Monday, 26 November 2012

Awesome mail art

A couple of days ago I received this small parcel courtesy of Node Pajomo himself. He gave me a cool mini mp3 CD-R.
 There was three mini albums inside. The first one was a demo of `The Screamers` from 1977 \ 1978. Here`s a couple of band pics:

I never heard of `The Screamers` before. Their music was real good at the time but I couldn`t stand that annoying high-pitched whine through the whole recording. I remember about twenty years ago or something listening to `Voivod` one of the heaviest metal bands on the planet. It was a similar situation, everything was
absolutely perfect except the damn voice. The singer was good but It  didn`t feel
like his voice could match that heavy, aggressive style.                                              
The second album is a couple of demos from `Vaccumm`. I don`t have much info regarding this band except that their members we`re all shit workers at `Maximum Rock&Roll zine`.        

I like this, it sounds like good old crusty hardcore (amateurish angry, intense, in your face, pissed off). Just what the doctor ordered indeed. Last but not least we finish this mini CD-R with a couple of tracks from the likes of DMS. `Derelict Mosquito Spontaneity` Node Pajomo`s solo experimental noise project. He recorded everything with his Ipod. I wonder what kinda software he used. This sounds really good. The four tracks sound like spacy ambient noise, relaxing stuff. This is user friendly, it    never goes into harsh noise territory (forget about Merzbow, MSBR, or Knurl).      DMS is one of my three favorite experimental noise artists out there. I also adore `Napalmed` (he`s my favorite of all times) and `Meatball Machine`.  Inside Node`s parcel was this incredibly amazing art piece. 

Anyways, it`s a stamp but it`s an artistic stamp no doubt. Pretty nice, eh ?

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