Friday, 16 December 2016

Swayzak – dirty dancing (CD)

Swayzak are a tech house duo (James S. Taylor and David Brown) from London, England. Dirty dancing which is their third album, came out in 2002 on !K7. I found this CD in the cheapy bin section of a second hand record store, it cost me 2.00 $. The music is a potent a mix of synth-pop, house, electronic, and minimal. Most of the tracks are song oriented and aimed for the dance floor. I`m not much of a dancer though. To be honest the whole shebang sounds great, a nice blend of subtle arrangements, definitely not your top twenty commercial garbage. This album doesn`t work for me at all. I still recommend it because it`s that damned good. A couple of tracks caught my attention big time:
2 – Buffalo seven (5.12 minutes) = cold, minimal synth-pop.
6 – The punk era (3.55 minutes) = beautiful instrumental minimal house.
10 – Ping pong (7.20 minutes) = instrumental minimal electronic / house. You can feel some influences at work here: Suicide, John Foxx, Japan, old OMD, Human League / Ladytron and a dash of Thomas Brinkman. Some info here:

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