Monday, 12 September 2016

Juno Reactor – labyrinth (CD)

Juno Reactor are a British musical project (formed in 1990). Labyrinth, which came out in 2004 is their sixth studio album (nine tracks = 53.49 minutes). I bought this at local Renaissance Montréal store for two reasons:
1 – It looked like electronic music, or so I hoped.
2- Every CD is 2.00$ so what the heck.
To be honest this is not just your regular run of the mill electronic music album. It sounds like highly sophisticated orchestrations + electronic / techno with some global music undertones. Mighty impressive to say the least. It would make the perfect soundtrack for a film noir / suspense movie (it always keeps you on your toes). Standout tracks this time around are
2 – Conquistador 2 (5.05 minutes) = lush orchestrations meet tribal / trance electronic music. Just what the doctor ordered.
5 – Mona Lisa overdrive (4.445 minutes) = classic orchestrations + techno / goa / trance perhaps. Feel my primitive side rising here. The cool discovery of the day, that`s for sure folks.

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