Thursday, 14 April 2016

Basement Jaxx – crazy itch radio (CD)

The fourth album from this British electronic dance music duo of Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe. This came out on XL Recordings (what a name) in 2006. A nice and long album (14 songs = 60.04 minutes). This is toe tapping, grooving, cruising and moving festive music. Every songs feels like you`re invited to your own little private Idaho i.e. party. There`s a rave in my head which never stops. This is not your regular run of the mill, bland EDM (electronic dance music). The music is a very potent fusion / mix of electronic, house, Latin grooves, funk, disco, rhythm & blues, hip hop and funk. Oh yeah funk me over & over again. I`m grooving in my head. There`s a couple of cute girls who sent me naughty text messages. It`s fun it`s wild, it`s all happening in my head and you`re not invited. Imagination knows no boundaries. The sky`s the limit. What happens in my head stays in there. Signing off.     

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