Saturday, 31 December 2016

Suitcases of sound – it`s science! (CD)

I got this as a trade from my good friend Thompson. Suitcases of sound is the solo music project of one Elizabeth A. Baker, from St-Petersburg, Florida. USA. There`s some strange musical stuff happening in Florida, a yearly noise festival and a good selection of local underground acts / artists; Hell Garbage, Dollmeat, Trotsky`s Watercooler, Suitcases of sound, just to name a few. This is a nice and long (11 tracks, almost 80 minute of music here). I`m just turned fifty this year. I heard a good quantity of strange, weird, bizarre, scare, beautiful, out there music (this one takes the cake, at least for the moment folks). Using synth, guitar, Elizabeth mixes elegantly electronic, contralto cross, experimental electropop, psychedelia and lounge. The songs fall under different styles quirky sound collage, minimal melancholic electropop, minimal instrumental piano and spacy / lounge electropop. Imagine a jam session with The Moody Blues, Pink Floyd (circa Syd Barrett), Wendy Carlos (on the side), The Byrds and early Tangerine Dream. Some info here;

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