unplugging itself randomly (a harsh Noise project from the Netherlands).
4 – Headcleaner: troll = a collision between numerous walls of noise, thus creating a dense noise canvas of inhuman, unforgiving proportions (solo noise project of Michael Gebel).
5- Problem Anderer Leute: skipper = screeching, vibrating, grinding noise chaos. A bleak sonic nightmare. Not for the faint of ears (PAL is a one man noise / industrial project from Germany). Contact here:

Monday, 9 February 2015

Angel Of Mercy & The Rites Of Wall (split CD-R)

All I get in the mail these days are noise albums, now that would be a great Flesh For Frank (me own solo noise project) song title. Unfortunately it`s true. As much as I like noise, Can someone, somewhere out there please send me some nice minimal stuff? I need a break. As much as I like to hear some noise, I like different types of music as well. I created Mastock to give the small guy / gal out there exposure. I don`t intend to talk about commercial music at all. So here goes. Let`s start with:
1 – Angel Of Mercy: untitled (40.00 minutes) = blasting, grinding, grating walls of noise. It feels like i`m under the Niagara falls, getting slammed, I mean pummeled by water which becomes noisy chards. Ouch my head!
2- The Rites Of Wall: TROW#85 (33.33 minutes) = blaring walls of static collides with blaring walls of distortion. I`m getting drowned and I like it
him email:

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Found this while doing some winter cleaning.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Henry C. Rial & Malleus Maleficarum (split CD-R)

This was released on Wall Rot Records circa 2013, I`m not sure. I did a little internet search and Wall Rot records seems to have folded or are on a long hiatus. This split is a limited edition of 20 copies. The music collector in me feels very lucky to own this rare CD-R. The split consists of two long tracks, which would be:
1 – Henry C. Rial: untitled (34.50 minutes) = blaring  distortions, a relentless huge wall of noise which for some odd reasons seems to have meditative qualities. I don`t mean soothing and / or relaxing, just like good ole background noise.                                                   2 – Malleus Maleficarum: 666 (29.05 minutes) = this is one of the numerous experimental / noise projects from Jason Campbell (4 Flies On Grey Velvet, I Am That I Am, Implicit Structure, Mohrn, Nosaj, Old Cellar, Shit, Static 666, Wallmaster, etc, etc).  A long, creepy, dark at times noiey joyride. It feels like i`m tied up, sitting in a chair, in the middle of an empty room late at night, someone puts headphones on me poor head and makes me listen to this non stop, with the volume full blast. I confess, I confess, I`ll admit it, whatever it is but please remove those damned headphones. More information here:

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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Worntorn – various (CD-R)

This here CD-R is a mix of various pieces performed by one Justin Marc Lloyd spanning 2011-2014. He is a multi-instrumentalist and a circuit bender. He has been active since the early nineties, releasing various styles (using also various names as well):  noise, electronic, dream pop, plunderphonics, grindcore, ambient / drone, musique concrete, and various sonic experimentations. There`s 18 tracks of mostly experimental noise, harsh noise, or evolving / mutating, grinding / grating noise bytes. All of these tracks have been released on various labels. There is a lot of music / noise to listen. A couple of less noisy, more experimental pieces caught my attention. Here are my personal favorites i.e. standout pieces if you will:
#2 – approval ratings: noise + children toys = a groovy nightmare come to life.
 #8 – hurricane inside: cutups + noise bytes + various voice samples = now that`s what I`m talking about.
#9 – tying hair around the base of a skin tag: some random metal banging mixed with some evolving distortion = hey man can I have your autograph?
#10 – putzing along in zero gravity zen, searching for attitude adjustments to accommodate flammable rooms: musique concrete + ambient noise slowly going into noise territory = amazing mind blowing experimental noise. 
#16 – five minutes goals for dealing with ascendant inhabitants: experimental harsh noise + some percussions = a noisers perfect wet dream (limited edition of 20 copies).

Homemade postcards of the day