Thursday, 15 November 2012

Shameless self promotion department

. On Saturday night, November 10th , 2012 The Butterman was spending the evening at my place. Butter was drinking some Smirnoff Ice (da big ass 1 liter bottle) and I was having a couple of blond L`Intrépide (an amazing microbrewery from Québec). We were discussing the future of `The CHRNCX Of Ridicule`, our internet video log. Why it was censored and what`s the next step in evolution. My laptop was just lying there and I though, wouldn`t it be great to record a complete noise album in one evening. I opened my good old sampler/recorder SoundEngine program. We created thirteen tracks of harsh experimental noiseworks.
Artist name: Flesh For Frank
Album title: The CHRNX Sessions
Here's what the back cover looks like:

Total running time: 58.10 minutes !!!


  1. Aside from the obvious typo in CHRNX (that's C-H-R-N-X, no extra "c"s nor "s"s!) it's a good, simple article about an evening with mixed results!