Friday, 16 November 2012

Black Beast Of Arrrghhh – bread for the host and salt for the blood (cd-r)

I also got this one as another trade item (hey, I love trading stuff, sue me).  No front \ back cover, no information whatsoever, sweet fuck all. After doing a short search on the internet I discovered that BBOA is a solo noise artist from Zachary, St-Petersburg, USA. He seems to be really active on (lotsa mighty impressive free noise tracks) and (good live footage).  This album consists of one 30.34
minutes long single track. It starts off with some dark ambient noise,  mixed  with some unidentifiable sounds  + a couple of lo-fi vox samples, it goes in that direction for the first 11 minutes. It slowly mutates into light noise territory, with some harsh noise elements thrown in (think Merzbow, the l ate MSBR)for good measure. It starts to calm down, relax, chill-out near the  end (after the first 26 minutes or so). Ending this track the same way it started, nice and slow, that`s the way to do it, nice and slow. I don`t think this is a noisy release at all. I file it under a long imaginative, creative experimental nearly noise track.  Recommended if you can find it. Damn straight baby.

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