Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Node Pajomo Summer 2012 (zine+ cd-r)

Node Pajomo is a cut and paste contact zine. Expect a huge list of addresses of people into: mailart projects, ongoing mailart projects, tape traders, zine exchange, zine seeking submissions, collaborations, help and archives. No internet contacts, it`s all about the good old, old school postal system. This time around it`s a Node Pajomo \ Pukka Joint Massif split zine. PJM is all about reviews. I really like Node Pajomo`s reviews short and sweet. I will probably contact `Letterfounder` and `Hiroshima Yeah`zines. They seem really interesting. Included inside is a `Audio Mail Art Project` compilation  cd-r featuring 22 underground, fringe artists. The compilation offers a mixture of lo-fi pop, funky electronics, light techno, spoken word, noise, experimental noise, ambient noise and rock and roll (Staggeredly`s performance is worth the price of admission). Imagine in this day and age, no email address, no my waste page, no faceshit \ shitface page, no twitterooni, no fax machine, no texting, how technologically retarded is that. Hey respect to the old school. He`s physically doing something instead of virtually. He`s not the only one either.He`s also one of the two reasons why Mastock came back. Contact: Node Pajoma, PO Box 2632, Bellingham, Washington, 98227-2632, USA.

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