Sunday, 20 July 2014

Crustacés #5 - Xeroptica Derbentina

I got this tape  as a trade. It`s about damn time I review something local. I started listening to this and I though what the hell. It sounds like weird, minimal low-fi stuff. I scoped their website for more information. It said: ` 28 minutes of grunts and whistles of mediteranean snails as recorded on side A and re-composed by  Pom Bouvier on side B,.                         
Snails growling? I`d prefer snails getting laid. Imagine the post-coital conversation here:
- Gerry you`re such a premature ejaculator your cumshot lasted for 3.5 minutes.
- Your brother had a ten minutes long cumshot.
- I know honey i`m sorry I was too high on coleslaw today.
Now with all stupidities aside what does it actually sounds like? Let`s start with:                                                     Side A: a lot of low-fi crackles, hisses, generating a mysterious , yet meditative atmosphere. Relaxing material indeed.
Side B: percussive elements are mixed with the crackling and hissing. I can hear in the background something which sounds like field recordings. This is a different kind of relaxing music (don`t think ambient music territory at all, maybe light  electroacoustics?). 
Crustacés tapes
4555 rue Pontiac
H2J 2T2