Monday, 12 September 2016

Free online entertainment

I don`t always have time to watch a full movie. I`m a busy person. My spare time is limited and precious. I do download a good amount of short movies from the internet, so I can view them whenever I want though. I`ve seen some crappy ones, some average and some good ones too. Here are my three recommendations of the day:

1 – Paradox (thriller, 2006)
Two men stranded at the bottom of a well appear to be from different periods in time. A good buildup with a nice twisted ending (18.23 minutes).
Watch it here; 

2 – Vicki (horror, comedy, 2012)
This shorty is a comedic tribute to john Carpenter`s `Christine` (1983). I rented this movie in the mid-eighties. I liked it. Honestly I was more impressed when I saw `the car` (1977) at the theater. Watching that huge 1971 Lincoln Continental Mark III black coupe running over joggers scarred the hell out of me. Vicki is also a tribute to 80s horror movies. Good killing scenes and a kick-ass synth soundtrack by Umberto and Time Fighter (14.29 minutes). Watch it here;

3 - The living want me dead (action, comedy, horror, 2010)
After trying to make some fast Christmas cash at a military owned testing facility a slacker / loser (named Howard Phillips) turns everyone he encounters into violent, raged-fueled, angry, pissed-off zombies / maniacs. I wouldn`t watch this while eating. Everyone who encounters Howard Phillips will vomit violently (you see everything here, chunks and all folks) before transforming themselves into bloodthirsty maniacs. The action is fast in this cool 23.04 minutes long short movie. Feel free to check it out here: 

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