Thursday, 14 April 2016

Oureboros – dreaming in earth, dissolving in light (CD)

Last year I got a parcel full of rarities, including this CD. This album (12 tracks = 66.28 minutes) came out on Ant-Zen in 2011. Oureboros are Aron West (Tropism) and Richard Oddie (Orphx, Kaspar Hauser, Antiform, Deconstruct, Eschaton, Magic Shadows and O/H). It`s a good thing that I decided to hear this first before doing some research. I allowed myself to be surprise by the music and I sure was. Ant-Zen promote themselves as industrial music, chilling ambient, noise, power electronic and technoid rhythms (Vromb). This album sounds like the best of both worlds. The music oscillates between ice, cold isolationism, outer worldly ambience, desolate atmospheres, minimal ambience + some percussive elements thrown in, ambient noise /  ambient darkwave with a subtle sensation of dark impending doom. This would make the perfect soundtrack for `Rosemary`s baby` movie (Roman Polanski`s masterpiece). Kudos to Richard Oddie & Aron West. They created something great here (it doesn`t sound like Tropism and Orphx). Info included here; 

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