Saturday, 25 March 2017

Air – virgin suicides (CD)

I`m not much of a Air music fan but when I read a couple of years ago that they recorded a movie soundtrack. Well curiosity got the better of me. I never saw the virgin suicides movie before. This album (13 tracks = 40.31 minutes) came out in 1999 (it`s their second effort). I found this on a cold Sunday afternoon at Renaissance Montréal, for their usual 2.00 $ fee. I wasn`t expecting much. After the first listen, I`m hooked. What an amazing surprise, this is a mighty good soundtrack. Air mixes various elements of rock, downtempo, trip hop, lounge, jazz. Ambience, psychedelic rock, electronic, minimalism, and soft rock. The end results a beautiful, fresh, deeply emotional, introspective, atmospheric, sensuous soundtrack. A couple of tracks recalls Pink Floyd circa dark side of the moon, nonetheless it sounds even better than old Floyd. Standout tracks are
6 – The Word hurricane (2.33) = old psychedelic rock + electronics = nice.

13 – Suicide underground (5.56 minutes) = downtempo electronics meet old psychedelic / space rock. Recommended.                                           

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