Friday, 25 November 2016

Hiroshima Yeah! # 139 – September 2016 (zine)

I got sick during my yearly three- week vacation. I was out for five weeks and just came back home recently. I`m terribly late in my mail and email. I found in my mailbox a parcel from Mark Ritchie. Hiroshima Yeah! Is one of my favorites black & white, cut & paste, photocopied monthly five pager zines out there. Along with Node Pajomo that`s why I keep doing this. They both inspire me. Now we begin with the cover star Robert Morley (a British actor 1908-1992). Then we have poetry `a barman who always understands`. Standout poems this time around are:
Customer service
She throws me my ticket and change,
Doesn`t smile or look at me,
Continues talking to her workmate,
The whole time.
And I wonder, is this the
Excellent customer service skills`
You hear so much about
In the job ads?
Simpler, better
The libraries are so much quieter
When the computers don`t work,
Reminding me of a simpler,
Better world.
Simply amazing. There`s some music and book reviews. We have a couple of contributions from the likes of Gary Simmons (a monthly, schizophrenic, out there column) and Doctor Thornaby (a strange monthly epic serial). We end this zine with a short story `Numbers`, from Mark Ritchie. Contact:

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