Thursday, 15 November 2012

Black Beast Of Arrrghhh – the noise doctrine (cd)

Another BBOA album , the supreme noisemaster from Zachary (he`s the only  person I know from there) , St-Petersburg, USA. On the color cover, there`s  a megaphone throwing blaring noise in the face of a poor defenseless smuck, courtesy of Tom Maddalena (nive cover dude). The album consists of one 14.17  minutes track (it could have been on a mini CD). And what is does it sound like you might ask? Computer generated voice samples (talking about noise related subjects) are mixed with high pitched feedback \ distortion. The end result is a wall of noise, an extreme sonic assault with a couple of less noisy moments (dare I  say ambient), which makes it easier to digest. I was listening to this after my 12th beer and it started to make sense.  Recommended to extreme noise fans. Count  me in.

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