Saturday, 25 March 2017

Stefan Christoff & Nick Schofield – rêves sonores à Montréal (CD)

I found this album in the cheapie bin section at a local second hand record store. I think I paid something like 1.00 $. A limited edition of 200 copies, it came out on howls art collective (a Montréal collective of cultural workers, artists, activists working via artistic expression for social justice). A sonic collaboration featuring Stefan Christoff on piano and Nick Schofield on electronics. I wonder what type of electronics we`re talking here. It sounds like a mix between minimal soundscapes, lo-fi electroacoustic or musique concrete perhaps. An interesting release. It`s introspective, highly minimal in nature, ambient at times, and deeply meditative sometimes (good background music for relaxing purposes). Tonal soundscapes meets minimal electronic ambience. My standout track is

4 – Generation II (2.05 minutes) = minimal piano + lo-fi NES / SMS sound bytes. Some info here

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