Monday, 13 March 2017

Timber Timbre – creep on creepin` on (CD)

The third album from this Canadian folk music band, from Brooklin, Ontario. A rather short album (10 songs = 39.28 minutes). This is not my cup of tea but after numerous listens, this album grows on me. Timber Timbre mixes folk with rock, country, acoustic, world music (at times), alternative, jazz and indie rock. There`s a couple of instrumental tracks which are my favorites, and they are
2 – Obelisk (1.53 minutes) = lo-fi, dark stoner indie / folk perhaps.
5 – Swamp magic (3.01 minutes) = dark, creepy, minimal orchestrations = recalls `2000 lights years from home` (Rolling stones), a spacey / eerie / psychedelic / head tripping / mind altering aural voyage in the land of subtle darkness. Yes, it`s that good. Some info:

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