Friday, 25 November 2016

Boy + Girl – facsimile face paint (CD)

Another trade item. By + Girl are a noisegrind band formed in 2005 (they disbanded mid-2011, and reformed mid-2012). This CD came in 2008, on `The Saint Petersburg Institute of noise `record label (s.p.i.n.). The album is short in length (8 tracks = 20.08 minutes). I`m impressed this band blends noise, electronics, industrial and abstract electronics perfectly. It sounds like an unlikely jam session between Nitzer Ebb, Bourbonese Qualk with some glimpses of Merzbow here and there. Interesting. I like this recording a lot. Standout tracks of the moment are
1 – Untitled (3.18) = a subtle collision of lo-fi grating / grinding frequencies (could noise be relaxing? It sure sounds like it).                                                                   
2 – Untitled (4.02) = industrial noise drones with beats (strangely meditative to say the least). An album of pure INM (intelligent noise music).

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