Saturday, 11 March 2017

Cuneiform # 15 (zine)

I recently got a parcel from Idy (Something for nothing zine). He gave me the latest Cuneiform. I never read that zine before. If you send them some type of written contribution, they will publish it. You have to follow their guidelines. My advice, contact them first to see what they`re into. There`s a nice plethora of articles about; health tips you may have missed (Al Fry), tales of tapes & disorganization, end times updates from the invisible generation (Jason Rodgers), paper trails # 10 (Tim Collapse), behind the zines # 2 (Billy), thoughts on paper (James N Dawson), tid bit & favorite zines (Idy) and mailing comments. An interesting and informative half size, cut & paste, black & white 18 pages long zine. Contact;
516 Massillon

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