Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Miss Kittin & The Hacker – first album (CD)

When this album came out (2001) an old friend gave me a CD-R full of free mp3`s.  Along the numerous cool electronic music tracks, there was this song named Frank Sinatra by Miss Kittin & the Hacker. It took my head off, those amazing grooves and that almost metallic / robotic voice (no vocoder here folks). I`m hooked here. I can`t believe I found this for just 2.00$. I`m sitting home enjoying a cold white Boréale beer, hearing this CD for the very first time around. To be honest, I`m impressed. The album still sounds fresh. You will hear the obvious hits: Frank Sinatra, 1982 and stock exchange. Then, I found this incredibly groovy / cold wave / new wave song `life on mtv`. All I can say here is WOW! The album blends electro, techno, synthpop and electronic music. Imagine a jam session featuring in no particular order: Human League (circa Dare and / or Fascination), Princess Superstar, Visage, old Gary Numan (the pleasure principle) and John Foxx (circa Metamatic). It`s cold, it`s funky, it`s groovy, it`s synthpop, it`s techno, it`s electronic, it`s Miss Kittin & The Hacker!

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