Saturday, 24 November 2012

Oblongata – Oblongata (bootleg tape)

Another trade item.  No cover and no information whatsoever (I found nothing on the internet). Oblongate receives the award of the anonymous album of the day. There`s 6 tracks on this here recording. The `music` is dirty, noisy, heavily distorted, grungy guitar works (think Mudhoney, Alice In Chains, or Tad) with some peaceful moments (think ambient noise) thrown in. This isn`t my favorite experimental noise recording. I`m blasé `cause I`ve listened to a shitload of similar material. To be perfectly honest, three pieces caught my attention. The first one `00`is a nice slow, grungy, spacey attack of the senses. It sounds like being inside a space vacuum, wow! The second one `bells `, uses some nice percussive low-fi bell sounds (I like it, I like it). Thre last piece `sutara`. is a Jim Jonesesque, obsessive, catholic spoken word piece. The perfect way to end it.                       

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