Saturday, 25 March 2017

Something for nothing # 73 (free zine + DVD-R)

I recently got in the mail the latest Something for nothing zine. SFN is a half-size, black & white, cut & paste, 40 pager (it`s also published irregularly, like most zines). This issue is full of punk related goodies, like a profile on Bad Brains, the records of HR (Bad Brains vocalist), the records of Scaterd-Few, the records of Ras Michael (real name; Michael George Henry), zine & beverages reviews, a small explanatory list of symbols (interesting) and we end all of this with birthday materialism (a story of going on a record shopping spree for your birthday, sounds good to me. Thanks for the nice Mastock newsletter review Idy. My parcel came with the `something for nothing radio show – collected episodes 2015 / 2016`a DVD-R with 31 mp3`s. there`s 16 episodes (almost 30 hours of listening). Every show has a nice mix of punk, reggae, hardcore, dub, alternative, indie, new wave, some progressive and novelty music. Send some stamps, money, a trade to:
516 Third ST NE

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