Friday, 9 December 2016

Lustmord – the place where the black stars hang (CD)

This is Lustmords sixth album (it came out in 1994 on Side Effect). I`ve been hearing this one all week long. We`re in 2016 and this recording came out more than 22 years ago. It still sounds great. So far, it passed the test of time. There`s five tracks which feels like listening to one long (75.59 minutes) piece divided in nearly five part. Brian Williams (Lustmord) combines lo-fi hums, processed static, drones, uses processed field recordings, low tones, ambient noise, dark synth washes and a good dose of dark ambience. The end results an inner voyage through a deep & vast area of space with dark overtones / atmospherics, outer worldly soundscapes, dense / thick / foggy / murky synth sounds, dark minimalism, a strangely rhythmic yet highly hypnotizing introspective listening experience. You`re alone, drifting in space, you feel your heartbeat getting slower, you hear lo-fi hums from the surrounding darkness. You feel someone / something slowly pulling you in. there`s not much air left in the tank. You`re sweating. It`s getting harder just breathing. You`re slowly pulled even deeper. Half way through. A black hole is slowly tearing you apart. Your body and your soul`s getting shred piece by piece. It feels so good. Lost in the void. Lost in nothingness. Time to wake up (the album`s finished) and go back to work. Dark ritual music for sleeping and meditation (nightmares included). Brilliant.

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