Saturday, 25 March 2017

Ministry – in case you didn`t feel like showing up (live) (CD)

I got this as a gift from someone who owed me. I own two Ministry  albums, `the mind is a terrible to taste` and `psalm 69`. I`m not a Ministry fan. I love those two albums though. This is the band`s first live album, it came out in 1990, on Sire and Warner Bros. Records. A VHS video version of this concert (with a different cover & more songs) was available at the time. I`ve been hearing this non-stop all week long. It`s a short (5 tracks = 39.41 minutes) yet incredible live recording. You can feel da power, da intensity, da energy, da whole damned enchilada. They do a long (11.29 minutes) and amazing cover of `so what `with some nice double drums. Now I wanna find the video version of this concert. Ah the wonders of the internet. A little googling and away we go. Check it out here                                                  

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