Saturday, 31 December 2016

DJ Morpheus – if u can`t beat` em, break` em 21 (CD)

I bought this album out of sheer curiosity at Renaisssance Montréal. Ok I admit it all their CD`s are 2.00 $ and for such a small price I`m willing to try music I never heard of (especially if it`s electronically oriented). DJ Morpheus is one of the numerous projects (Lord Solomon Pearbrook, Earth, Minimal Compact, The Gruesome Twosome and The Morphtwins) of Samy Birnbach. This DJ mix album came out in 1998 on SSR records. You will hear the following bands / artist; Small fish with spine, UMO, Renegade soundwave, Le Rosbifs, Bassbin twins, Dan mass, FreestylersKurtis mantronik, Zum, Groove armada, Cut and paste and Makesome breaksome (12 tracks = 66.06 minutes). On this recording DJ Morpheus passionately mixes (and with success I might add) electro, hip hop, big beat, techno, breakbeat and rap. The music sounds a little bit dated but I like it. When it`s good it`s good and when it`s bad it`s really really bad. A good choice of old school techno / electro cuts.     

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