Sunday, 11 November 2012

Henriette Valium - music 02 (mini cd)

I bought this at Distroboto, in Montréal. I`m  addicted to Distroboto because every item is sold 2.00 $. This is a 41 song (of mp3 files which is perfect for my mp3 player) mini-album from local underground legend Henriette Valium. Valium is a multidisciplinary artist, drawing comix (he`s been published in Iceberg, Titanic, Hotel amongst others), illustration works and music (Valium Et Les Dépressifs). This is one of his various solo projects. The pseudo-intellectual critic would say that this is mindless noise wanking. I would say that this is near-chaotic noise experimentations. Samples are chopped-up, processed and looped. There`s definitely a song oriented structure at work here. Thus creating a strange sonic language. There`s a lot of percussions and percussive elements thrown in for good measure. This is a  pumped-up, psyched-up, speeded-up, cartoonesque noisy joyride. I like this.                                                                             

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